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A possible collaboration between San Diego Miramar College and SCS-CUHK.

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2 A possible collaboration between San Diego Miramar College and SCS-CUHK

3 The CUHK was founded in 1949 and is situated on top of a forest green mountain called Shatin overlooking the mystic beauty of China Sea with mountains and islands leading to Mainland China. It has four colleges: New Asia College, Chung Chi College, The United College and Shaw College. It is the most prestigious University in HK

4 A Comparison of Higher Education Between US and China & HK CHINA AND HK After High School Graduation Students take Univ Entrance Exam A small 3% passed and enter Univ A large % failed and enter workforce or technical or vocational schools Graduates of the Technical Schools can never be transferred to the elite Universities As a result, many talent technical graduates stop short of their education potential UNITED STATES High School students take Standard Admission Test (SAT) About 35-40% enter private/State Colleges and Universities About 50% enter the 2 years Community Colleges which are lower divisions of the State Universities. Graduates of Community College can transfer to universities or enter workforce Bright Community College students do not have to stop short of their higher education

5 CUHK Selected Miramar College for Partnership To offer some of Miramar College’s Associate degree programs in Hong Kong Enable the Chinese students to transfer to the UC, CSU and private/public US universities and colleges upon completion To start with Business Administration and Computer Information Sciences Target date of instructions: Fall 2001

6 Current Collaboration Between CUHK and US Universities Master Degree in Managerial Economics with University of Oklahoma –UO grants the Master degree, sets the curriculum, assignments, examinations and teach all the courses. CUHK promotes the program and coordinate Chinese students with UO Advanced Certificate in Arts and Entertainment Management with SUNY Binghamton –SUNY grants the Certificate, sets the curriculum, teaches half of the courses. CUHK promotes the program, coordinate students and SUNY, and recruit teachers to teach the remaining courses

7 Has Contract Education been done between a California Community College and a University in China? Answer is YES! City College of San Francisco offers 5 courses in Peking University. Chinese students take them and transfer them to CCSF. The contract project is financed by an airline firm. CCSF provides program management and supervision of CCSF staff in China. Airline Company and Peking University recruit students. “As long as courses offered overseas are identical as the ones at home, accreditation is NOT necessary, but WASC should be informed” stated Julie Tang, Director of the program at CCSF

8 And So the Journey Begins

9 The eagle has landed on the apex of Victoria Peak

10 A Journey of Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

11 Together in front of the library of CUHK

12 San Diego Miramar College Team stands tall in Front of Science Building of CUHK

13 CUHK is situated in Shatin, Shing Mum River Science Building CUHK Students on CUHK Campus Mr. Lee, Dr. Keir, Pro-Vice Chancellor Ambrose King in front of landmark of CUHK

14 The San Diego Miramar College and the SCS- CUHK Teams are ready for work.

15 Two days of intensive meetings

16 Agenda: Nature and aims of proposed collaborative programs Major disciplines chosen and their curricula Minimum admission requirements (including standard of English language, both written and spoken) Prospective student populations Class size and number of intake per year Teaching staff and distribution of semester units to be taught

17 Agenda Continued Delivery format and class schedule—intensive face- to-face teaching block (2 weeks) and web based distance learning ( more info later) Assessment methods and criteria for graduation Quality assurance— Program Advisory Committee & Examination Board Participation of Miramar College students in the Hong Kong Program Facilities and student support (more info later) Financial arrangements

18 Memorandum of Understanding Signed

19 San Diego Miramar College (SDMC) will make every effort to provide courses for these Associate Degree programs which are transferable to and accepted by UC, CSU and other private and public US colleges and universities. To enable SDMC students to enrich their learning experience by studying in an Asian society, provision will be made to let a certain number of SDMC students participate in some of the courses offered in Hong Kong. Elements of Memorandum

20 Memorandum continued The Curricula of SDMC will be adopted with appropriate adaptations for local relevance, if and when necessary. SDMC will provide qualified instructors to teach these Associate Degree programs. Once a pilot is completed, SCS faculty who meet the SDMC qualifications and approved by the Miramar College faculty may teach some courses.

21 Memorandum continued SDMC is responsible for curricula for teaching, setting academic standard and requirements, assessment criteria and methods, provide qualified instructors and for training SCS instructors when appropriate, admitting students, awarding the Associate Degree, liaison with UC, CSU and others

22 Memorandum continued SCS-CUHK is responsible for marketing, handling students inquiries and local student administration, providing teaching and support facilities, providing qualified adjunct instructors when appropriate, input on curricular adaptation, liaison with SDMC, UC, CSU and other colleges/universities on matter of articulation to the Chinese student’s bachelor degree programs.

