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Overview QW Gateway is a new front-end to QuipWare –Controls access to QW applications & reports Uses QW security/restrictions –Provides a new interface.

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2 Overview QW Gateway is a new front-end to QuipWare –Controls access to QW applications & reports Uses QW security/restrictions –Provides a new interface to locate and execute reports –Defines and saves report parameters –Provides Dealer Info browser panel for news, dealer’s intranet, or other URLs

3 Overview, continued QW Gateway is an application –Installs as part of QuipWare –Resides on the desktop –Proven to work in the hosted environments –Installs as an executable on the QW application server

4 Requirements 1.QuipWare 2.JRE included with install (JRE 5.0 Update 11 or newer)


6 UI and layout overview Layout of the panes or views in Gateway can be configured at the user’s discretion –Stacked in tabs –Floating –Hidden –Rearranged Layout settings are saved per user –Saved in Current User profile, not in DB Option to reset layout to defaults provided

7 Arrange the panes the way you want

8 Application Pane

9 Application View Application list reflects current QW Setup Restrictions –QW Setup | Settings | Settings | Restrictions Set a No Permission restriction at the Program level to hide the item in the list After a restriction is added, the list will reflect it when next refreshed Application list entries use standard QW names and icons –Can display large or small icons –Can display a description by hovering over item To launch an application: –Double click the item –Right mouse click, and choose launch

10 Choose Object or Profile, we selected Profile Choose the Profile to put the restriction on. Notice that the profile and application are listed here. If they are not, you will not be able to set the restriction correctly. Choose an application to restrict. Choose what kind of restriction. Choose OK to apply the restriction. Make sure that a line like this shows up after you hit OK. Restrict applications that users see

11 Application View, continued RestrictionIn QW Gateway Apps View No PermissionNot visible PasswordVisible ObjectVisible FunctionVisible

12 Pre-set commonly visited web sites

13 Commonly used URL’s This view can be optionally disabled with a system setting Set the URL for this view in QW Setup –Setup | Setup | SPE Specific | Setting 20017 Use a complete valid URL (ex: –Supports multiple URLs Semi-colon separated list of complete URLs URLs for Dealer intranet, Parts Website, or other useful websites as configured by the administrator –User can’t navigate to any other sites other than the links supplied –Popups will show in the default browser on the machine

14 Reports view

15 All Reports View Controls which reports the user can access –Displays all reports to which the user has privileges –Restrictions are set in the same way as applications QW Setup | Settings | Settings | Restrictions | Reports Restrictions either allow or deny access, there is no partial or function level control Report list can be sorted and filtered –e.g. Filter “AR” displays all reports that start with AR –e.g. Filter “*Trial” displays all reports with Trial in the description

16 All Reports View, continued Reports in the list display different icons –DIS modified Crystal Report icon Indicates Report that has been updated by DIS as part of the Report Initiative –Focus on speed and accuracy –More accessible and descriptive parameters –More parameters and report instructions –Standard Crystal Report icon Indicates an unchanged DIS provided report Indicates custom reports added by users

17 All Reports View, continued Each report in the list provides a right-click context menu –Properties - display additional details on the report Filename and Owner Notes and Instructions –Define… - Launch the Report Details dialog The default double-click action for reports in the list is to launch the Report Parameters dialog –Manage Report Parameters –Preview and Print –View Properties

18 Old Report New Report

19 All Reports View, continued Report Parameters Dialog –Manages the list of parameters for a report Provides parameter data choosers where appropriate Presents parameter level description and instructions from the report –Access to Report Properties for additional details and instructions –Print and Preview Generates the report using current parameter values –Save current parameter selections for later reuse Comment field is required entry before Save is available Creates a Defined Report instance keyed to the user profile –Scheduled Reports (In a later phase) Scheduling features will be similar to those in the Windows Task Scheduler


21 All Reports View, continued P arameter Data Choosers –Applicable default parameter values from the QW Report Setup module are recognized –Crystal Report Parameter Default Values are recognized List of valid parameter values supplied by the report itself –Key Report Parameters are recognized to provide values from the QW DB Active for custom reports as well e.g. p_Branch is recognized, available branches are listed In a later phase, User access further limited by parameter values (e.g. Branch visibility) In a later phase, additional selectors will be provided for certain parameter types (e.g. dates)


23 Defined Reports View Displays the list of Defined Reports for the report selected in the All Reports View –User access is controlled by QW Restrictions In a later phase, User access further limited by parameter values (e.g. Branch visibility) Sort and Filter by: –Description, Owner, Modified Date, Comment Defined Report instances provide: –Print and Preview –Copy an existing definition –Edit and Delete Restricted to Defined Report Owner or Administrator –Properties View View report parameters for selected Defined Report –Generated Reports (In a later phase) Archive history for the selected Defined Report

24 My Reports View (in a later phase) Quick list of “Favorite” Reports managed by the user –Reports the user runs frequently –Reports the user is responsible for maintaining Reports are manually copied by the user from the Defined Reports view Designed to keep reports easily accessible Same usability features as the Defined Reports View

25 Generated Reports View (in a later phase) Contains the archive history for a report selected from the Defined or My Reports Views –Report content is retrieved from an archive, it is not regenerated –Report content is stored read-only in Crystal Reports format Print and Preview Email Export (pdf, Excel, etc) –Reports are listed in the view with key information Sort and Filter by –Description, Comment, Date generated, User generated Search by –Parameter values, Date generated, User generated

26 QW Release Included in Service Pack 8.01 –Everything you see now In a later phase –My Reports –Scheduled Reports –History/Archiving of reports (Generated Reports View)

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