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Enrollment Blue Ribbon Task Force Status Report December 15, 2006 Co-Chair – Dan Burcham Co-Chair – Pat Klarecki.

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1 Enrollment Blue Ribbon Task Force Status Report December 15, 2006 Co-Chair – Dan Burcham Co-Chair – Pat Klarecki

2 Enrollment Blue Ribbon Task Force Committee Members Shelly Armstrong Amy Buse Matthew Chaney Michael Cooper Jason DaDay Jana Hurley Leonard Johnson Kathryn Lake Michael Ropele Karen Strasser Charlotte Tetsworth Joan Totten Erin Weber Craig Westman Debi Whitman

3 The Charge 1.Identify and implement “quick wins” to increase enrollment in Spring 2007 Semester 2.Identify and implement a strategy to increase enrollment in Fall 2007 Semester 3.Answer the question – “How do we as an organization do a better job of bringing more students to enroll on our campuses?”

4 Review of Existing Data Fourth day counts Enrollment summaries Student satisfaction surveys NSSE data Epic MRA reports Jim Black report Numerous E-mails from across campus Previous task force reports Lists –Students who where offered scholarships but didn’t enroll –Programs with waiting lists –Programs with low enrollment –Students who have applied but status is pending

5 Committee Focus Three major “factors of influence” that affect enrollment: 1.Articulation of a clear, concise and consistent Strategic Vision for FSU 2. Processes used to recruit, admit, enroll, schedule, and advise students 3. Marketing the correct message to the correct audience

6 Committee Focus Within each of the three “factors of influence” there are areas of focus; 1.Overall student head count 2.Student credit hour generated 3.First Time in Any College (FTIAC) Students 4.Transfer Students 5.Diversity

7 Spring 2007 Strategies Implemented Organized and implemented a Transfer Office. Universally accept MACRAO from transfers Conducted “Failure to Enroll” research and adapted recruitment techniques accordingly. –FTIAC WNF Scholarship Winners –Transfer Scholarship Winners –All students who were accepted, but did not enroll Utilized 25+ full and part-time positions (staff and students) to support application processes. Added three temporary full-time recruiters. Academic Affairs provided four positions to Enrollment Services Conducted process review of admissions applications and financial aid applications.

8 Spring 2007 Strategies Implemented Established a MySpace presence for FSU. VPAA made division wide request to faculty and staff for simplification in course equivalency review Academic Affairs has over 30 programs that have or will have reduced credits for graduation to 128 or less Made personal contact with all student admits regarding scholarship offers. Called students to encourage Spring 2007 enrollment. Simplified some admission criteria to speed up acceptances. Set up auto-accept in Banner to speed up student acceptance to FSU. Used dashboard reports and specific metrics to make decisions about the University.

9 Spring 2007 Strategies Implemented Surveyed part-time students to establish what they would need to become full-time students. Established a pilot program in an academic college to utilize printed brochures. Initiated VPAA VPSA weekly team meeting Academic Affairs now accepts International Baccalaureate (IBO) credit Developed language that will allow the comprehensive recruitment and image of the gestalt university in Grand Rapids. Began a Wayne County Community College initiative. Used Reach to call students with incomplete applications and encouraged them to finish them and submit.

10 Fall 2007 Market the “fun” student life side of FSU (Vodcast). Seek out ways to use Greek Life to show fun side of FSU. Market positive stories on FSU faculty/staff/student accomplishments via an e-newsletter using in-house FYI. Academic Affairs will conduct comprehensive revision of transfer guides until institution is ready for CAPPS Academic Affairs will continually increase number of on-line course offerings Post Blogs on our homepage.

11 Fall 2007 Used text messaging for Fall 2007 recruiting. Explored the creation of FSU-Tube and Second Life presence. Continue to build consortium agreements for dual enrollments with community colleges Academic Affairs continues to develop new and innovative programs Recorded Presidential and Dean welcomes for admitted students. Sent an Admissions Recruiter to Math/Science Centers. Recruited greater Chicago area more intensively. Delivered poinsettias to area schools.

12 Long Term Integrated Marketing and Enrollment Goals 2003-2006 Expand upon previous work done in this area Draw closer focus to strategies Develop measurable outcomes

13 Long Term Strategic Planning Utilize the current mission or establish a strategic vision for the future of Ferris State University Make communication and adherence to the mission or strategic vision a top priority Focus academic, marketing, and enrollment strategies towards the mission or vision

14 Long Term Process Improvement Utilize customer process review teams to continually review, improve and monitor processes Process improvement requires a cultural shift and acceptance that everything can be improved

15 Long Term Marketing Send a consistent message to a diverse audience that shows FSU as the high quality modern school with programs for the future Show FSU and all of its campuses as a unified institution preparing graduates for the new Michigan economy

16 Committee Future Three Sub-committees to further develop, implement and evaluate progress in each of the three “factors of influence.” Strategic Vision Processes Marketing

17 Thank You Discussion

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