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Certified Public Accountant (CPA) By: Danielle Collins.

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1 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) By: Danielle Collins

2 Who Did I Interview? Ralph Katzman (My Uncle)

3 Job Description O “Responsible for preparing and analyzing financial reports for individuals and companies. Audit financial reports for compliance and review company's financial status to ensure there are no discrepancies.” ~America’s Job Exchange O Examples: O Taxes and tax returns O Budgeting O Keep financial records

4 Subjects He Studied O Intro to Accounting (Acctg) O Intermediate Acctg O Advanced Acctg O Cost Acctg O Business Law O Income Taxes

5 Math O Mostly basic (arithmetic and algebra): O Adding, subtracting, multiplying dividing O Sometimes: O “Simultaneous equations, present value, ratios, mortgage and note payment calculations” ~ Ralph Katzman

6 Math Problems O Loan amortizations O Amortizations- “to pay off (as a mortgage) gradually usually by periodic payments of principal and interest or by payments to a sinking fund” ~Merriam Webster O Equity = Assets – Liabilities O Financial statement ratios O E.g. current ratio, working capital ratio, etc. O “Relationship between Accounting Data” ~Accounting for Management

7 Why He Chose CPA O “Took a bookkeeping class at college and loved the logic of learning the Business Language using ‘Numbers’”~ Ralph Katzman

8 Websites O fied-public-accountant-job-description fied-public-accountant-job-description O http://www.merriam- &t=1375317568 http://www.merriam- &t=1375317568 O inancial_statement_analysis_accounting_rat ios.htm inancial_statement_analysis_accounting_rat ios.htm

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