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Sims 1.5 Software Upgrade for the Uniform CPA Examination August 2006.

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1 Sims 1.5 Software Upgrade for the Uniform CPA Examination August 2006

2 Sims 1.5 Roll Out January 2006 implementation  Current simulation interface used until end of October-November testing window 2006 testing will begin on Jan. 9 to allow for software upgrades in test centers  Candidates with appointments on Jan. 2-8 will be rescheduled Updated tutorial and practice tests placed on CPA Exam web site by October, 2005. Authoritative literature updates will occur with upgrade.

3 Why Change? The goal: to improve the usability and scorability of the simulations. Not a dramatic departure from the current simulations, but will make navigation more seamless and intuitive

4 Simulation Usability New version addresses key candidate complaints – in particular copy / paste. Usability study conducted and confirmed that upgrade addressed these issues; changes were made as a result.

5 Simulation Scorability Current simulations allow candidate to modify responses to research questions in written communication word processor. These modifications made automatic scoring problematic (required additional hand scoring).

6 So What’s New in Authoritative Literature? Authoritative literature embedded in a tab. Enhanced authoritative literature helm.  No more copy/paste confusion  “Back button” is added Simplified search results.

7 Authoritative Literature Now embedded as a tab.


9 Authoritative Literature Helm Back button added. Transfer to Answer button replaces Copy button.

10 Simplified Search Results Rank removed. View Title/Short/Medium/Long.


12 What Else has Changed? In the Simulations:  Vertical screen split.  More flexibility in split screen mode.  Unified user interface for responding to all research questions.  No copy/paste from the literature to the written communications word processor.

13 Vertical Screen Split The new simulation helm: New graphic for “Sheet” button. 3 buttons for split. (“Split Horz” will be “Split Horiz”) Standard/Code button removed from helm.

14 More Flexibility in Split Screen Any combination of tabs can be viewed in split screen mode - except the same tab.

15 Arrows allow candidate to scroll to any tab

16 Unified Research Question Interface One click response. Candidate cannot edit response(s). Must be answered in split screen mode.

17 FASB Research Single paragraph response. Example of one click interface follows.

18 Arrows allow candidate to scroll to any tab

19 Scroll bars appear as needed. Toolbar does not move.

20 Audit Letter, Audit Research Multiple paragraphs allowed. Paragraphs can be reordered, deleted.

21 Delete, Up, Down buttons on new toolbar

22 Tax Research One response allowed.

23 Only tax citation reference appears.

24 Sims 1.5 Communication Plan Notice sent to boards, state CPA societies Candidate notices New tutorial and practice tests available at  URL emailed to review course providers (RCPs), educators, student/ educator groups Notice posted on Prometric scheduling web site Article in next The CPA Exam Alert Presentations to educators, RCPs  August AAA annual meeting and RCP meeting PowerPoint slides made available to educators Distribution of updated tutorial CDs

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