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Agreement Formation Descriptor Documents Pim van der Eijk.

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1 Agreement Formation Descriptor Documents Pim van der Eijk

2 Agenda n Background n CPA formation n CPA template instantiation n Generalization to other agreement documents and formation methods n Overview of AFDD n Status n Plans

3 Background n CPP/A mentions two methods of forming a CPA l CPP intersection l Template instantiation n CPP/A Negotiation SC distinguishes two stages l Composing a draft CPA l Negotiating a final CPA using an offer/counter offer process

4 CPA formation n CPP intersection l Is defined informally in appendix E of CPA 2.0 l Few tools available, and only limited functionality ? n Template instantiation l Commonly used in ebXML deployments l Fits the common practice of profiling ebMS, profiles result in predictable CPA content l High degree of automation possible for “take it or leave it” proposals l Some support in products, but not in a standardized way

5 Initial goals n Formalize a simple (candidate standard) notation to define CPA formation based on templates plus supplied parameters n Semantics defined by compilation to XSLT l Stylesheet that transform the template using supplied parameters l Each partner supplies a specific set of parameters, passed as parameters to XSLT engine

6 Extension: multiple agreement document types n Business document schemas l XML schema, RELAX NG n Code lists n Service agreements l WSDL, CPA l Versions n Combinations l E.g. XSD and Schematron for business rules l Two CPAs in a three-party collaboration

7 Extension: multiple agreement methods n Instantiating a template with variables n Intersecting two CPPs into a CPA n WS-Policy intersection algorithm n CAM templates plus context parameters n SCA Policy n …

8 Generalized goals n Simple language to define l Agreement documents to be created l Participating partners (roles) l Parameters each supplies l Method used to establish agreements n Template instantiation as one such method n Special case: XML template instantiation l Links document to a set of bindings

9 Sample syntax One agreement document to be formed Parameter SoapAddress is used to set the value of the location attribute on the soap:address element One partner in role Server to supply parameters One parameter to be supplied Formation method is XML document transformation

10 Expected input

11 Compiled output file:///d:/CPA/parameters/wsdl.Server.parameters.xml

12 Extension: CPP intersection

13 Package n Package available at http://www.oasis- cppa/download.php/27623/CPAdist.ziphttp://www.oasis- cppa/download.php/27623/ n AFDD XML schema n Compiler from AFDD to XSLT, in XSLT n Python driver scripts n Seven sample AFDD documents

14 Sample documents n bias.afdd: l simple CPA template, where one partner acts as server (setting start, end and CPA id) and the other provides communication details for use as client. n cppintersection.afdd: l CPA formed on the basis of two supplied CPPs n multidoc.afdd: l two partners agree on a specialized business document schema (a UBL invoice where the optional "OrderReference" element has been made required) and a CPA that references this schema. n multiparty.afdd: l three business partners form two CPAs based on three CPPs. n secured.afdd: l real-life, complex CPA using XML digital signatures, XML encryption and TLS authentication, reliable messaging. Two partner need to supply four certificates each, their party identification parameters. l Optionally, reliable messaging parameters can be adjusted. n ubl.afdd: l the XSD specialization also used in multidoc.afdd n wsdl.afdd: l an organization requires a business partner to implement a particular web service, where only the SOAP address is variable.

15 Status n A predecessor of AFDD is used in Netherlands government projects l Web user interface l Reuse of uploaded parameters n Next steps / plans l Discuss with TC (18-04-2008) l Document schema as TC WD spec l Formation as a networked service l CPP intersection l ebBP to CPA template l CPA lifecycle messages (issue, revoke)


17 Formation as a service n Bilateral request / response protocol l Two partners, one to supply parameters l Request contains parameters l Response is formed agreement document (or rejection) n Hub / spoke model: l One partner requests coordinator to start formation process l Coordinator contacts each participant, retrieves parameters l Coordinator creates and distributes agreement documents n Transport Bindings l ebMS, Web Services; Portal interface

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