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Seetec Work Programme CPA 4 East London.

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1 Seetec Work Programme CPA 4 East London

2 Content Seetec Overview Delivery model walkthrough Supply Chain
Access to provision Local Aspects Voluntary Sector Support Q & A

3 Seetec - Overview Work Programme Prime Contractor in 3 CPA’s
Mandatory Work Activity in 2 CPA’s DWP ERSS Framework in 7 Regions 26 years of W2W and Skills experience; £57m turnover; 850 staff; 75 delivery centres; 6 UK regions and Wales 56 contracts;19 Prime contracts managing supply chains of over 40 subcontractors, 250 delivery partners and 80 strategic stakeholders FND, New Deal BOND, New Deal Prime Contractor, New Deal PSL, Pathways to Work, NDDP, Work Choice, Jobcentre Plus Support Contract, ESF

4 Seetec Overview (2) Prime / subcontractor experience
Established in London for over 15 years Highly experienced management team Experience of working with all customer groups in the region - JSA via New Deal, ESF and JCPSC; ESA / IB via NDDP, Pathways to Work, Work Choice and ESF; employed customers via Train to Gain / Apprenticeships. Track record of on-time implementation Experience of PRaP and fully developed Security / Business Continuity Plans - ISO 27001

5 Delivery Model Overview

6 Access to provision – Tier 1 Providers

7 Tier 2 – Providers - Interventions
Ranstadt – Health and Disabilities Gingerbread – Lone Parent Advice and Guidance New Highway – Drug and Alcohol abuse support Employer Engagement – 50+, Executive Support, Graduates Armstrong Learning – Mentoring Citizens Advice Bureau – Debt advice UFI Learn Direct – Literacy, Numeracy & ESoL Nacro – Ex-Offenders

8 Integrating employment and skills – Tier 3
In work training supplied on a contracted basis by a variety of providers to provide skills training, promoting capacity building, in work skills and sustainability. In the following Vocational sectors Retail, Hospitality, Construction, Care, Customer Service, Security, Logistics etc……. 8

9 Supply Chain (2)

10 Access to provision (2) Seetec 9 permanent delivery locations supplemented by a network of supply chain partner centres Delivery locations based on understanding of the CPA, travel to work areas etc. Delivery locations mapped to labour markets – generating work related behaviours including travel Public transport accessible Some Tier 2 Interventions have local community based delivery but in the main reasonable travel required.

11 Staffing and Management (3)
KEY LOCAL CONTACTS Andy Emerson – Executive Director Mob: Mark Smith– Regional Operations Manager Mob: Jan Elvin – Regional Operations Manager Mob:

12 Voluntary Sector within the supply chain
Voluntary Sector has good representation in the supply chain Twist – Is a lead organisation with over a dozen VSO’s directly delivering across the CPA Hackney CVS delivered through multiple VSO’s Single Homeless Project Gingerbread The Camden Society Citizens Advice Bureau New Highway Nacro 12

13 Referrals to your provision / specialist support packages.
Voluntary Sector Support Referrals to your provision / specialist support packages. Possible co-location support opportunities across the network ? Work Programme information for your customers. Access to provision. Future contracting opportunities. Pre Work Programme MWA pan London. 13

14 Question and Answer session

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