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Curaçao Ports Authority

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1 Curaçao Ports Authority
PORTS OF Curaçao Knowledge & Excellence Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

2 CPA 2010/Ports of Curaçao: K-Zone presentation
General Information Port Management Subsidiaries Affiliation Vision Vision Statement Mission Our Ports CPA 2010/Ports of Curaçao: K-Zone presentation

3 Curaçao Ports Authority
Ports Management Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) was founded in December 1981 with the main purpose to commercially administrate the island’s harbors, to create the necessary conditions for further development and to promote sufficient economic activity for the island. CPA has managed to define its position by continuously improving its facilities and services, intensifying its marketing efforts in shipping and cruise, and strategically corporate and affiliate with sister ports, shipping companies and maritime associations . For example, the building of the Megapier in 1997 Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

4 Subsidiaries Curaçao Pilots Organization (CPO) KTK Tugs
De Ruyter Training & Consultancy (DRTC) Dutch Caribbean Consultants (DCC)

5 Curaçao Pilots Organization
Curaçao Ports Authority Curaçao Pilots Organization CPO is established with the objective of operating an independent pilots company, while maintaining the order and safety in the ports of Curaçao. Harbor Safety Inspection (HVI) handles all inspections and licenses throughout Curaçao, insuring a high safety level. Vessel Traffic Control Center (Fort Nassau) regulates all maritime traffic in the harbor. Harbor Operations & Invoicing (HOI) software efficiently handles all vessel request, berthing and billing. Bridges and Ferries operations in Willemstad. CPO became operational as of September 1st, 2001 Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

6 KTK TUGS KTK is responsible for all tug assistance in the Ports of Curaçao. New horizons have been reached due to international ventures, accepting towage jobs from abroad, reaching an all-time record in revenues. The company increased its fleet with a new tugs, enabling it to meet the high demand for its services and compete on an international level. KTK Tugs opened its operations in Panama, creating business opportunities focused on the expansion of the Panama Canal. The safe, reliable and modern image is accompanied by its skilled team of professionals and international service standard.

7 De Ruyter Training & Consultancy
CPA together with De Ruyter Training & Consultancy the Netherlands co-own this international maritime training school. DRTC is established with the objective of providing training and certificate personnel and crew at location. The courses focus primarily on maritime training, security and safety issues, but many other applications are also possible depending on the clients’ needs. DCTC has a working relationship with Caribbean Maritime Institute in Jamaica and has developed a curriculum for the local Coast Guard

8 Dutch Caribbean Consultants
DCC is a joint venture between CPA and Gemeentewerken Rotterdam. DCTC is established with the objective of providing consultancy on harbor construction and logistics. The Megapier, restoration of the Scharloo wharves and the design and installation of Leonard B. Smith bridge are examples of projects coordinated by DCC.

9 Curaçao Ports Authority
Affiliation CPA has long since recognized the value of involvement in large international associations. It is an excellent way to broaden its spectrum of knowledge and collaborate with other experts of industry: International Association of Port and Harbors (IAPH) American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Port Management Association of the Caribbean (PMAC) Every year CPA attends their conferences (and seminars if necessary), but also international tradeshows like Seatrade Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

10 Curaçao Ports Authority
Vision To be the preferred port of choice within the region, for all customers world wide, providing the highest expertise in quality and the most reliable and professional service to all in-harbor, coastal and ocean products. Committed to meet and exceed realistic customer expectations as a reliable, knowledgeable and dependable partner, with expertise in services. Endeavor sustainable port operations and management accredited by international environmental standards. Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement. Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

11 Statement Expansion of economic potential through commercial development and purposive marketing of services and products. Expansion of the international competitive position of CPA and KTK Tugs with timely provision of services and products complying to international quality standards. Promotion of social developments through economic advantage of the Ports of Curaçao, for instance the development of a regional hub for freight, storage and cruise.

12 Curaçao Ports Authority
Mission To expand commercial opportunities with strategic marketing of services. To attain unprecedented levels of social and economical benefits of our ports with the development and transformation of our ports into an international gateway or hub. To attract, develop and retain highly qualified, committed and motivated personnel. To have an ethical commitment towards our people, partners, stakeholders, suppliers, clients, institutions and the community of Curaçao. CPA/CPO/KTK main purpose of existence is: to facilitate mooring and unmooring of vessels calling in the ports of Curaçao and providing pilot and marine towage services. Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

13 Our ports Willemstad, our main port with extensive facilities (towage company, oil refinery, container terminal, dry dock, cruise terminals, wharves, bunker facilities, etc.) . Bullen Bay (oil terminal operated by PDVSA) Caracas Bay (deepwater facilities with two piers) St. Michiel's Bay (deepwater single mooring buoy) Fuik Bay (private wharves of the mining company) Spanish Water (yachting) – although it is not managed by CPA

14 Expectations Visuals Trends Future of regional shipping Expectations
Knowledge zone

15 Curaçao Ports Authority
Visuals Larger ships calling on our ports, resulting in more pilot activities and towage assistance. Increase of towage assistance for tankers calling upon Bullen Bay and its oil storage facilities. Increase of commercial development on wharves and port properties. Increase of commercial activities, as the Ports of Curaçao will develop its overall product and supply to be the “one-shop-stop” for all maritime activities in the region. An organized, clean and environmental and costumer friendly port, complying to international standards. Ports of Curaçao: Dynamics in Motion

16 Trends Gradually more harbor activities will concentrate outside the port of Willemstad: Megapier at Otrobanda. Activities at Bullen Bay. International towage jobs abroad. Development and cruise berthing at Caracas Bay. Meaning, more commercial development in and around the inner city, especially the wharves on the Otrobanda and Punda sites.

17 Future of regional shipping
Growth of shipping activities in the region will be determined by the change in transshipment and logistical routes due to the expansion in Panama, the positioning of storage for the petrochemical industry and the market developments in cruise tourism. KTK’s potential in the international market is growing due to the island’s geographical location to the Americas, the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. Economic advantage can be reached through aggressive marketing efforts of the services and products that CPA and KTK can offer.

18 Expectations Vessels calling on the ports of Curaçao will be larger (post- Panamex , VLCC, mega cruise ships); More activities due to more vessel calls, bunkering, supply, repairs, services, cargo, and cruise visits; Oil Storage activities at Bullen Bay will increase; Commercial development on the wharves and port areas; New developments outside the Willemstad port.

19 K-Zone Inquiry on laws and policies.
Market research and bench marking. Assistance in ITC implementation and database management. Infrastructural examination and drafting development plans. Studies and analyses. Implementation of public and awareness programs.

20 Future Projects Implementing the Ports of Curaçao concept;
Real estate development on port properties; Harbor expansion plans; Introduction of ITC innovations; Implementation of an environmental policy; Implementation of customer friendly policy.

21 Harbor expansion Need of a second cruise berthing outside the port of Willemstad, due to the growing demand of larger cruise ships. Development of the Caracas Bay area into a touristic attraction. Royal Caribbean International has shown great interest for cruise berthing. Development of the wharves and port properties. Expansion of the container terminal for logistical use and economic zones. Secondary developments , like Waaigat and Spanish Waters.


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