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Houston PCC. Overview 2 Full-Service RequirementsFull-Service Requirements –Intelligent Mail barcodes –Electronic Documentation Available eDoc TechnologiesAvailable.

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1 Houston PCC

2 Overview 2 Full-Service RequirementsFull-Service Requirements –Intelligent Mail barcodes –Electronic Documentation Available eDoc TechnologiesAvailable eDoc Technologies –Mail.dat, Mail.XML, Postal Wizard, IMsb Tool Full-Service Mailing SolutionsFull-Service Mailing Solutions –Commercial Software Vendors –Mail Service Providers –IMsb Tool Getting StartedGetting Started –BCG access –Obtaining a MID Full-Service BenefitsFull-Service Benefits –Automation price discounts, elimination of permit fees, free address correction, Mail Anywhere participation, and tracking

3 Webinar Schedule Webinar DatesWebinar TitleWebinar Description September 16, 2013, 1:30 pm Eastern Getting Started with Full-Service To assist mailers in migrating to Full-Service Intelligent Mail so they can continue to take advantage of automation pricing on or after January 26, 2014, this webinar will provide an understanding of how you can continue to take advantage of automation pricing. The webinar will cover basic Full- Service terminology and the steps for migration to the Intelligent Mail barcode. You will learn the building blocks for creating the Intelligent Mail barcode; This includes obtaining a Mailer ID, knowledge on the different Service Type Codes and how to use for your mailing needs. September 19, 2013, 1:30 pm Eastern Full-Service MIDs and CRIDs Focus will be on Customer Registration IDs (CRIDs), Mailer IDs (MIDs), and how you can obtain MIDs and CRIDs. You will learn about the multiple ways Mail Owners and Mailing Agents can acquire an MID, when and how it is used in the Intelligent Mail barcode, electronic mailing information and receipt of Full-Service data. September 23, 2013, 1:30 pm Eastern The Business Customer Gateway The Business Customer Gateway provides a single entry point for Postal Service® online business services. This webinar will highlight the new features of the newly designed Business Customer Gateway including the new simplified registration process, automatic creation of 9-digit MID when creating a new user account and additional functionality for MSPs. September 30, 2012, 1:30 pm Eastern Full-Service Feedback Learn how to reap the benefits of Intelligent Mail and Full-Service feedback. This webinar will cover Service Type IDs (STIDs) and how they can help you keep your address list up to date, the various Full-Service feedback reports available and where you can find them. 3 The United States Postal Service is offering a series of webinars designed to assist Mail Owners and Mailing Agents in moving to Full-Service. The webinars will also be offered in October and November 2013. The webinar information will be posted at : As a reminder, a Full-Service “Open-Line” call is scheduled for every Wednesday from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM eastern beginning September 11, 2013. USPS representatives will be online to answer any questions related to Full-Service Intelligent Mail.

4 Full-Service Intelligent Mail Effective January 26, 2014, use of Full-Service Intelligent Mail is required to qualify for automation prices for: First-Class Mail ® postcards, letters and flats Standard Mail ® letters and flats Periodicals letters and flats Bound Printed Matter flats –Exception: Eligible; Not Required: Standard Mail Basic Carrier Route (CR) flats & High Density and High Density CR Periodicals CR flats –Exception: Not Eligible (even with an IMB) Standard Mail saturation CR flats Bound Printed Matter CR flats or DDU entered flats Business Reply Mail (BRM) On April 18, 2013 the Postal Service posted the Final Rule Federal Register Notice which outlines the requirement for January 2014 –This notice can be reviewed in its entirety by visiting 4

5 Common Full-Service Terminology 5

6 Electronic Documentation (eDoc) allows mailers to submit mailing information (such as Postage Statements an Qualification reports) electronically to the Postal Service –Expedites acceptance and payment verification Electronic Documentation is required for all Full-Service mailings 6 Common Full-Service Terminology

