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1TSI-11/02 Putting NATURAL to the Test Presented by J. Wayne Lashley Group Leader, Consulting and Technical Sales Treehouse Software, Inc.

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1 1TSI-11/02 Putting NATURAL to the Test Presented by J. Wayne Lashley Group Leader, Consulting and Technical Sales Treehouse Software, Inc.

2 2TSI-11/02 TSI Company background Enterprise NATURAL development today Categories of testing Testing tools Conclusion Agenda

3 3TSI-11/02 Company Background Established in 1982 27 Personnel Leading provider of systems software products and consulting services for Software AG customers Over 500 customers Worldwide presence

4 4TSI-11/02 Enterprise NATURAL Development Today Do more and do faster with less Wear many hats: analyst, designer, coder, tester, DBA, guru… Maintain unfamiliar, undocumented systems Adapt legacy systems to new technologies Work in teams of varying skill levels –People without ADABAS/NATURAL skills –Contractors

5 5TSI-11/02 Categories of Testing Unit Integration Performance/Load/Stress System Regression/Maintenance User Acceptance Documentation

6 6TSI-11/02 Unit Testing Module-oriented Parallelizable White box approach Stubs and drivers (Construct sites have advantage)

7 7TSI-11/02 Integration Testing Test units as a whole structure Discover interface errors Incremental build-up

8 8TSI-11/02 Performance/Load/Stress Testing Oriented to tested integrated system Test performance under various load conditions, including extreme Monitor resource usage

9 9TSI-11/02 System Testing Oriented to tested integrated system Exercise all required functions Verify completeness of functions and testing strategies

10 10TSI-11/02 Regression/Maintenance Testing Identify where changes have resulted in unintended behavior or new errors Comparative in nature Defined test cases

11 11TSI-11/02 User Acceptance Testing Workflow scenarios Validate against user manuals and documentation Identify cumulative errors

12 12TSI-11/02 Documentation Inventory of test cases, scripts and results Metrics Training materials Manuals

13 13TSI-11/02 NATURAL Testing Toolkit

14 14TSI-11/02 Testing Tools “Stone tools” DBLOG NATURAL debugger NATPAGE facility Recording facility PROFILER for NATURAL …

15 15TSI-11/02 Tool Roles in Testing UnitIntegPerfSystemRegrAcceptDoc “Stone tools” √ √ DBLOG √ √ DEBUG √√ √√ √ NATPAGE√ √√√ RECORD √√√ √ √ √ √ PROFILER √√√√ √ √√


17 17TSI-11/02 DBLOG

18 18TSI-11/02 DBLOG Concepts Trace and trap database calls Display buffer contents –CB, FB, RB, SB, VB, IB Display response codes and subcodes Filter on command type, DBID, FNR, response code, program, line

19 19TSI-11/02 Start a DBLOG Trace

20 20TSI-11/02 Execute Test

21 21TSI-11/02 Execute Test

22 22TSI-11/02 Conclude Test

23 23TSI-11/02 SHOW Trace Results

24 24TSI-11/02 Command List

25 25TSI-11/02 Command Block / Buffer Display

26 26TSI-11/02 Full DBLOG Options

27 27TSI-11/02 Snapshot Command(s)

28 28TSI-11/02 Execute Test

29 29TSI-11/02 Execute Test

30 30TSI-11/02 Snapshot Control Block

31 31TSI-11/02 Snapshot Format Buffer

32 32TSI-11/02 Snapshot Record Buffer

33 33TSI-11/02 Snapshot Search Buffer

34 34TSI-11/02 Snapshot Value Buffer

35 35TSI-11/02 The NATURAL Debugger

36 36TSI-11/02 Debugger Concepts Interactive (difficult for testing batch) Breakpoints and watchpoints Test “environments” Invoke at any time (% { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "36TSI-11/02 Debugger Concepts Interactive (difficult for testing batch) Breakpoints and watchpoints Test environments Invoke at any time (%

37 37TSI-11/02 Invoke the Debugger

38 38TSI-11/02 Debugger Menu

39 39TSI-11/02 Too much topic to cover!

