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1 Revving Up Your Motoring Club by Member Recruiting (and other ideas)  John Peacock, NFP Analysts Pty Ltd  Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC), Victoria  Melbourne: 5 July 2003

2 Introductory Comments  Not-for-profits exist because of the cause, not to make a profit  However, profits are needed so reserves and funds are available  Per Doug this morning, clubs can make money from Sponsorship  But must recruit & retain members for $  And make your life easier with more volunteers!

3 Membership recruitment & retention: at the core of associations  Often largest source of income at minimal direct cost  But value/”what’s in it for me” required from membership so people will join and…rejoin  Retaining members easier than recruiting new ones!  People join because of the products & services for members  Membership marketing is more than a brochure - a system is required to hook interested parties

4 People join to satisfy a need  Passion for vintage cars, a particular car, or cars generally  With bonus advantages: friendship from the group  Opportunities to attend meets across Vic or interstate  Clubs should try to offer MANY things - then people can join for whatever reason suits them!  So why do you think your members join….?  You need to survey members to find out why!  Interestingly, the reasons people join may be different to why people remain members

5 Products & services for members (and perhaps non-members)  Information: journal,newsletters, website, email newsletters (Leanne & Joanne to discuss)  Education: conferences and seminars  Lobbying: promoting the change you desire  Technical: special interest groups  Networking: prestige, mentoring & exposure  Other products & services as required by members  Standards: setting criteria or even “meal ticket”  Charge non-members significantly more!

6 Key tools for marketing  Assume your Club has a great product or service, what else is needed?  Materials  Database  Marketing Plan  And one other factor? (to be announced in a few slides)

7 Marketing Materials  Simple, well designed brochure saying why  Simple, well designed application form  Simple, well designed website - with both of the above easily accessible  Annual Report if achievements & finances  Other suggestions?

8 Database  If a small group, you can exist with Excel spreadsheet  Databases are better - more flexible and relevant  Suggest FileMaker Pro if you buy one (approx $550)  Or MS Access if you have it bundled

9 More on Databases  Track contact details: names, addresses, phone numbers, email  Special interests  History of attendances at events  Business buzzword is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  It is applicable in Car Clubs context as “Member Relationship Management”

10 Generating Leads & Putting Onto Database  Expressions of interest at meets or phone calls are “leads”  Leads can be turned into members!  You must record leads on your database  You must have a plan and system to follow up leads!

11 Marketing Plan  Which of today’s ideas will we implement?  Who will do what & when?  What will it cost? (expenditure may be worth it!)  What targets will we set?  How will we measure success?  Write your Marketing Plan down!  Review it annually - along with whole- of-Club Plan

12 And that one other idea?  Enthusiasm! Belief in the value of joining the club!  Communicate personally & promptly  If you realise you’re a great technical specialist but not a great marketer - find someone who is!

13 Should I advertise my Club’s event in The Age?  Not based on AOMC’s experience for today’s event!  But free publicity (“Public Relations” or “Media Relations”) is a great option worth pursuing

14 Case Study: New President of my local Community Association  Committee was down to two members  Committee had been there ten years at least  Committee was tired  Meetings were dull: procedural, monthly  Equity (funds) always hovered around $300  Few services

15 Personal Case Study: What we did at local Community Association  Increased Committee from 2 to 11  Got actively involved in everything in first year  Got actively OUT of everything in second year: delegated  Meetings transformed: “Public Meetings” introduced quarterly  Committee meetings continued quietly  New services because more people to run them: and sub committees  Equity (funds) boomed because of services: now $6,000

16 “Other ideas”: Scale & Structure  Consider the scale & structure of your group: could it be more efficient if merged with similar or interstate?  Try to appoint a Manager to the Club - if it is burdensome to do the administration, pool resources and hire someone

17 “Other ideas”: Finances  For larger clubs, track finances to see where money is being made and lost: (called “activity based costing”)  Don’t be afraid to increase equity if you need to do so  Don’t be afraid to decrease equity if it not necessary  How to find out the right level? Benchmark

18 “Other ideas”: Fresh ideas  Don’t hang on to portfolios or Presidency, etc forever (as per Newell Lock this am)  Don’t think you’re irreplaceable  People like to move up a Club they like: but this can only happen with resignations!  Ask whether your club has “Continuity”  Your ideas on ideas length of terms of office?

19 THANK YOU!  John Peacock, General Manager  NFP Analysts Pty Ltd  Ph: (02) 9413 9999  Fax: (02) 9411 8585   VISIT

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