7 Full-Service Requirements REQUIREMENTS Within Full-Service, there are two categories of requirements: Intelligent Mail Barcodes must be unique and documentation must be submitted electronically. 7

8 The MID is a required field in the Intelligent Mail Barcode and is used in conjunction with the STID and Serial Number to maintain barcode uniqueness MIDs are either a 6- or 9-digit number based primarily on a mailer’s historic mail volume –The MID can be 6 digits long for mailers with a combined annual volume of 10,000,000 pieces or more. These MIDs begin with a 0-8. –The MID can be 9 digits long for mailers with a combined annual volume of less than 10,000,000 pieces. These MIDs begin with a 9. 8 Intelligent Mailpiece Barcode - MIDs Mailpiece Barcode Full-Service Requirements

9 Container Placard Container Placards are usually required for Full- Service mailings but generally not for small volume mailings 9 Container Barcode Full-Service Requirements

10 When is a container placard required for Full-Service? Entering mail at the BMEU - First-Class Mail Letters & Flats 10 Small volume mailing Mailer separates mail into different containers by destination Mailer does not separate mail into different containers by destination Container with Unique Placard No Container Placard Required Letters Less than 48 1- foot trays Less than 24 2- foot trays Flats Less than 16 tubs First-Class Mail Separations Origin MDX Surface Mixed ADC Air 5-digit Origin SCF SCF AADC ADC No Container Placard Required Container with Unique Placard HIGH VOLUME MAILING Mailer has a CSA Container Barcode Full-Service Requirements

11 11 Full-Service Requirements

12 Available eDoc Technologies 12 Submit Electronically Full-Service Requirements

13 Full-Service Mailing Solutions 13 Mailing software vendors offer easy, ready-to-go solutions for preparing and submitting Full-Service mailings. -Mail.dat/Mail.XML: software solutions for mailers who wish to use software to prepare presort mailings, generate unique barcodes, and submit mailing information electronically to USPS. -Postal Wizard: software solution which allow mailers to presort mail and generate unique barcodes, but require the mailer to enter the postage statement information online via the online Postal Wizard tool. For additional details, reference the RIBBS Certifications > eDoc & Full-Service page: Commercial Mailing Software Vendors Mailing Solutions

14 For a list of software vendors that offer dynamic Full-Service solutions and have tested them with USPS, reference the following documents on RIBBS: Full-Service Mailing Solutions Commercial Mailing Software Vendors (Cont’d) 14 –The summary list is a one-page document which identifies the three types of presort software and which vendors offer each typesummary list Also identifies the specific submission methods and classes of mail that are supported by each vendor –The detailed list is an Excel vendor matrix which provides more in-depth details about the capabilities and offerings of each software vendordetailed list –Mailers using a product on one of these lists can start mailing in production without additional testing in the Test Environment for Mailers (TEM). Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers who wish to validate a Full-Service test mailing can do so by submitting a single file through TEM per the instructions on the one-page sheet located on RIBBS: sMaildat_MailXML.pdf Mailing Solutions

15 Intelligent Mailpiece Barcode TRACKING CODE ROUTING CODE Barcode Uniqueness 15 Mailpiece Barcode Full-Service Requirements

16 Vendor Full-Service Software Capabilities 16 Mailing Solutions

17 Vendor Full-Service Software Capabilities Mail.dat Post Presort Software Vendors: 17 Mailing Solutions

18 18 Full Service Education  Visit the USPS RIBBS website at:

19 19 Full Service Getting Started  Visit the USPS RIBBS website at:

20 Full-Service Manual Verifications  Manual verifications Today same as Tomorrow  All mailings are subject to the following verifications: Bundle Preparation Content Eligibility Manual Barcode Manual Presort MERLIN Tap Test Weigh Verification Full-Service verification (manual scans performed by Clerk)  Resolution Today and Tomorrow is the Same Returned for Re-work or additional postage at applicable rate 20