40 40TSI-11/02 The NATPAGE Facility

41 41TSI-11/02 NATPAGE Concepts Interactively capture screen contents Capture sequence of screens or individually Playback is not execution Before/after comparisons useful for regression testing

42 42TSI-11/02 NATPAGE Terminal Control Commands %PActivates NATPAGE and captures contents of the current screen and all subsequent screens. %IActivates NATPAGE and captures contents of the current screen. %OTerminates NATPAGE. %SResumes NATPAGE. %EDisplays the screens captured with NATPAGE.

43 43TSI-11/02 Initiate NATPAGE Facility

44 44TSI-11/02 Execute Test

45 45TSI-11/02 Execute Test

46 46TSI-11/02 Conclude Test

47 47TSI-11/02 Display Captured Screens

48 48TSI-11/02 Screen Selection

49 49TSI-11/02 Navigation Between Screens

50 50TSI-11/02 The NATURAL Recording Facility

51 51TSI-11/02 Recording - Concepts Capture keystrokes and inputs Playback actually executes NATURAL objects Film mode and background (non-display) mode Creates “source” member in NATURAL library Can invoke recording during another recording (concatenation)

52 52TSI-11/02 Recording - Terminal Control Commands %B=libnameSpecify NATURAL library to capture recording “source”. %BnameActivate recording. %BTerminates recording. %AnamePlay back recording. %G[ON|OFF]Switch between background (default) and film mode.

53 53TSI-11/02 Specify Library

54 54TSI-11/02 Initiate Recording

55 55TSI-11/02 Execute Test

56 56TSI-11/02 Execute Test

57 57TSI-11/02 Conclude Test

58 58TSI-11/02 Invoke Film Mode

59 59TSI-11/02 Play Back Recording

60 60TSI-11/02 Recording – Source Member

61 61TSI-11/02 PROFILER for NATURAL NATURAL Quality Assurance and Testing Tool

62 62TSI-11/02 PROFILER Overview Quality Assurance and Testing Tool for developing/improving NATURAL objects and applications Monitors the execution of each statement within a “running” NATURAL object Comprehensive and flexible reporting Easy-to-use "tool-like" user interface Online and batch usage

63 63TSI-11/02 PROFILER Features Can be run in background with or without the knowledge of the user Only impacts the user who has started PROFILER Negligible overhead to NATURAL

64 64TSI-11/02 Intuitive Design

65 65TSI-11/02 Detailed Help System

66 66TSI-11/02 Define PROFILER Session (PF9)

67 67TSI-11/02 Activate PROFILER Session

68 68TSI-11/02 Select Format by Command/PFkey

69 69TSI-11/02 Statements Executed

70 70TSI-11/02 Unexecuted Statements – Drill Down

71 71TSI-11/02 ADABAS Call Duration

72 72TSI-11/02 Trace Report with Text Scan

73 73TSI-11/02 Unexecuted Objects

74 74TSI-11/02 Apply Selection Thresholds

75 75TSI-11/02 Tagging for Enhanced Reporting

76 76TSI-11/02 Move to Enhanced Reporting File

77 77TSI-11/02 Enhanced Reporting

78 78TSI-11/02 Define Report Parameter Set

79 79TSI-11/02 Pooling Statistics by User Group

80 80TSI-11/02 Defining User Groups

81 81TSI-11/02 Pooling Statistics by Session Group

82 82TSI-11/02 Defining Session Groups

83 83TSI-11/02 Using Report Parameter Sets

84 84TSI-11/02 Invoking Enhanced Reports

85 85TSI-11/02 Enhanced Report Example

86 86TSI-11/02 How does PROFILER work? NATURAL PROFILERPROFILER Statistics DATABASE PROFILER Standard Reporting PROFILER Enhanced Reporting PROFILER stats file (FUSER) PROFILER Enhanced Report File Standard Reports Custom Reports.

