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Nila LaVanaway Claudia Yoshi Dipti Katewa April 25, 2011.

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1 Nila LaVanaway Claudia Yoshi Dipti Katewa April 25, 2011

2  #33 in Fortune 500  2010 Revenues $61.6 Billion  Employees: >120,000  3 Sectors  Consumer Goods  Medical Devices  Pharmaceuticals  250 Business Units  HIGHLY Decentralized


4 SCM HR Pharma Sales Mftr IT Non-Op MD&D Consumer Pharma

5 SuppliersJ&JDistributorsConsumers Packaging Raw Materials Packaging Raw Materials External Manufacturing Prof. Services External Manufacturing Prof. Services Marketing Operations Marketing Operations HR IT Sales HR IT Sales CVS Hotels Target CVS Hotels Target Wal-Mart Hospitals Doctors Wal-Mart Hospitals Doctors Patients Consumers Internal & External Stakeholders Require Reliable Integration

6 IT Needs Multiple Industries Cross- Functional Cooperation Business Inter- operability Regulatory Compliance International Operations



9  Developcom should focus on ebXML

10  The 'eb' in ebXML stands for "electronic business," and you can pronounce the phrase as "electronic business XML," "e-biz XML," "e- business XML," or simply "ee-bee-ex-em-el.“  ebXML is a set of specifications that together enable a modular electronic business FRAMEWORK through the exchange of XML- based messages.

11  Modular suite of specifications  Core Infrastructure:  messaging service, registry and repository, and collaborative partner agreement  Relies on the Internet's existing standards  HTTP, TCP/IP, MIME, SMTP, FTP, UML, and XML  Supports SM to MID sized enterprises  design and technical architecture promote use of shrink-wrapped, plug-and-play software  puts standard in the reach of smaller businesses

12  Registry: A central server that stores a variety of data necessary to make ebXML work.  Business Processes: Activities that a business can engage in  Collaboration Protocol Profile (CPP): A profile filed with a Registry by a business wishing to engage in ebXML transactions.  Business Messages: The actual information communicated as part of a business transaction.  Collaboration Protocol Agreement (CPA): a contract between businesses that can be derived automatically from the CPPs. If a CPP says "I can do X," a CPA says "We will do X together."

13 Source:

14 ProcessSpecification DTD declaration A package of collaborations [...] [...] Source: library/x-ebxml/

15 OpportunityJ&JDevelopcom First-Mover Advantages Horizontal Standard International Market Industry Leadership More Open Platform Modular Platform √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √√

16 1. Horizontal Standard 2. No Structure Specified 3. Independence of Specifications 4. Reliable Communication 5. Modularity 6. Complete Automation 7. Standard of the Future

17 R OSETTA NET EB XML  Vertical Standard  Mature  Industry Specific  Horizontal Standard  Emerging  International GrowthTime Growth Time M E

18  ebXML helps J&J grow  ebXML helps J&J help Developcom grow

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