21 Validation of the Information contained in eDoc (July 2014) Data is aggregated over a one-month period Displayed in the Mailer Scorecard by CRID (Available Today) Develop reasonable thresholds All verifications are performed by checking against values provided in the eDoc Full-Service Requirements, Verification & Thresholds ValidationWhat is it? Mailer ID Mailer ID provided in the IMb, IMtb, or IMcb is valid and registered with the USPS Mailer ID system Service Type ID Service Type ID provided in the IMb is valid, appropriate for the class of mail, and appropriate for the service level of the mailpiece By/ForMail Owner and Mail Preparer are provided for each mailpiece Unique Container BarcodeIMcb is unique across all mailings from all eDoc submitters for the past 45 days Unique Tray BarcodeIMtb is unique across all mailings from all eDoc submitters for the past 45 days Unique PieceIMb is unique across all mailings from all eDoc submitters for the past 45 days Co-Palletization Co-palletization files are submitted within 14 days for trays/virtual sacks marked for co-palletization at origin Entry FacilityEntry facility provided in eDoc (Locale key or ZIP Code) is a valid USPS facility

22 Mailer Scorecard – Available TODAY!!  The Mailer Scorecard provides a dashboard view summarizing Full-Service performance  Allows comparison across facilities  Drill reports provide a way to determine specific mail preparation errors  Conditional Formatting Provides a Trending View across Months  Available for any company that submits electronic documentation  Mail Owner view planned for Future Deployment 22

23 23 Mailer Scorecard

24 24 Drills Clicking on a blue hyperlink in the report allows you to get additional detail on errors

25 TEM Testing Testing Process for Mailers Using Vendor Software Solutions The Test Environment for mailers (TEM) is a test platform designed to allow mailers to test their ability to submit electronic mailing information such as Full Service mailings to the Postal Service. –Although not required, mailers using software pre-approved by USPS may choose to test their ability to submit electronic mailing information by using TEM. –Instructions are in the TEM Process for Mailings Using Mail.dat or Mail.XML (PDF).(PDF) 25 Mailing Solutions

26 TEM Testing Mailers Using Software Not Tested with USPS Mailers who prepare mailings using presort software that has not been tested with the USPS must test their files in the TEM environment. Mailers should follow the instructions in the following documents : –TEM Process for Mailings using Software Not Tested (PDF)(PDF) –How to Submit Mail.dat Files to TEM (PDF)(PDF) –How to Submit Mail.XML Files to TEM (PDF)(PDF) Once mailers go through the TEM process, they can use the instructions below to submit their files to production using their BCG account: –How to Submit Mail.dat Files to PostalOne! (PDF)(PDF) –How to Submit Mail.XML Files to PostalOne! (PDF)(PDF) 26 Mailing Solutions

27 What is the Business Customer Gateway (BCG)? 27 The Business Customer Gateway provides a single entry point for Postal Service® online business services.  Users can prepare, track and monitor mailings  Access to Intelligent Mail® products and services  Used for Full-Service tasks: eDoc submission Access to mailing and shipping services View and manage company information Manage eDOC submissions View postage transactions and mail quality reports View/download address change service (ACS) and visibility information Obtain and manage Mailer IDs and CRIDs Getting Started

28 Resources for Mailers RIBBS Website: https://ribbs.usps.gov –Getting Started Page: –Business Customer Gateway Information: Mailpiece Design Analyst – Phone: 855-593-6093 – Email: PostalOne! Help Desk –Phone: 800-522-9085 –Email: 28

29 eInduction Overview eInduction allows USPS to determine if mailer containers are paid for and shipped to the correct facility without the use of paper 8125/8017 forms Non-SV Sites: Mailers use Container Manifest Report from FAST, provides count of containers to induct eInduction is not mandatory, mailers may continue to use paper forms October 1, 2013 – Pilot Mailers go Paperless November 4, 2013 – National Deployment

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