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Entering Your Junior Year 858.569.1866.

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1 Entering Your Junior Year 858.569.1866

2 Sophomore Year in Review Maintain A-G requirements Join clubs or sports at your school Take PSAT Take CAHSEE Strive for A’s and B’s. Volunteer

3 Why is College Important?

4 The A-G Requirements

5 A-G Requirements A: 2 yearsHistory and Social Science B: 4 yearsEnglish C: 3 years (4 years recommended for both) Mathematics (algebra, geometry, and algebra II) D: 2 years (3 years recommended for UC) Laboratory Science (1 year of biological science and 1 year of physical science) E: 2 years (3 years recommended for UC) Foreign Language (both years must be in the same language) F: 1 yearVisual and Performing Arts: art, dance, theatre/drama, or music G: 1 yearElective chosen from the subject areas listed above or other college preparatory course (2 semesters or 1 year-long course)

6 The California College System

7 California State Universities (SDSU) Private Schools (USD) Vocational & Technical Schools (Paul Mitchell, Art Institute) California Community Colleges (Southwestern, Grossmont) Universities of California (UCSD)

8 Admissions Tests

9 Required Admissions Tests SAT : General exam with 3 sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Use for CSU, UC, and almost all private universities ACT: General reasoning exam with 5 sections: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing Use for CSU, UC, and almost all private universities Notes: Community Colleges do not require ACT or SAT tests Fee waivers may be available


11 Go Online Career Quiz Click “Take Assessment” Enter any ID number and click next to start the quiz Research Career Click “Industry Sectors” Use the results of your Career Quiz to start looking for careers and College majors Visit CPA Talk to your CPA about the quiz results and your career goals

12 Community Service

13 Graduation Requirement Gain Experience Build contacts & relationships Find something you are interested in!

14 Meet with your College Peer Advisor (CPA) Call the Cal-SOAP office at 858.569.1866 Visit the Cal-SOAP website at for information and current events for high school students! Remember, we are here for YOU!

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