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California State University, Long Beach Master of Science in Accountancy.

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1 California State University, Long Beach Master of Science in Accountancy

2 Why do a Master’s degree? Undergraduate degree needed to take the CPA exam. Typical undergraduate degree 120 units + 150 units needed for licensing in state of California from 1/1/2014 Additional 20 specific units in Accounting and Business and 10 units in Ethics needed after undergraduate degree Job market in Southern California – competition has master’s degree. (USC, CSU Fullerton, UC Riverside, CSU Northridge, San Diego State University – all accredited programs)

3 MSA at CSULB MSA program structured to meet the extra 30 units needed for CPA licensing including Ethics Cohort program for 11 months – Fall, Spring, Summer session (approx. till July 4) Tuition based on state rates (Approximately $18,000 currently excluding textbooks and parking) AACSB accreditation of CBA (includes all Master’s degree programs)

4 Admission Criteria Undergraduate degree in Accounting or equivalent GMAT exams or GRE exams Resume Statement of purpose (essay) 2 letters of recommendation Admission GPA to the CBA Master’s programs as per university (currently 2.75/4.0) Application date open October 1 to June 1

5 GMAT/GRE Requirements Minimum GMAT requirements: Code is 364-M9-69 500 overall score; 4.0 Writing score; 4.0 Integrated Reasoning. Applicants must show a balance between the quantitative and verbal sections with percentiles at or above 20% in each section in order to be considered for admission. Minimum GRE requirements: Institutional code is 8848; Dept. Code is 4201 At least 150 in each verbal and quantitative section. At least 4.0 in the writing section. Students must forward the official test score sent to them by the testing agency to the MSA Office as part of their application.

6 Program Costs & Funding Funding opportunities: Student loans (Pell grants not available) Apply for Graduate Assistantships Apply for scholarships Employee education support at firms/companies

7 Courses offered at CSULB Fall semesterUnits Corporate Governance (4) Advanced Managerial & Cost Accounting (4) Financial Analysis & Statement Analysis (4) Spring semester Seminar in Accounting Information Systems (4) Seminar in Auditing & Assurance Services (4) Governmental & Non-profit Accounting (4) Summer (first session – till early July) Forensic Accounting (2) Professional Responsibilities and Ethics (4) Total Units30

8 Program Benefits Faculty from Accountancy Department teaching in the program Orientation and communication bootcamp Career help – resumes, jobs, cover letter help, interviews, access to CareerLink, career fairs etc. from the Career Development Center Access to Recreation and Wellness Center on campus Member of Beta Alpha Psi/ Accounting Society and access to their development & recruiting schedules

9 Other Issues Program meant to be full time but classes are Fridays & Saturdays Students can study/take the CPA exam during the 11 months (they already have the Undergraduate degree) Application and all documents to be done online GMAT/GRE is required for admission to any Master’s program and scores are valid for 5 years For any clarifications, contact: Dr. Sudha Krishnan, Professor, Accountancy, CBA, CSULB

10 Questions????????????

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