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Cizer.NET Reporting Smart Business Intelligence for Best Return On Investment Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software.

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1 Cizer.NET Reporting Smart Business Intelligence for Best Return On Investment Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software

2 A Forum for Business Intelligence… Who Cizer Software is  Global publisher of Reporting Services browser-based authoring tools for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.  Experienced BI provider to multiple U.S. Federal and State Agencies, as well as commercial and public sector organizations.  Member, Business Intelligence Partner Advisory Council (Microsoft BI-PAC)  Joint Development Partner (JDP), Microsoft SQL Server TM Reporting Services  Reporting Specialists in enterprise reporting and scalable Reporting Services solutions  Microsoft ISV Managed Partner, SQL Server Business Intelligence Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 2

3 We make Reporting Services easy for everyone… Business Users / Reporting for Everyone Cizer Quick Query for instant row-column reports SQL Expert Level / Query Builders Power Users / Report Builders Cizer.NET Reporting Security & Query Library Maintenance Cizer Report Builder from pre- built queries, parameters, templates Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 3 Cizer Query Builder links tables on the fly for more complex ad hoc reports

4 Cizer.NET Portal – everything starts here… Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 4

5 Online Administration of Report Libraries & robust User/Role security. All 100% Pure HTML – No Downloads of any kind to clients Favorites – personalized list of reports for each user. Quick Links – easy way to jump to ad-hoc authoring, or to more sophisticated report building. Global Libraries – pre-configured components of Queries/Parameters/Templates to build consistent reports – and re-use the components across multiple reports. Single Sign-on integration with existing security systems. Easy to Implement – Provides ad hoc and production reporting with a single installation 100% RDL Compliant – Creates shareable XML Reports Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 5

6 Quick Query – for those 60-second reports… Simple Query by Example Grid is easy to understand and use in minutes Pure browser environment means no time or money spent on client installations or maintenance Intuitive Interface means no formal Training is needed, even for non- technical business users Features like Direct to Excel provides the easiest way to move data into Excel Security provides data-source and column- level filtering for all users and roles.RDL files can be saved, shared, uploaded, copied and modified Row column reports become available to every user in your organization Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 6

7 Cizer Report Builder – Advanced Business Reporting… Creating Reports is made easy through the use of Guided Design Wizards access to preconfigured components in the Global Libraries. Standard tool icons provide many ways to export, share, and manage your reports. Emulates Visual Studio in the browser, and requires no client installation at all Production Quality Reports, with Charts and Images, in a drag & drop interface Access to Global Libraries means Business Intelligence for every Business User Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software Use Cizer Quick Query to create a data set; then upgrade it to a Cizer Report Builder report to create advanced reports, with full formatting, charts and images. Permissions-based publishing allows both private and public distribution of reports across the enterprise. 7

8 Global Libraries – where the benefits of flexible web-reporting are realized… Powerful Parameter types support visually pleasing end-user parameter displays and allow sophisticated control of report SQL for optimized performance at run-time. Queries & Parameters are maintained in a single location rather than in individual reports to expedite report development and maintenance from anywhere you work Skill-specific task sets mean each person’s talents are applied in the most appropriate way – especially your Admins and DBAs Repository for well-designed, pre-tested query and parameter combinations that can serve as re-usable components for reports created by a wide variety of company users. Repository for approved chart and report templates that encourage consistent reporting design and practices. Power Business Users can use the Query & Parameter combinations to create advanced reports with charting, multi-level grouping, sorting, filtering and expression-control of data and formatting. Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 8

9 Cizer Query Builder – enables end users to link tables on the fly… Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 9 Ability to create advanced join constructs including Outer Joins Ability to create Data Filters using automatic Lookup’s with distinct data values Dynamic HTML Answer-Set to actually see the data returns Drag and drop visualization of tables and joins

10 CNR supports stand-alone security or application-integrated security for Single Sign-On… Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 10 The log-in can be automated so Users can skip this screen for Single- Sign-On scenarios The Cizer.Net Custom Security DLL supports Log-in Integration with existing applications Users can log-in with a Cizer.NET Reporting ID or a Windows-integrated ID & Password Users & Roles can be synchronized with host applications for ease of maintenance

11 User Profile Security and Folder Management provide control of data access to deliver the right data to the right users at the right time… Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 11 CNR Security Model allows data to be delivered based on user profile, preventing unauthorized access to information Parameters provide row- column level security within available data sources

12 Build today on current Microsoft SQL Server investment by using CNR and Reporting Services…  Organizations that currently run on Microsoft SQL Server for their database platform already own Reporting Services.  CNR extends Reporting Services to the browser to allow building and running of ad hoc and production reports with no client installation.  Cizer.NET Reporting will install and run on both MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005 to ensure successful web-based reporting today and an upgrade path to 2005 tomorrow without converting reports.  Cizer.NET Reporting delivers XML reports, a non-proprietary format, to ensure on-going compatibility. Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 12 …and protect your BI investment for tomorrow

13 Licensing…  Per Processor Licensing keeps administration simple by eliminating burdensome counting of users.  CNR sells for $5,495 per processor – includes: Cizer.NET Reporting Portal Cizer Report Builder Cizer Quick Query Cizer Query Builder  Upgrade Subscription with Technical support for one full year included.  Update Subscriptions with Technical Support available after first year for $995/processor. All prices listed in US Dollars. For volume pricing and government discounts, contact Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 13

14 Return on Investment… Cost structure significantly lower for CNR than for BO or Cognos  With processor-based rather than user-based licensing (CNR has no client license fees), more users gain access to data through CNR, and user base can be expanded without additional cost.  Example: $43,960 Cizer.NET Reporting purchase price, which includes all modules as well as a full year of updates and support, includes 8 CNR processors @$5,495 and 2 CNR processors @ no charge.  $50,000 Business Objects annual maintenance fee for 2 Quad Processor servers (equivalent to 8 CNR processor licenses), plus 6 supervisor and 6 designer licenses.  $7,960 Cizer.NET Reporting annual maintenance fee at $995/processor (no charge processors are also covered for $-0-) which includes the on-going Upgrade Subscription with Technical support for one full year, which is one-sixth the annual fee for Business Objects. Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 14

15 How to Purchase…  Best Value in BI Tools Today Best Value in BI Tools Today  Secure yet Flexible Data Access Secure yet Flexible Data Access  Centralized Server Rapid Deployment Centralized Server Rapid Deployment  Excellent Help Desk Support Excellent Help Desk Support  MORE REPORTING FOR MORE USERS MORE REPORTING FOR MORE USERS Copyright © 2005 Cizer Software 16 Call 877-586-2650, extension 102 or email us at

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