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New Goodies – Version B An ACEware Webinar With your hosts: Chuck Havlicek & Lauri Thompson.

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1 New Goodies – Version B An ACEware Webinar With your hosts: Chuck Havlicek & Lauri Thompson

2 On tap today... What is Version B? Screen Changes New Features Reporting Questions

3 What is the difference: Letters of Upgrade: Version B? v.s. Number Changes: 7.1.B.009 to 7.1.B.010 The change in Letters (Ver A to Ver B ) indicates a change in table structure ( and you MUST run the UPGRADE procedure) The change in numbering (7.1.B.009 to 7.1.B.010) references a new Executable ( SM71.EXE). ( all you need to do is download and replace the EXE)

4 Screen Changes

5 Catalog Screen Allows you to make the catalog record inactive

6 Names Screen Additional characters for Salutation New User Defined Field

7 Firm Screen SIC Code field lengthened to 9 characters Standard Industrial Classification

8 Registration Screen RFDESC & RGFEEDESC both lengthened to 30 characters allowing longer descriptions RGPROXYID – holds the ID of the individual who enrolled the registrant via ACEweb’s Proxy Registration option NOTE: Must use Ver B.0011 for full access

9 Course Screen / Fees Tab FEEXP – Lengthened to three characters FEDESC – Lengthened to 30 characters

10 ACEweb Tab on Course Screen COBILLAG – drops web billing option X days before course starts COMERCNUM – associate bank merchant number with a specific course

11 Password Maintenance Indicates users last login

12 Features

13 Default Option Changes Original paytype auto stamps in Pay Note field during payment void Email send values saved Default setting is now “No” for cloning Pocket Ledger and Budget records when cloning a course Create a copy of this report is now checked on the Move/Rename Report screen

14 Names Updating the zip code? System asks if you’d like to update county

15 Grouping Changes As a late update to the previous version, you can now transfer a grouped registration without ungrouping Now, if you void a grouped registration, the system asks if you want to void all payments with that same Receipt Number

16 Codes Additional sort options on the Codes / Show Name Draw

17 Reporting

18 Date report last run Additional Reports window

19 SHOUPCLS A 5 th parameter (NEW) allows you to use a condition based on field(s) from the course Previous versions added a 4th parameter (a number) which is the number of days from TODAY that would be the beginning reference date emails course lists to individuals (intended for use with MergMail)

20 F9 – Dashboard (Chucks Fav..) Choose to display $$ as Due or Paid.. Thanks to Our Tennessee Users for this suggestion

21 Upgrade Instructions

22 Updates (and instructions!) are available on the Resources page

23 Upgrade Instructions Download the appropriate file BACKUP!!!!! Have everyone log out of Student Manager Run file following upgrade instructions

24 Questions? Comments? or Simply Amazed?

25 Join us next time... October 9, 2008 - 10:30 Central Guest Speaker Walt Heeney – DMI Mailing

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