23 A sense of accomplishment after the memorandum signed

24 Exchanging gifts

25 Exotic lunch hosted by Pro-Vice- Chancellor Ambrose King at beautiful restaurant on Shing Mum River

26 What kind of facilities and living environment are there at SCS-CUHK? SCS-CUHK is located in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, opposite side of HK

27 This is Park Hotel where we and future Miramar faculty will likely stay SCS Building is here The living and working environment for Miramar’s faculty is utmost important and we found it to be very comfortable, affordable, and convenient. The hotel is 1 min walk to classroom.

28 The SCS-CUHK facilities is consisted of four floors in a building one minute walk from the Park Hotel where faculty likely stay.

29 The multi-media classroom is equipped with TV monitor, computer, projector and document camera donated from a Japanese organization. The classroom is somewhat narrow but colorful.

30 There are three computer labs with about 100 computers Three classrooms one of which is for music class And a conference room one floor is for admin- istration (We did not see )

31 Western breakfast buffer is $6 ($US1= $HK7.5) with a lot to eat and the coffee is good (noted Berta ) PARK HOTEL

32 A lovely dinner room at the hotel. We had our first dim sum breakfast here, 7 people for about $30. Food is really inexpensive if you eat at local small restaurants by the hotel. Lunch can be as little as $4 for two persons. We tried it.

33 The hotel provides fax, printer and duplication at the Guest Service Center. If you want to set up e-mail on your laptop in your room, you can either ask Gin Gee before you go or ask a Chinese guy named Vincent at the lobby counter when you are there, he will give you userID, password, telephone and electrical adaptors for $15 deposit. Airport shutter to airport is about $11. Who’s at Hotel Lobby Guest Service Center

34 Hotel facilities is clean, comfortable and provide you a hair dryer and an iron. You can access to the Internet and http:// and your website in your room. All for about $65 a day.

35 This is the street just across from our hotel where there are American Express and 7 & 11 store where Pat went for coffee at 4AM by herself. Helen just enjoyed watching people walking from her window. Everywhere is teeming with life and shopping multitude

36 The two programs selected Courses for Computer & Information Sciences Buse 119 Business Communication, 3 units Buse 140 Business Law & Legal Environment,3 ACCT 116A Principles of Accounting-Financial, 3 ACCT 116B Principles of Accounting- Managerial, 3 CISC 181 Principles of Information System, 4 Math 119 Elementary Statistics, 3 CISC 186 Visual Basic Programming, 4 CISC 190 Java Programming, 4 CISC 192 C++ Programming, 4 _________________ Total Major Units 31

37 Required Courses for Business Administration (BA) BUSE 100 Introduction to Business3 Units BUSE 119 Business Communications3 BUSE 140 Business Law & Legal Environ.3 BUSE 201 Business Organization & Mgmt3 (?) ACCT 116A Principles of Accounting-Finan.4 ACCT 116B Principles of Accounting-Mang.4 CISC 181 Principles of Information System4 ECON 120 Principles of Economics I3 ECON 121 Principles of Economics II3 ENGL 101 Reading and Composition3 MATH 119 Elementary Statistics3 Total major Units 36

38 Courses Required by: District and General Educ For AS Degree ENGL 101 or 105 XX 3 units BUSE 101 Bus.Math XX3 POLI 102 Am Politic X3 HE 101 Health X3 PE Physical Ed X1 SPEE 180 Multicultural X3 Biol 105 Principles Biol X 3 Biol 106 LabX1 PHYN 100 Physical SciX3 Humanities ( Music, art, Humanities or philosophy) X3 PSYC 101 Gen. PsychologyX3 Total Units…………...29

39 What can instructors do in HK besides teaching?

40 Doing Exercise with local people at 5:30 at Kowloon Park, 10 minutes walk from our hotel

41 Shopping

42 Take a Sentimental Journey in Hong Kong Harbor

43 Enjoy some of the most delicious dishes in the world We might not have learned much Chinese but we sure ate plenty. Who say Diane Glow can’t use chopsticks?

