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Freshman Admissions and General Admissions Office/Campus Tours Transfer Center Admissions Processing Calling Center Barsema Alumni and Visitor Center Office.

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1 Freshman Admissions and General Admissions Office/Campus Tours Transfer Center Admissions Processing Calling Center Barsema Alumni and Visitor Center Office Office of Admissions Units NIU

2 PRIORITY STUDENT SEGMENTS Primary-Pool Students – new freshmen (ACT 21, top 33%High School Rank / 3.25 GPA). High-Achieving Students – new freshmen who have ACT composite scores of 25-27 and rank in the top 25%-top 10% of the high school class (3.50 -3.75 GPA) and new transfers who have grade point averages of 3.25 or above. Multi-Cultural Students – new freshmen and new transfers (African American, Asian, Latino, Native American) who meet NIU’s published admission requirements. Transfer students who satisfy NIU transfer admissions requirements. NIU

3 Student Profile Total Enrollment:24,400 Total Enrollment:24,400  Undergraduate:18,300  Graduate & Law: 6,100 Student Body Student Body  95 % from Illinois  48% men, 52% women  27% ethnic minorities Approximately 75% of students live on or near campus Approximately 75% of students live on or near campus

4 Freshman Applications Over 17,700 For Fall APPLIED YEAR200520062007200820092009 v 2008 TOTAL Freshmen TOTAL Transfers 15,003 5,576 16,014 5,712 16,746 5,799 17,210 5,535 17,712 4,947 2.9% -10.6% NIU Each application requires the processing of an ACT score, transcripts, letters of recommendation.

5 New Freshmen and New Transfer Enrollments (Fall 2000 – Fall 2009) 5

6 Geographic Segments Freshman Class 85-91% Major Market Segments APPLIEDENROLLED SEGMENT2005200620072008200920052006 2007200820092009 v 2008 Cook County 6,7907,2817,5468,49489271,2841,2961,199980132335.0% Du Page County 1,8291,9511,8271,852189543442230929433614.3% Kane County 9361,0071,0261,164891255259 238207-13.0% Lake County 1,1021,2101,1521,150117622027219814120243.3% McHenry County 578636699664574141157162138120-13.0% Rockford Area 4334895194795051061331349614349.0% Northwest Area 63068063262870420719521316621026.5% Will County 695812889920116814716517612321272.4%

7 New Transfers by Major Feeder Community Colleges Over 70% of all Transfers from CC’s and 77% of all CC Transfers From 9 CC’s APPLIEDENROLLED LAST COLLEGE2005200620072008200920052006200720082009 2009 v 2008 College of Du Page773708674574431280223239234182-22.2% William Rainey Harper College38642340537938714814914315617310.9% Rock Valley College355384349348293164180170207155-25.1% Waubonsee Community College28130432124929712210914311814724.6% Elgin Community College324340322259221142152125117111-5.1% McHenry County College2452502582152031199613110011111.0% Kishwaukee College1862052381381681141031268410828.6% Joliet Junior College18216320716516380499065 0.0% College of Lake County2042112051611488277716653-19.7%

8 Challenges Beginning downward trends in college-bound students Changing demographic in Illinois Competition from in-state, private, out-of- state, on-line proprietary colleges and universities, certification programs, work.

9 © Copyright 2007, The Chronicle of Higher Education Reprinted with permission. This material may not be posted, published, or distributed without permission from The Chronicle. Source: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Projected change in the number of high school graduates, 2007-08 to 2017-18

