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Extreme Makeover: CPA Edition. New Look to Better Serve Clubs The CPA program is getting a new look for the 2008-2009 year! Today we’ll discuss the new.

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1 Extreme Makeover: CPA Edition

2 New Look to Better Serve Clubs The CPA program is getting a new look for the 2008-2009 year! Today we’ll discuss the new official rules, Project Story and judging procedures. Remember this is for the 08-09 books, not the 2007-2008 books due in September.

3 What’s the Point? Encourage significant community serving activities, which enhance the image of the Club and benefit the community Give the Club a reference book to be used in the future as a guide for the activity

4 More To The Point Aid Optimist International in acquiring information on outstanding Club projects to share with other Clubs seeking a similar community-serving opportunity = repeatability Stimulate membership involvement Enhance desirability of membership Provide recognition to Clubs for outstanding projects

5 New Judging Criteria Overall quality of the project, including uniqueness and creativity = 50% Detailed step-by-step analysis of project in order for another Club to be able to successfully run similar project from planning to completion = 45% CPA Album organization, documentation and compliance with rules = 5%

6 Project Eligibility Project must be conducted during the current administrative year – October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009. Clubs conducting ongoing projects may submit those activities completed during the 12-month period ending September 30, 2009.

7 Project Eligibility Clubs must adhere to the restriction of 30 one-sided pages total for sections 2, 3 and 4.

8 Project Eligibility Clubs must provide contact information and grant permission to Optimist International to publish a project summary and contact information. This can include the use of photos, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

9 Album Format All entries must be submitted in the official CPA binder OR a plain 3-ring binder using the 2008-2009 Project Story.

10 Front Cover The front cover shall contain only a label or sheet stating the: –Club name(s), –Club number(s), –District name(s), –project name, –category entered (either Community Service or Fundraising) and –the Project Contact Person’s contact information.

11 Important to Note The Title Page and Index pages are no longer required. All the pertinent information is listed in other parts of the book. Make sure to properly identify all sections of the entry. You may use tabs or section dividers, which can be on colored paper.

12 Section 1: Project Story This shall be submitted typewritten in the format printed from the website at or available through the Programs department. We will go through the Project Story in our sample entry later in the workshop.

13 Section 2: Reference Section This can include names, addresses, telephone numbers, websites, etc of all the resources used in the project so that other Clubs have a reference guide for planning a similar activity. This section should be 3 pages maximum.

14 Section 3: Publicity Include press releases, newspaper articles, website promotion, magazine clippings, Club and District bulletins, appropriate correspondence, programs, posters, flyers and newsletters. All samples and clippings should contain the name and date of the publication. Document all publicity received from radio or TV stations by listing the stations and call letters. When possible, obtain documentation from broadcast stations.

15 Section 4: Properly Identified Photos Include action shots with children whenever possible! Digital photos are acceptable. Do not exceed 12 photos. Photos should be used to add to the story of the project, not tell the story.

16 Turn to the Sample Entry Imagine that we are a Club who is assembling their first CPA entry. Let’s go through the process of completing an entry step by step. Feel free to let us know if you have questions as we go along.

17 Front Cover –Club name – Optimist Club of the Central West End –Club number - 30235 –District name – East Missouri –project name – Raffle for Learning –category entered – Fundraising –the Project Contact Person’s contact information – Danielle’s address, phone number, fax number and current e-mail

18 Project Story Complete the basic information questions about the project. Make sure all contact information is current. The date the project was approved by the Club/Board of Directors allows readers to establish a time frame for planning and conducting the project. Are there any questions about the information requested on the first page?

19 Project Story Questions Type the answers to the questions, using additional pages as needed. 1. Give a description of the project. –What did your Club do? Provide a summary of the planning, organizing and conducting of the project.

20 Project Story 2. List specific goals for this project. –What did the Club hope to accomplish at each stage of the project? 3. Why did your Club choose to do this project? –Was there a need in the community? Did a community group ask for assistance? Why did the Club decide to spend their time and resources on this project?

