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Mission of the UIC College of Engineering Our core belief is that the most significant impact we have on society is educating our students. Our mission.

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2 Mission of the UIC College of Engineering Our core belief is that the most significant impact we have on society is educating our students. Our mission is to offer students a world class education in engineering to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling professional career, one important, but not the only, component of a full life. To carry out this mission, we strive to create a positive learning environment in our college.

3 Creating a Positive Learning Environment at UIC Now: Build a strong, thriving, positive learning community. After: Maintain life-long connection with colleagues and alma mater; expand networks; enrich professionally and socially; give back.

4 Goals of the UIC College of Engineering Improve learning environment to raise the quality of experience for students and faculty alike. Provide coaching tips to improve each student's effectiveness, professional/social skills and success.

5 Necessary Elements for a Positive Learning Environment Students respecting Students Professors respecting Students Students respecting Professors

6 Students Respecting Students UIC's diversity offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn in an intense research environment reflective of today’s global market place. Ability to work well with others and good teamwork skills are greatly valued and sought by employers. Fellow students offer an important support network (and sometimes lifelong friendships), now and after you leave UIC.

7 Students Respecting Students (Cont.) Work hard, take advantage of the world-class resources made available to you. Take time to get to know and appreciate those around you. Students who build positive working relationships with peers can reap rich benefits for a lifetime. Remember your early days at UIC. Extend a helping hand to your junior colleagues. Respect begets respect.

8 Students Respecting Students (cont.) As engineers we have professional AND ethical responsibilities 8.html. Be aware of biases, e.g., unconscious gender, ethnic, or race-based assumptions and stereotypes embedded in the patterns of thinking of many people.

9 Students Respecting Professors The classroom is a microcosm of the work place. Students who build a positive working relationship with their professors set the groundwork for successful working relationships with supervisors and mentors in the real world.

10 Classroom Etiquette Etiquette = Courtesy Guidelines Classroom is a professional, formal setting. The rules of “Common Courtesy” guide discussion and all interactions. When students demonstrate respectful regard for everyone present, this sets a positive classroom tone which promotes learning.

11 Effective Communication with Your Professor Today, the professoriate is as diverse as the student body; your professor brings a unique perspective to enrich your learning. Maintain a respectful tone in the classroom: arrive on time, turn-off cell phone, be attentive, participate in a positive learning exchange. Listen to others’ point of view, take your turn to express your question or idea, agree to disagree, if needed.

12 Communication: Office Hours Pre-schedule an appointment with your professor. Be mindful that emergencies come unannounced. During the meeting with your professor: arrive on time, state your questions clearly, and keep the appointment time provided. The code of conduct applies to office meetings and lays the groundwork for a productive meeting.

13 Communication: E-mail Write concise emails that clearly indicate your questions and requests/concerns. Indicate when you need a reply, if a deadline looms. Use language that mirrors a professional setting. Do not send an e-mail when you are upset. Wait a while, if you can. email-to-your-professor-employer-and-professional- peers/

14 Professors Respecting Students Professors are responsible not only for teaching the technical contents of the course, but also for preparing the students for their future careers, whether in industry, academia or government. Engineering today requires social skills and ethical judgment that must also be learned in school. Professors have different styles of teaching, just as coaches have different styles of coaching.

15 Professors Respecting Students (Cont.) Professors evaluate and issue grades based on many factors, including class participation, performance in homeworks and exams, classroom conduct, attendance, etc. Primary factor when assigning a grade is fairness. Professors value students’ input and constructive criticism on any element of a course.

16 Classroom Etiquette Professors demonstrate respect through their teaching. Professors set the tone in the classroom. Creating and maintaining a respectful, yet comfortable, learning environment facilitates effective two-way communication. Professors should be fully attentive to their students’ educational needs.

17 Professors Communicating with Students Professors make an honest effort to get to know their students; students come from different backgrounds and have different needs and expectations. Set a respectful tone in the classroom: arrive on time, be prepared, use effective means of communication, allow for feedback from the students.

18 What to Expect from Your Professors Professors must make clear what is required from the students: discuss the syllabus clearly, explain grading policy, be available outside the classroom during office hours. If problems arise, the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Department Head are available to discuss any concerns that students may have about their professors/instructors/teaching assistants.

19 Continuing Dialog for Improvement Let's work together to make the most of your education!








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