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Instructional Leadership Team Leadership Academy 1.0 October 8th, 2013.

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1 Instructional Leadership Team Leadership Academy 1.0 October 8th, 2013

2 Building from Clues Using the following images, generate a list of words, phrases, thoughts that describe what Instructional Leadership means to you.


4 6 Word Story Structure: Using the words and phrases generated from the images, record a 6 word story that describes Instructional Leadership on a slip of paper. Crumple up your 6 word story when finished. “ There can be no vulnerablility without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability.” Scott Peck

5 Found Poem Structure: Snowball – throw the crumpled 6 word stories around the room Create a found poem by taking turns reading aloud someone else’s 6 word story in rapid succession

6 Thought Entry Reflection and metacognition are critical to powerful and purposeful learning. Take a moment to consider the following and record your thoughts in your journal. The purpose behind using a strategy like building from clues with adults/students is…

7 Learning Targets examine the characteristics of effective instructional leadership reflect on what powerful and purposeful learning looks like for all learners (adult and student) deepen their understanding of the ILT’s work and its impact on teaching and learning Leadership Academists will…

8 Our Team Carolyn Durley Keely Flannigan Lindsay Gibson Jennifer Moffatt (mat. leave) Rhonda Ovelson Mohyna Ragoonaden Michelle Relova Jon Rever Sarah Watson Our Goal: Powerful and Purposeful Learning for Every Student in Every Classroom

9 Find a checkerboard quote that you connect with. Participate in a StandUp-HandUp- PairUp. Professional Learning Checkerboard StandUp-HandUp-PairUp: “Students stand up, put their hands up, and quickly find a partner with whom to share or discuss”

10 Cycle for Job-Embedded, Professional Learning Focused on instructional core Focus selected by participants, driven by needs of the students On-site job-embedded collaborative Invitational Modeling Multiple modes of co-teaching Observations Debriefing patterns Using data to inform, revise and move forward

11 Need to Knows What questions do you have regarding the work of the ILT? Jot Thoughts In your journal, silently record as many questions as you can about the ILT’s work. We encourage you to consider how our work might parallel your work as an instructional leader in your building.


13 Need to Knows Re-Visited What questions were answered? What questions do you still have?

14 Learning the Work Together, by Doing the Work Together

15 Thought entry How can you use today’s conversation to help you with your instructional leadership project? How will you know if you have created powerful and purposeful learning in your role?

16 Thank You!

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