21 Project Story Questions 4. Explain the publicity/promotion plan for this project. –How did the Club plan to promote the event to the community? Press Releases (Before and After) Details on event included in District newsletter Chairperson interviewed on local radio station Posters around the community

22 Project Story Questions 5. Please list the specific duties required for the project from planning to completion. Include not only Club responsibilities but also any other outside participation. –We completed this as a separate list divided into positions held by Club Members. –This allows other Clubs to see each step of the project and suggest a way to divide the workload. –Be as specific and detailed as possible!

23 Project Story Questions 6. List specific materials, supplies and resources required for the project. –What materials were required for each stage of the project? Raffle tickets Posters Printing Services Pens to fill out tickets Can you name anything else?

24 Project Story 7. Provide a timeline of all project steps from the planning stages to the final completion of the project. Please include dates and person responsible (job title). –Begin the timeline as soon as planning begins for the project. –This should show exactly when each step of the project should be completed and by which Club Member.

25 Project Story Questions 8. Describe how the project benefited youth. –How did the Club’s efforts positively affect youth? Did they receive help with schoolwork? Did they receive mentoring from Club Members? Did you teach them a new skill?

26 Project Story Questions 9. Describe how the project benefited the community. –Did the Club fulfill a need in the community? –Did you provide a needed service? –Can you think of other ways?

27 Project Story Questions 10. Describe how the project impacted the Club considering both planned and unexpected results. –Reinforced Club spirit and Member involvement –Gained 2 new Members –Increased the awareness of the Club in the local community –Established a relationship with the School Board

28 Project Story Questions 11. Describe any complications encountered and how they were resolved. –Be specific and explain any problems that arose during all stages of the project. –How did the Club overcome these difficulties? –Did the project duties or timeline have to be revised? –Were additional Members needed to run the project?

29 Project Story Questions 12. List any recommendations for Clubs running this project. –What worked well for the Club? –What do you wish someone had told you before beginning this project?

30 Project Story Questions 13. Would your Club run this project again? Why or why not? –Be very detailed and specific. 14. If your Club would run this project again, what changes would be made? –Answer this question even if the answer to #13 was no. What could be changed about the project that would make the Club decide to run it again?

31 Budget Items mentioned are examples only and the budget should be tailored to the project. Income: –How much money did the Club designate for use on the project? –Were any funds donated by outside sources (local businesses, community groups, etc.)? –Were any items donated by outside sources (books, printing of posters, refreshments, etc.)?

32 Budget Expenses: –What was the cost of all the supplies used in the project? –Was there a cost for space or equipment rental? –Were any outside services utilized? –Was there a cost associated with the printing of materials (programs, tickets, posters)? –Were any prizes or awards purchased? –List any other expenses incurred.

33 It All Adds Up or Does It? Calculate the profit or loss. Put parentheses around a resulting loss of funds.

34 Sections of Sample Entry Reference Section – list every person, website and organization consulted with during the project. Publicity – includes press releases, bulletins, flyers and all promotional material Properly Identified Photos – photos of project at various stages. No more than 12 photos! These sections are substantiating material. Project content and quality is valued rather than the appearance of the entry book.

35 Judging District and International judges will use the same judging sheets when evaluating entries. The 1 st section awards up to 10 points for adherence to the official rules and album organization. This is a simple way to pick up 10 points. This section is often referred to in order to break ties between potential winners.

36 Judging The 2 nd section focuses on the quality of the project. The 3 rd section focuses on replication – the ability of another Club to successful conduct the project after reading the CPA book. Did you include all the information necessary? Note that each of the judging criteria refers to a question on the Project Story.

37 International Entries District winners sent to Optimist International will receive the International Entry patch. Patches are sent to the District Governor to present at the 2 nd quarter District conference.

38 And the Winners Are: In the International competition, two award winners will be chosen – Best Overall Community Service Best Overall Fundraising Project. Judges may withhold recognition if entries fail to meet acceptable standards of excellence.

39 Future of Optimism Award Every entry submitted for the International judging that is not based on a current International program is eligible for the Future of Optimism award. This is not necessarily an annual award and is designed to recognize Clubs which develop new and creative program ideas.

40 The Winners Receive: All International winners receive: –Paid registration to the annual convention for 2 Members of the winning Club –Recognition at the International convention –Profile of their project in the magazine.

41 Questions? If you have any questions when assembling your Club’s entry, you can contact: –District Activities/CPA Chairperson –Programs Department at the International office (800) 500-8130 ext. 235 or 261

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