87 87TSI-11/02 PROFILER Roles Quality Assurance –Identify untested code –Report the percentage of an application tested Testing –Find weaknesses in test data and procedures Debugging –Find which statements are actually being executed, how often, and at what cost

88 88TSI-11/02 PROFILER Roles (cont’d) Performance Analysis –Identify expensive database accesses –Identify problem code, inefficient code, and poor application/object design Evaluation –Assess the impact of application or database changes Documentation –Test case execution and coverage –Testing metrics and participants

89 89TSI-11/02 PROFILER Roles (cont’d) Education –Gain insight into NATURAL’s internals –Evaluate NATURAL statement efficiency –Learn how an application works Application Analysis –Visual aid to verify application and programmatic flow

90 90TSI-11/02 The Treehouse Products Solution Category ProductsBusiness Need Data TransfertRelational, tRelational PC, DPS Easy access to ADABAS data for data warehouse, business intelligence and other off-the-shelf Internet and intranet applications Data IntegrationFKS IIIntegrating applications and data within the enterprise or between business partners Performance Management TRIMBetter performance from ADABAS and NATURAL applications DevelopmentCHART, PEEK, PROFILER, N20 Lower cost to support and enhance existing NATURAL applications Change Management N2O, N2O/3GLAbility to track and manage changes to business- critical NATURAL applications and ADABAS installations SecuritySECURITRE, AUDITREAbility to manage security for ADABAS and NATURAL Applications under ACF2, TOP SECRET, or RACF Database Utilities ADAREORG, ADASTRIP, AUTOLOADER, QDUMP Tools to increase the productivity of limited DBA resources Mainframe Emulators SEDIT, S/REXX, S/REXX Debugger Mainframe XEDIT and REXX emulators for UNIX and Windows users


92 92TSI-11/02 PEEK Product Overview ADABAS file browsing utility Easily find, examine, and optionally modify the data in an ADABAS file All of the data in a file is accessible – few keystrokes – virtually any order desired NATURAL application that issues direct calls to ADABAS Files may be read using Histogram, Read Logical, Read Physical, Read by ISN, Find, or Get ISN List commands by any desired keys

93 93TSI-11/02 CHART Product Overview NATURAL application analysis and documentation tool Draws program calling structures, using source code All other objects detected are drawn in an easy-to-read format - a CHART Excludes object types from the CHART “Suppress” objects from “expansion” Can be used on-line or in batch Export charts to Microsoft Visio

94 94TSI-11/02 N2O Product Overview NATURAL Change Management with 3GL Support, Project Tracking and N2OSCAN Migrates NATURAL objects, PREDICT objects, and SYSERR messages N2O/3GL migrates members stored in LIBRARIAN, PANVALET, ENDEVOR, or MVS PDSs Project Tracking maintains information about organizational activities N2OSCAN processes the source of NATURAL objects, scanning for strings over a user-specified object/library range

95 95TSI-11/02 TRIM Product Overview Performance, Tuning, Monitoring for ADABAS and NATURAL Installations Menu-driven Real-time Monitor Menu-driven NATURAL Monitor Parameter driven control and reporting features Assists: -DBAs -Data Analysts -Application Programmers

96 96TSI-11/02 TRIM Product Overview While ADABAS is active -Dynamic Control and Security (UEX1) -PRESUM logging summarizations -Selected detail command logging -On-line, Real-time Monitor (logging not required) -Hardcopy Nucleus Session Statistics (logging not required) -NATURAL Program Monitoring Not requiring an active database -PRESUM data reporting -Detail Command Log (CLOG) reports -Protection Log (PLOG) reports

97 97TSI-11/02 AUDITRE Product Overview Standardized ADABAS/NATURAL auditing facility Simple, powerful, valuable Parameter driven reporting features Assists: -IT Management -DBAs -Applications and Systems Analysts -Application Programmers -EDP Auditors -End Users

98 98TSI-11/02 In Conclusion… Range of testing categories and techniques requires a range of tools NATURAL provides a rich testing toolset but still room for third parties to add value Leveraging the right tool for the job helps meet the demands on today’s enterprise NATURAL developer

99 99TSI-11/02 About TSI… Mature products Easy to install, simple to use, powerful, and efficient Free trials, reasonable prices, and multiple product and multiple site discounts Large, active customer base International affiliates, European presence Full-time support staff, responsive to change/enhancement requests Training and consulting available

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