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“We Equip & Empower Owners & Executives To Grow a GREAT BUSINESS” Presentation Copyright by ABBACO Advisors, LLC 2013.

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1 “We Equip & Empower Owners & Executives To Grow a GREAT BUSINESS” Presentation Copyright by ABBACO Advisors, LLC 2013

2 About  ABBACO Advisors is the Christ-focused business ministry of Michael Surowiec, Ph.D.  Michael holds a Ph.D in Pastoral Ministry, a Graduate Degree in Management, and Undergraduate Degrees in Business and Accounting.  He has over Twenty years C-level Leadership Expertise with Small-to-Midsize Business Organizations Focused on Strategic Growth, Continuous Improvement, and Tactical Turnarounds.  For Michael, Business is a Ministry for the Common Good. He embraces the opportunity to Encourage, Equip, and Empower Christ-Focused Leaders in Growing their Organization’s Mission so it Impacts all Stakeholders Personally, Relationally, and Commercially. He gladly seeks-out and accepts the challenge to find the Best Ways to Manage the Tension between People, Productivity, and Profits.  He likewise finds Great Joy in Ministering to Business Owners and Executives in their Transformational Journey in Christ; he is Passionate for Integrating the Good News from a Biblical, Trinitarian Worldview into an Everyday, Practical, Easy-to-Understand Application.  He is the Author of several e-Books including Great Business Emulates a Good God.Great Business Emulates a Good God  When not working, Michael enjoys time with Family, Blogging, and Volunteering to Enrich the Lives of Others.

3 Equips You… with CFO Management Solutions

4 The Real World  Most small business owners have expertise in many aspects of their core business, but not in every area.  Typically, in-house financial, operational & administrative operations may consume a large amount of the owners’ time each week.

5 The Real World  This diverts the owner away from those areas that are usually more critical, like developing new customers and products/services for the company.

6 How Many “Responsibility Hats” Do You Wear?

7 Which Core Responsibility is Your Strength? Finance Accounting Human Resources Information Technology Administration Marketing Sales Operations Development Customer Service

8 Symptoms When Strong Financial Management is Lacking  Accounts Receivables Not Collected On Time  Invoices Not Billed Within 24 Hours of Sale  Vendor Calls Regarding Late Payment Becoming More Frequent  Financial Reporting Not Aligned with Corporate Strategy  Not Clear On the Profitability of Product/Service or Customer  Wide Budget Variances from Projected Standards  No Key Indicators to Measure Critical Success Factors  Trouble Negotiating Favorite Banking Terms  Unaware of Anticipated Cash Flow For the Next 60 days  No Time to Focus On Business Strategy  No Safeguards and Controls in Place to Protect the Company Assets  No Comparison with Industry Standards

9 Available Options  Do Nothing  Hire Full Time Staff  Hire Part Time Staff  Retain ABBACO Advisors

10 We Equip & Empower Owners & Executives of Small-to-Midsize Organizations To Grow a GREAT BUSINESS.

11 Abbaco Advisors provides affordable, executive-level leadership and expertise in financial, operational, and transformational management.

12 ABBACO Advisors works on a flexible, part- time schedule at your place of business.

13 ABBACO Advisors provides you with:  More Time to focus on what is critical in your business.  Tactical Information to run the business more proactively and efficiently.  Effective Management Leadership with day-to-day internal operations.

14 ABBACO Advisors allows you to concentrate on your core business, not the “back office.” For example, traditional “back office” administrative functions may include:  Customer billing and accounts receivable  Accounts Payable  Bank Reconciliations  Administration of employee benefits  Internal office and administrative functions  Payroll support  Business oversight

15 What is a Typical Engagement?  Diagnosis Phase  Initial Solution Phase  Maintenance Phase  Exit Phase

16 Diagnosis Phase  ABBACO Advisors completes an analysis of the management, financial, and operational functions to determine organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.  A written report is prepared with recommendations. This is considered a project consulting assignment.  When ABBACO Advisors is retained for the long term, this process is already included in the initial solution phase.

17 Initial Solution Phase  Most clients require a relative high level of initial support. This phase generally lasts 60 to 120 days.  During this time, we examine your financial & operational structure.  Recommendations are made for needed change and improvement.

18 During the Initial Solution Phase, we will:  Identify cash flow opportunities.  Establish internal management reporting.  Reconcile the company’s financial accounts.  Review current cost accounting, overhead rate, and pricing.  Begin development of a two-year budget/forecast and cash flow projection.  Identify key performance indicators and management reports.  Calculate breakeven point and begin overhead analysis.  Review operational efficiency and identify saving opportunities.  Review day-to-day systems and reporting.

19 Maintenance Phase  Continue initial activities.  Perform day-to-day financial and operational services.  Enhance management reporting.  Finalize and refine operating budgets.  Oversee internal systems.  Outline plans for bank debt borrowing or repayment.  Identify cost savings opportunities.  Provide tax savings strategies to outside CPA.  Oversee tasks as needed.

20 Exit Phase As your company grows and a full time person becomes a necessity, we will help recruit and train the right professional.

21 What Market Do We Best Serve?  The small-to-midsize business owner/operator who appreciates an advisor that places a strong emphasis on Biblical integrity, values, AND excellence in the marketplace.  Typically, the organization cannot afford a full-time Financial Manager or Business Advisor yet still requires their expertise. Therefore, the enterprise benefits from a part-time but fully engaged consultant & coach whose expertise adds value towards your mission.  Our services are best employed within organizations employing between 5 to 50 people in the corporate office.

22 What is the Typical Fee?  Abbaco Advisors will average approximately four to eight hours per week at your office, delivering experienced management leadership for less than the cost of hiring a part time administrative assistant or a full time bookkeeper.  Cost range between $2,000 and $6,000 per month and tends to go down over time. The average cost is $2,500 to $4,000 per month.  Most clients will recoup either a part or all of the cost via increase revenue, reduced expenses and increased ability of the business owner to focus on key management issues instead of administrative work.

23 How Do We Work With Your CPA Accountant?  Most business owners have a CPA. CPA’s are important to business tax planning and preparing tax returns and preparing financial statements for your banker. That is not what we do.  We work out of your office and become a part of your team. We are involved in understanding the day-to-day issues of your business. We then help you by managing internal functions and providing key management information.  As long as your in-house people are providing you with budgeting, cash flow planning, overhead analysis, action oriented reporting, cost controls – proactive business tools – then you have what you need. If you are not getting these things on a regular basis, then your business needs them.  In summary, CPA’s are involved with Taxes and Compliance issues; we are involved with daily operations and management functions.

24 SUMMARY ABBACO Advisors gives you an onsite, part-time but fully engaged professional so you may have:  More Time to focus on the core aspects of your business.  Better Tactical Information in your decision-making.  Stronger Management Leadership with the financial and operational functions of your company.

25 To schedule a no-cost, exploratory interview to see how we may best serve you to fulfill your missional goals contact: Michael Surowiec, Ph.D Consultant, Coach, and Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God Abbaco Advisors, LLC P.O. Box 1122 Ellenton, FL 34222 Email: LinkedIn: MichaelSurowiecPh.DMichaelSurowiecPh.D Website: “We Equip & Empower Owners & Executives To Grow a GREAT BUSINESS”

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