10 High School Seniors – Public & Private

11 NIU High School Seniors Public and Private HS's IllinoisAF/AMLatinoAsian Non Minority YearTotal% ChangeTotal% ChangeTotal% ChangeTotal% ChangeTotal% Change 1993-1994116,36515,598 7,983 3,929 74,473 1994-1995119,9883.1%15,411-1.2%8,2633.5%4,0894.1%77,1813.6% 1995-1996119,146-0.7%15,5971.2%8,4592.4%4,063-0.6%76,349-1.1% 1996-1997125,2065.1%16,4725.6%9,37710.9%4,3807.8%79,6724.4% 1997-1998130,0923.9%17,3905.6%10,3029.9%4,81610.0%81,8782.8% 1998-1999127,726-1.8%16,964-2.4%10,4681.6%4,731-1.8%80,229-2.0% 1999-2000126,949-0.6%16,416-3.2%10,8733.9%4,7500.4%79,590-0.8% 2000-2001125,519-1.1%15,498-5.6%10,855-0.2%4,8892.9%79,210-0.5% 2001-2002131,8165.0%16,2424.8%12,24012.8%5,2337.0%82,4524.1% 2002-2003134,8622.3%16,6192.3%13,3759.3%5,3732.7%84,2662.2% 2003-2004133,548-1.0%16,584-0.2%13,5991.7%5,5383.1%82,853-1.7% 2004-2005132,917-0.5%16,9792.4%13,9482.6%5,6431.9%81,314-1.9% 2005-2006135,5102.0%16,478-3.0%14,8686.6%5,9315.1%82,8381.9% 2006-2007140,7473.9%18,64613.2%16,2249.1%6,2275.0%83,4860.8% 2007-2008142,2471.1%18,302-1.8%17,1475.7%6,2570.5%84,2750.9% 2008-2009144,2441.4%19,4856.5%19,20012.0%6,4663.3%82,351-2.3% 2009-2010143,439-0.6%19,375-0.6%20,2165.3%6,7604.5%80,757-1.9% 2010-2011143,124-0.2%19,7491.9%21,1214.5%6,8942.0%78,577-2.7% 2011-2012142,791-0.2%19,453-1.5%22,5626.8%7,3376.4%77,228-1.7% 2012-2013140,683-1.5%18,036-7.3%23,7395.2%7,7545.7%75,990-1.6% 2013-2014137,823-2.0%16,973-5.9%24,3442.5%8,1645.3%74,344-2.2% 2014-2015136,082-1.3%16,582-2.3%24,6001.1%8,5324.5%72,886-2.0% 2015-2016137,5241.1%16,7611.1%25,8124.9%8,6161.0%72,726-0.2% 2016-2017137,239-0.2%16,137-3.7%27,4026.2%9,57411.1%71,385-1.8% 2017-2018139,4831.6%16,1650.2%29,1316.3%10,4739.4%71,278-0.1% Record High Record Low

12 College Enrollment Rate for High School Graduates Non Minority45.90% African-American40.60% Latino37.70% Asia-Pl65.20% All Races46.00% (Approx 55% attend 4-year Schools and 45% attend 2-year Schools) NIU

13 ACT Benchmarks Readiness for College Sub Scores English18 Math22 Reading21 Science24 50%Chance of B 75%Chance of C NIU

14 Percentages of Act-Tested IL HS Grads Meeting Benchmarks AllNoneEnglishMath 20022006200420062002200620022006 All Students 1920343260653638 Low Income 775352414418 NIU

15 Parental Income (Fall 2008 New Freshmen) Median $87,752 $63,816 15

16 NIU

17 Top Competitors University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign University of Illinois – Chicago Illinois State University Illinois Community Colleges/Other IL 4-year Many Colleges and Universities from Around the Country Recruit Chicago Area Illinois is one of the largest exporters of students in US

18 Recruitment Basics 101 Put NIU information in the hands of qualified students in our market region Encourage campus visit and application Provide the best campus visit and tour possible  Showcase the advantages of NIU to students and family members Engage the entire campus community to create a high quality on-campus experience Follow up with great customer service resulting in enrollment NIU

