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A Short Visual Story. Arrivals Arrival, l932 from Cyprus, l922, aboard the SS. Satornia.

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1 A Short Visual Story

2 Arrivals

3 Arrival, l932 from Cyprus, l922, aboard the SS. Satornia

4 Religion

5 Wedding invitation, l922 for Boulukos and Panagos

6 Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Poll, outside Cathedral on 72 Street, NYC in l929

7 Wedding of Mr & Mrs. Kyrkostas, l922

8 Services at St. Demetrios Church, Astoria, NY with Archbishop Athenagoras in the center.

9 Baptism ceremony, Fr. Gavalas officiating

10 Education

11 First Greek School established in l9l6- The Greek American Institute

12 Freeport NY Athena Afternoon Greek School, l947

13 Afternoon Greek School in Jamaica, circa l950’s

14 Cathedral Elementary School, NYC, l977 with Archbishop Iakovos

15 Ethnic celebrations Fraternal Organizations, Social Events fun and frolic!

16 Traditional Greek costumes worn by children of Mr. & Mrs. Panos, from the l930’s

17 York Rite Mason, N. Boulukos, circa l920’s

18 Folk dance group, lower NYC, in the l920’s, from St.. Barbara’s Church

19 Men partying on beach on Long Island- the Freeport Greek American Pleasure Club, in l925

20 First Greek American Boy Scout troop, dating back to l9l9, in Manhattan

21 Kastorian Furriers group picnic, l927

22 Lemnos Society picnic on Staten Island

23 Hellispont Organization, l920’s

24 Skoura Varvitsa Organization, picnic, l928

25 Society “40 Churches” picnic, l930

26 Greek Independence Day Parade, l946 on Fifth Avenue, NYC

27 Greek Independence Day Parade, l950’s on Fifth Avenue, NYC

28 Greek Americans in parade up Fifth Avenue, NYC, l950’s

29 Greek Independence Day Parade, with Mayor Impelliteri, on Fifth Avenue, with Nick Vagionis, Chairman, at his left.

30 AHEPA Fraternal organization

31 WW I soldier

32 Greek War Relief fund raiser for WW II, 1946

33 Pappas Family outing, l920’s

34 work

35 Coulas Public Market, 1918, Johnson, NY, in business for 67 years

36 Diner in the 30’s in NYC

37 Flower district in the 20’s

38 Flower shop in the Bronx

39 Early Greek run flower shop in NYC

40 Florist in Manhattan in the 20’s

41 Hat and shoe store in Freeport NY

42 Early grocery store

43 Early grocery store in lower Manhattan.

44 Barbatsuly Furriers, l950’s

45 Early diner in Staten Island, NY

46 Wholesale coffee company, Pascal.

47 One of the earliest trendiest Greek Restaurants, with owner Leon Leonidas in the front.

48 J. Catsimatides, master chef, working at Longchamps, NYC

49 Vagelos Fruit Stand, l940’s on 42 Street, NYC

50 Opening Atlantic Bank, in NYC

51 Tom Carvel, founder of Carvel Ice Cream, doing one of his famous radio ads

52 Chris Gyftos, arranging flowers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

53 Sports

54 Golden Glove winners, twins-Spanakos Brothers, with Casious Clay, l956?

55 World famous Greek American wrestler, Kervaras on a beach in Hollywood with starlets

56 Music and The arts

57 Musicians in the 30’s

58 The Savalas brothers

59 Theo Hios, abstract artist

60 Nicos Gounaris popular trubador in the l950’s

61 Piano rolls from the l920’s

62 Piano music sheet

63 Maria Callas, born in NYC

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