44 If one meal is not enough, eat another! Eating is a fine art in Hong Kong

45 Go and smell the fish market and see how many people actually live in junks

46 Hong Kong is safe to walk and wonder anytime

47 Take a ferry to Macau and see some of antiquities of yesteryears and the Portuguese influence. Macau was returned to China last year. (Robin went to Macau and took the photos)

48 Join a tour and see the vista at Victoria Peak

49 Take a 2.5 hour- train ride to mainland China and see the dragon of the 21 st Century

50 Or simply be young and restless in the dawning of a new day in HK

51 As instructor, how should I prepare for 2 weeks teaching assignment in HK? Textbooks- order with Dr. S. Wong, Senior Program Leader, 3-4 months ahead Be as prepared as possible with hand-out, quiz and exam materials before departing San Diego. If you need computers for your lessons, let Dr. Wong know so she can schedule them. Think of what materials you will leave behind for HK administrators & tutor after you departed Develop a lesson plan for 2 weeks with some flexibility as illustrated with a model for 17 weeks/term:

52 Week1 (35 hrs) MonTueWedThuFri 9:00 Lesson1Lesson3Lesson5Lesson6Lesson8 10:00 Lesson1Lesson3Lesson5Lesson6Lesson8 11:00 Lesson1Lesson3Lesson5Lesson6Lesson8 12:00Lunch 1:00 Activity1Activity3Exam(1-4)Activity6Exam(5-7) 2:00 Lesson2Lesson4PreparationLesson7Lesson9 3:00 Lesson2Lesson4PreparationLesson7Lesson9 4:00 Lesson2Lesson4PreparationLesson7Lesson9 5:00 Activity2Activity4PreparationActivity7Activity9

53 Week2 (40 hours) MonTueWedThuFri 9:00 Lesson10Lesson12Lesson14Lesson16 Review 10:00 Lesson10Lesson12Lesson14Lesson16Review 11:00 Lesson10Lesson12Lesson14Lesson16Exam(13- 17) 12:00Lunch Farwell Lunch 1:00 Activity10Activity12 Activity14Activity16Lunch 2:00 Lesson11Lesson13Lesson15Lesson 17 Planning Dist Ed 3:00 Lesson11Lesson13Lesson15Lesson 17 Planning Dist Ed 4:00 Lesson11Lesson13Lesson15 Lesson17 Tutor details 5:00 Activity11Activity13Exam (8-12) Activity17Admin details

54 Important details before departure Instructor gives students, tutor and administrator(s) instructions-in writing -for the distance ed component. Once at home, instructor interact with HK students via e- mail, quizzes/reports can be attached. If your final exam is NOT online, leave exam, blue books/scantrons with HK administrator to be administered/proctored on 14 th week (Tri-semesters, flexible Have HK administrator makes a copy of student’s test(essay/scantron), save it in HK for security and send original to instructor. Courses in HK must be same as at home in terms of syllabus, course-outline, exam, and course evaluation in case Accreditation checks. However, case-study can be environmentally adaptable. Keep these documents.

55 How can I best prepare my students for the distance learning component? If you have learning activities in your website with such multimedia as video segments, animations,Tegrity V/A streaming and photos, it’s best to download them onto a CD Burn enough copies so each student can buy it for about $2.5 (suggested by Prof. Ric Matthews). Assignments are stated in CD and students can access the info either from Internet or CD. This helps those with slow modem/when server is down. An example is shown here. Teach students how to use the resources in website

56 What kind of faculty and student support will be available? When instructor arrives HK for the first time, someone will meet him/her at airport and will be accompanied to hotel. Instructor may be provided a laptop by Miramar. A tutor may be available for your students If field trip is required, schedule it in lesson plan, let Dr. Wong arranges it and provide a guide. If you bring Miramar students(5 max), student pay transportation, dorm $20/nite; meals $10/day ($30 X 14 days = ($420 + $900 flight) = Approx. $1320

57 Why go to Hong Kong to teach? There are 48 ways to leave your bungalow for high rises, this is one way. The students there will respect you. You will make new friends and be immersed in a new culture. HK is safe, has good food and great shopping and English is the medium. It won’t be 2 easy weeks, but there’s a time you want to do something NOT because it’s easy but because it’s hard and challenging.

58 The faculty and Miramar College can be the Marco Polo of the 21 st Century to bring Associate Degree Programs to Hong Kong, China "If we are to equip our students for functioning in the 21st Century world where geographic boundaries no longer define the limits of our interaction with others, global educational resources must be developed for local and global education opportunities.”(California Academic Senate 1995)

59 The End Xiexie = Thank you Zaijian = Good bye There will be orientation before you go. To see this presentation again and future info, visit Click on Distance Education and HK project

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