19 Prestige Factors Quality of Faculty Quality of Students Athletics

20 Importance of College-Choice Characteristics NIU’s prospects are evaluating their college options on many different levels, as more than half of the attributes tested received a mean rating of 4.0 or above However, these top attributes are focused around the following themes: –Overall academic quality— programs, teachers, facilities, and reputation –Success—grad placement and internships –Cost—value, financial aid, and tuition –Atmosphere—safe, fun, friendly, and personal Note: Cost and financial aid are less important to those in NIU’s low-yield markets. However, they are more concerned with the quality of students and a friendly atmosphere Please tell me how important each attribute is to you using the following 5-point scale. (1=Not at All Important to 5=Very Important) Mean % Very Important Quality of the program/major you are interested in4.878% Graduates get good jobs or get accepted into good graduate programs 4.668% Value of the degree4.665% Overall quality of faculty as teachers and mentors4.555% Overall quality of academic facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, computer resources, etc. 4.451% Academic reputation of the college4.346% Amount of financial aid available, including scholarships4.248% Safety of the campus4.247% Offers students a fun college experience4.243% Cost to attend4.142% Student opportunities for a wide variety of internships4.137% Friendliness of the people on campus4.137% Personal attention from faculty4.028% Overall quality of campus facilities such as dining halls, recreation center, student lounges, etc. 4.026% © 2009 Stamats Inc. – 20

21 Why Students Choose NIU Comprehensive University Comprehensive University  NIU boasts a strong liberal arts college as well as a wide range of career-directed majors in business, education, engineering and health sciences. Quality Programs Quality Programs  Carnegie Ranking: Research University - High Activity  Member of National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC)  Member of the Universities Research Association (URA) Few universities have the advantages of location and the breadth of high quality programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels that we have here at NIU. NIU

22 Why Students Choose NIU Location Location  Friendly, small city atmosphere with convenient big city access Residential Atmosphere Residential Atmosphere Affordable Costs Affordable Costs  $9,390 Instate Tuition & Fees (per academic year) NIU Students Get Good Jobs NIU Students Get Good Jobs NIU

23 1 Search 2 Inquiry 3 Applicant 4 Admitted Funnel Stages NIU

24 Sources of Contact High Achieving Students  PSAT Search 10,000 – 11,000 Names Primary Pool and Multi Cultural Students  ACT EOS Search 20,000 -21,000 names General Prospects  Open House and Office Visitors  Prospects Met at HS and CC Visits/Fairs  ACT Score Senders HS Grad Class 2010 17,488 Received by Sept 1, 2009 5,500 ACT 19/Rank Top 50%/GPA 3.0  The application is the initial source of contact for many. NIU

25 Recruitment Strategies for Each Priority Group Publication and Communication Sequence  Letters, Email, Postcards, Telephone, Publications On Campus Visit Opportunities  Office Visits M-F and Saturdays  Open House Next Step Sessions FAFSA Completion Options  Targeted Receptions HS and CC Counselor Receptions NIView Honors Minority Reception Pulaski Day College Receptions Chicago City College Reception NIU

26 Recruitment Strategies for Each Priority Group Off Campus Out Reach—Territory Mgmt Traditional Student Recruitment  HS Visits (400 high schools)  CC Visits (Top 3 major feeders six visits per term/top 4-8 feeders four visits per term. 29 CC’s Visited)  College Day and Night Fairs (226 Programs)  Targeted Receptions Down State Receptions Alumni Receptions NIU

27 WWW of Enrollment Sample of Data Used in Decision-Making Counselor High School Goals - Fall 2010 LocationAD09 APPL10 APPL GOAL09 ADMT10 ADMT GOAL09 MATR10 MATR GOAL HebronTC442201 AmboyTC555533 FreeportTC110101 AshtonTC554422 BelvidereTC464932361920 RockfordTC465232381415 ByronTC2122131688 CaryTC616441441314 RockfordTC593622

28 Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) VIP Page  Students  Parents Internet Answer Email connections to admissions counselors  High school visits  Personal follow up Lists to colleges/departments for follow up Telephone lists for outbound calling center

29 NIU

30 Sample Communication Sequence MonthInquiry TypeCommunication Description ContinuousAll Inquiries VIP Kickoff ContinuousAll Inquiries Birthday Wishes ContinuousAll NIU Visitors You're An NIU VIP Email (The admissions office creates VIP pages for all visitors) MarchAll 2010 prospectsGood Friday Open House April/May-continuousACT Score SendersThank You For Interest June-JulyAll Inquiries Visit the Campus This Summer AugustAll Inquiries Apply to NIU this Fall August-continuousAll Inquiries Northern Brochure Mailing AugustHigh Achieving Honors Receptions Invitation August/SeptMinority StudentsEarly Application Letter August/SeptParents of Minority StudentsEarly Application Letter Sept/DecHS Students High School Visit Announcement OctoberPriority Pool Academic Department/College OctoberAll Inquiries November Open House Invitation DecemberPriority Pool Follow Application Letter not applied

