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SWOT Analysis By Suet-Wa Ngai (Carol)

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1 SWOT Analysis By Suet-Wa Ngai (Carol)
DONG & ASSOCIATES, CPA SWOT Analysis By Suet-Wa Ngai (Carol)

2 Company Background Founded by Tony R. Dong, CPA in 2008
Tony was worked in Ernst & Yong (one of the Big 4 Accounting Firm) as a manager for more than 5 years Provide accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting services.

3 Stenghth Solid Reputations Update Software
High client retention, providing consistent referrals to the firm Update Software A state-of-the –art computer system, utilizing the latest software that continues to enhance our productivity and expand our capacity.

4 Strengths Bilingual Employees All of the employees are bilingual
More business opportunities Globalization

5 Weakness A lack of diversification Too Traditional
Over-dependence on tax preparation work for individual and business clients and, therefore, a lack of diversification in our revenue sources. Too Traditional Being perceived as a non-progressive, “too traditional” firm and maybe overlooked as a viable option for new clients.

6 Weakness 1099 employees Individual within the professional staff do not have an understanding of or a commitment to the marketing activities of the firm

7 Opportunity Multiple Location Expertise
We have 3 offices. The main office is in San Gabriel, second branch office in Rowland Heights, and the third branch office is in Shanghai, China. Most important-Closer to customers Expertise Growth that is occurring in three industries where we possess expertise; health/medical, dental, and lodging

8 Opportunity Business strategies
Increasing income levels of the population over the age of 60 that have aggressively saved for retirement and have increasingly complex tax planning, tax preparation, and estate planning needs.

9 Threat Competition Simplification of tax laws
Increased competition from sole practitioners and new firms. Simplification of tax laws State and /or federal tax laws that lead to gross simplification, such as legislation leading to a flat income tax, which would result in reducing billable hours for business and individual taxes.

10 Threats Misunderstanding
General perceptions that accounting firms are only used for tax-related aspects of business rather than as a valuable resource for broader business consulting issues.

11 Conclusions Dong & Associates, CPA’s main strength is solid reputation, if they can overcome all the weaknesses and threats. They will definitely have more branch and their profit will increases. Thank you !!

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