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Microsoft Media Network Presentation to [Client Name] [Month Date, Year]

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1 Microsoft Media Network Presentation to [Client Name] [Month Date, Year]

2 … and many more Your AUDIENCE Advanced Targeting Solutions DATA INVENTORY First-party data Third-party data 2 How do you go from audience to the right audience? Microsoft Media Network Profile Behavioral Category Remessaging Custom

3 Source: comScore Media Metrix, April 2010 3 Premium sites include Microsoft media brands and partners such as MSN, MSNBC, and hundreds of other trusted publishers. Select from profile, category, behavioral targeting, remessaging or custom targeting solutions. Opt out of specific sites that don’t fit your brand. Choose the right transparency and control for each campaign. Microsoft Media Network Ranked in the top 5 networks for reach.

4 The Microsoft Media Network is comprised of Microsoft O&O, premium partners and top 250-rank Media Metrix third-party sites. 4 Meet goals quickly and efficiently. Connect with a large audience using top-tier media across display, search, content, and mobile search (beta). Solution Specialists work with you to continually optimize campaign strategies to maximize ROI. Provides accountability and insight through an industry leading measurement system. Performance Media Delivers results.

5 5 Cost per Click (CPC) and aCPM: Runs within the system as an auction based bid. Recommended for advertisers focused on high-impact lead generation, those unable to track conversions online or those who focus on driving high-quality site traffic. Click through Rates (CTR): Offers scalable exposure optimized against CTR impressions delivered from high-quality traffic for maximum impact. A combination of CPA/CPC ensures advertisers maintain winning impressions across best performing placements. CPA (next slide) Pricing options: The Microsoft Media Network offers a range of performance pricing options designed to meet different conversion cycles, commercial metrics and ROI requirements.

6 6 Best for advertisers with high conversion volumes, short purchase cycles and the ability to track both click and view conversion winds. Testing policies All CPA programs fall under one of these categories: New CPA client: Requires a 2-week paid $10k CPM-based test. Required to optimize the client’s campaign performance on our Network. Existing CPA client: Requires a 2-week paid $10K CPM-based test. Requests to waive a test should be cleared with MMN Business Management ( Cost per Acquisition CPA

7 7 “With the economy in trouble and interactive marketers working hard to justify their budgets, online ad targeting can provide a vital boost in campaign performance.” - Forrester Research, March 2009 “Return to the Behavioral Bandwagon” Reach them through hundreds of trusted publishers on Microsoft Media Network. Targeting helps you reach exactly the right users. Leverage site-specific and targeted buys to reach them more consistently. Your audience is ready to engage And they’re already here on premium sites like MSN Autos, MSN Money, and MSNBC.

8 8 Introduction Summary of offerings Profile Targeting Category Targeting Behavioral Targeting Remessaging Custom Targeting Conclusion Audience Targeting Reaching fragmented audiences.

9 9 Advanced Targeting Solutions Behavioral Targeting Custom Targeting Category Targeting Profile Targeting Pick an audience based on online behaviors and a location that you determine, e.g., shopping cart abandoners. Pick an audience that matches the demographic attributes you want, e.g., women 21-29. Pick an audience of your customers/users precisely matched based on offline and online sources, e.g., past SUV buyers. Pick an audience engaged in viewing the category of content you care about, e.g., run of finance. Remessaging Advanced targeting solutions that work individually or together. Pick an audience based on a predefined set of behaviors categorized into segments, e.g., auto researchers.

10 Re-targeting an individual Targeting for specific goals Profile Targeting Targeting an individual Category Targeting Targeting via context Behavioral Targeting Targeting behaviors Remessaging Custom Targeting Demographic Geographic Time-based Access method Travel Games Health & Fitness Technology Lifestyle Entertainment Financial Services Custom Database Targeting CPG Online Effect Search Patterns Pages / URLs Visited Profile Data Frequency of behavior Recency of behavior Website tags allow visitors to be targeted post visit. Remessage on emails, ads, websites and more 10 Key targeting solutions

11 11 Source: Source: Microsoft internal data, as of June 2010 Target audiences by who they are, where they are, and even what time of day you want to engage with them. Powered by data from 90 million active Windows Live IDs. Build profile layers by combining targeting options. You can add Profile Targeting to site- specific buys or across the Microsoft Media Network. Profile Targeting Define the factors that matter to you.

12 12 Audience information beyond standard profile targeting available for any campaign, covering 235 million people in the U.S. Advanced profile segments: Occupation detail (job title) Median equivalency score Education Life events – new parents (monthly) Children (presence of children in HH by age range) Marital status New: Profile Segments from Experian Target with advanced demographics.

13 13 You know what your customers love. Engage them on their favorite sites. Category Targeting positions your message next to inventory with similar content. Category offerings achieve guaranteed high volume reach in categories like entertainment and travel. Category Targeting Put your message where your audience already goes.

14 14 Run of Category (ROC): A budget-savvy choice with serious impact. Great for meeting direct response reach objectives. Premium Run of Category (PROC): A simple, high-quality way to reach audiences across trusted Microsoft and partner sites.. Custom Category: Provides access to audiences with a higher propensity to purchase. Category Targeting Narrow your audience while still engaging many people.

15 15 No personally identifiable information is tracked or stored by Microsoft in the behavioral targeting process.No personally identifiable information is tracked or stored by Microsoft in the behavioral targeting process. Microsoft is a strong supporter of the Privacy principles set out by the Federal Trade Commission.Microsoft is a strong supporter of the Privacy principles set out by the Federal Trade Commission. Targets based on people’s online behavior. Reach people who express interest in your products and increase conversion rates. Reach people when they’re in the market. Choose from over 140 unique audience segments. Behavioral Targeting Seize the moment.

16 16 Remessaging reaches people who visited your site or saw your ad, so you get a second chance to communicate your message. Convert abandoned shoppers or up-sell visitors who’ve bought relevant products and services. Create sequential messaging campaigns to target visitors based on onine behavior. Optimize search spend by Remessaging landing-page visitors. Leverage a visitor’s proven interest in further targeting your marketing efforts. Remessaging Say goodbye to lost conversions.

17 Microsoft Online Audience Client Customer Database Your anonymized matched audience on the Microsoft network NOTE: Client Privacy Team involvement is required for custom database campaigns Client must have database of 2 million records or larger. 17 Leverage your customer database online on the Microsoft Media Network. Reach your own customers based on online and offline interactions. Eliminate waste and speak more intelligently to your audience. Improve the cost efficiency of your offline campaigns by taking them online. Targeting solutions: Custom Database Targeting

18 Microsoft Online Audience Offline purchasing insights A unique, Custom Targeting segment run on Microsoft network sites Online behavior data 18 CPG Online Effect shows you how online ads lead to offline sales. Measures offline sales lift from digital campaigns. Provides insights to help with future digital media planning. Microsoft Advertising and comScore New partnership. New opportunities.

19 Get started with Microsoft Media Network today. Agency Logo Here

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