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1 Innovators in image processing Martin De Prycker President & CEO JP Tanghe VP Corp. Comm & Inv. Rel.

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1 1 Innovators in image processing Martin De Prycker President & CEO JP Tanghe VP Corp. Comm & Inv. Rel

2 2 BARCO world leader in BarcoProjection: large screen visualization BarcoView: visualization for life critical decision-making BarcoVision: visual inspection and quality control 2001 (Pro Forma) IMAGE PROCESSING for professional markets

3 3 Technological evolution at BARCO Evolution from stand alone products to systems focusing on vertical markets Control rooms Simulation Media and Entertainment Medical Imaging Air Traffic Control Military Imaging Strong R&D basis to remain technology leader

4 4 BARCO’s leading edge technology in vertical markets technologies markets ……

5 5 Control Rooms Control Rooms Expansion of application markets from Telecom and Utilities towards Broadcast, Traffic, Surveillance and IntelliRoom Worldwide leader with 43% of market

6 6 Simulation and Virtual & Augmented Reality Simulation Applications for pilot training, ship navigation, train drivers V&AR Design in automotive market, oil & gas market (test drilling), edutainment (leisure parks, planetariums, museums, …)

7 7 Media & Events LED Wall for Coca Cola on Piccadilly Circus in London Has become one of the two market leaders over a two years’ period Events: supplier of the top Rental & Staging companies of the world Media: introducing digital signage, a revolution in advertising

8 8 BarcoProjection: BCI Market with a huge potential of ±115.000 theaters worldwide but Digital Cinema market still waiting for a business model acceptable by all actors in this market Increasing number of agreements signed with Cinema theater equipment dealers Regular “individual” sales of Digital Cinema projectors 1 st quantity buy by Boeing Digital Cinema Digital Cinema

9 9 Air Traffic Control (BarcoView) Isis Isis turning into commercial success as anticipated at introduction mid 2001 in Europe Now also breaking through in Asia and US Replacement market of some 12,000 work stations worldwide

10 10 Security & Defense (BarcoView) Vista 1000 Visualization sub-systems that can be used in a variety of reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering Vista 1000 rugged workstation for C4I applications

11 11 Medical Imaging (BarcoView) Coronis Significant market share in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) To be continued and strengthened by recent introduction of flat panel LCD Coronis

12 12 Sensors & Systems (BarcoVision) Fully integrated CIM systems for textile and plastics manufacturing Sensors for quality control on spinning machine and weaving loom Cyclops

13 13 BARCO’s future Focus on image processing technologies and markets to reap benefits of markets and technology synergies Strong technology advantages in key technologies Good market knowledge in vertical markets Strong financial structure to finance internal growth and acquisitions Ready to further streamline its operations with renewed internal processes to improve EPS Aiming at a P/E ratio in line with its position as a profit making company in a growing market

14 14 Innovators in image processing Results first quarter 2002

15 15 2001 Sales & EBIT per quarter excl. Barco Graphics incl. dotrix n.v. 9.4% In € mio 14.2% 1.4% 6.4% 2001 Q1Q2Q3Q4Total Sales (M€)157.1181.7153.7180.9673.4 EBIT (M€)14.825.82.211.654.4 % of sales9.414.

16 16 Achievements 1Q02 Orders: € 167.5 mio Sales:€ 152.2 mio EBIT: € 9.7 mio Inventory:reduced by 10% since end ‘01  net cash position:improved by € 40 mio

17 17 Expectations 2Q02 & 1H02 Increase in sales 2Q02 by approximately 15% compared to 1Q02 Further reduction of operational costs Increase in EBIT % to double digit

18 18 Expectations 2H02 Sales: slight increase vs 1H02 EBIT: increase through further cost reduction Inventory: a further reduction by 10% by end 2002

19 19 Positive factors impacting BARCO results strong growth in media and events both in projectors and LEDs gradual start of the DC market the only supplier of 2Kx2K LCD display for ATC market  winning main markets regaining market share in medical market with flat panel LCD

20 20 Negative factors impacting BARCO results Control Rooms suffers from telecom crisis temporary stop in growth of military market because of active warfare some difficulties with some suppliers in delivery of critical components

21 21 Innovators in image processing

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