31 Sample Communications Log Sample Communications Log First Contact: Student made contact through Zoom ACT/EOS Name: Rebecca K Admit Term: Fall 2010 High School: Taft High School Academic Plan: Nursing Program Action: Admit NameLogComm Plan AD Admissions Decision Email - Tim - visited schools E-mail Sent/Not Viewed Freshman VIPVIP Logout- VIPVIP Login- VIPVIP Login- AD App email - Tim - visited schools E-mail ViewedFreshman NIU: Awesome Academics - FRE-mail ViewedFreshman VIPVIP Logout- VIPVIP Login- Responders to Colleges 10-5-09Export File Prospective Students HHS overviewE-mail Viewed College of HHS Open House InvitationE-mail ViewedDefault Plan EOS Response LetterDoc Merged Prospective Students NIU


33 Major Website NIU

34 WWW of Enrollment Sample of the Volumes: Purchased 14,000 ACT names Processed 23,000 Fall applications – about 100,000 documents Inbound Calls Answered Sept2580 Outbound Calls Initiated - Sept4432 Admissions Office Visits – Sept 558 NIU State Articulation Program – 426 HS counselors on campus Sept to Oct 8 -- 80 college fairs 147 high school visits Open House Attendance - Oct2500+

35 Primary Enrollment Indicators Campus Visits Admissions and Confirmations Housing Applications/Deposits Orientation Reservations

36 Campus Visits The Most Important Recruitment Strategy 75% - 90% Who Visit Apply Tour the Campus Meet Students Speak with Admissions Counselor Attend a Class Meet Professor NIU

37 Campus Visits Sept 2008 – Aug 2009 Student Visitors  Met with Counselor 4,592  Attended Open House 3,879  Total Students 8,471 Student/Family Tours  Daily Office Tours 7,094  Open House Tours 8,813 Total Campus Tours 15,907 Additional Group Visits  Special Groups 176  Students Served 4,461 NIU

38 Columbus Day Open House COLUMBUS DAY STUDENTSPARENTSTOTAL 1994-95281438719 1995-96387503890 1996-975939611554 1997-9869210661758 1998-998489721820 1999-006788281506 2000-017218761597 2001-200279110151806 2002-200388710171904 2003-2004118413442528 2004-2005111611502266 2005-2006994 1296 2290 2006-200797511822157 2007-200889810061904 2008-200998611932179 2009-10 11481424 2572

39 Total Student Visits Office Interviews and Open House 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 Fall 3328 3413 3134 Spring 39762752 3924 Summer 15321216 1413 Total 8836 7381 8471 Campus Tours Total 13789 11907 15907 In addition 3,000- 5,000 students visit NIU through special group programs



42 Orientation Reservations New Student Orientation Reservation Number - August 10 2009 FRESHMEN RESERVATIONS COLLEGE20092008200720062009-08 AAC341363357447-22-6.06% BUSE534603647718-69-11.44% E&ET1631231381724032.52% EDUC2682342292413414.53% H&HS356342360346144.09% LA&S76457965968318531.95% VP&A152 13219600.00% TOTAL25782396252228031827.60%

43 Summary Enrollment Success is a University-Wide Effort.  Quality Academic Programs  Connection with Faculty Opportunities for Research/Internships  Nurturing Campus Atmosphere Commitment to Customer Service Student Involvement Connections to Students and Family Student Expectations Must be Met and Exceeded. NIU

44 Challenges to Maintain Enrollments More competition for fewer students is a reality. Enrollment rates for underrepresented student populations must improve. CC transfers will be essential. Non-Traditional markets should be developed  Evening and Weekend Programs On-Campus

45 On-Campus Challenges and Opportunities Undergraduate enrollment will be more diverse and require review of student services. More economic/academic/social disparity on- campus between have’s and have not’s is a reality and a challenge. Retention is a campus-wide responsibility. Enhance faculty and staff training to promote student success and customer service.

46 Questions and Comments

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