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HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILES  O Origin of the word  E arly transport machines  S team engine  P etroleum fuelled engine  D ifferent eras  R ecent developments.

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Presentation on theme: "HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILES  O Origin of the word  E arly transport machines  S team engine  P etroleum fuelled engine  D ifferent eras  R ecent developments."— Presentation transcript:


2 HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILES  O Origin of the word  E arly transport machines  S team engine  P etroleum fuelled engine  D ifferent eras  R ecent developments  U ltra modern vehicle  I ndian auto milestones ndian auto industry  C ars by price onclusion


4 The dawn of automobile actually goes back to 4000 years when the first wheel was used for transportation in India. In the beginning of 15th century Portuguese arrived in China and the interaction of the two cultures led to a variety of new technologies, including the creation of a wheel that turned under its own power By 1600s small steam-powered engine models was developed, but it took another century before a full-sized engine-powered vehicle was created

5  Early Transport



8 Early Transport







15 Steam-powered self- propelled vehicles were devised in the late 17th century. A Flemish priest, Ferdinand VerbiestVerbiest, was thought to have demonstrated in 1678 a small (24 in.61 cm) long) steam 'car' to the Chinese emperor, yet there is no evidence for it.

16 Nicolas-Joseph CugnotNicolas-Joseph Cugnot A French Engineer demonstrated an experimental steam-driven artillery tractor, in 1770 and 1771. Cugnot's steam wagon, the second (1771) version

17 By 1784 william murdoch had built a working model of a steam carriage in redruthredruth, and in 1801 richard trevithick was running a full-sized vehicle on the road A backlash against these large speedy vehicles resulted in passing a law, the Locomotive ActAct, in 1865 requiring self-propelled vehicles on public roads in the United Kingdom be preceded by a man on foot waving a red flag and blowing a horn

18 Steam Engine in ACTION

19 1801 A replica of Richard Trevithick's road locomotive 'Puffing Devil' 1870, Vienna, Austria: world's #1 gasoline-run vehicle, the First Marcus Car Second Marcus Car of 1888

20  Steem car 1909

21 SS taney Steam Car 1912

22 1885-built Benz Patent Motorwagen, the first car with an internal combustion engineBenz Patent Motorwagen Carl Benz

23 Karl Benz's "Velo" model (1894) -

24 Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919) Ford Model T, 1927,

25 This Nuclear-powered automobile was designed, based on the assumption that future nuclear reactors would be smaller, safer, lighter and more portable The design called for a "power capsule" located in the rear of the car, charging stations replacing gas stations and 5,000 miles of driving before recharging or replacing the fuel. Ford never built the Nucleon -- only a model car half the size of a normal In the 1950s, Ford developed a concept car Ford Nucleon

26 Ford Nucleon.

27 T-model Ford car parked outside GEELONG Library at its launch in Australia in 1915 THE Edwardien Era or Brass Era 1905-1914

28 Vintage era ( 1919-1929 ) 1926 Austin 7 Box saloon

29 Lineup of –FORD Model As

30 Pre War Era (1930-1948) Citroën Traction Avant

31 Moriss Minor 1953 ( Post War Era-1949-

32 Jaguar E Type

33 1985 Mini

34 Yank Tank in Havana, Cuba

35 Modern Era (Minus 25 years from Now) 1967 NSU Ro 80

36 2007 Mark II (BMW) Mini Cooper

37 Baverishe Motoren Werke AG (BMW), (English: Bavarian Motor Works) is an independent German automobile manufacturer founded in 1913. BMW is a worldwide manufacturer of high- performance and luxury automobiles and motorcyclesmotorcycles, and is the current parent company of both the MINI and Rolls- Royce car brandsbrands.

38 Hydrogen powered FCHV (Fuel Fuel Cell Hybrid VehicleVehicle) was developed by Toyota in 2005

39 TOYOTA FCHV (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle). The fuel cell hybrid car which runs from the hydrogen which Toyota Motor developed Toyota FCHV is one of the sets which has only 12 sets in the Japan and the U.S. which Nagoya-shi is using as a public vehicle.

40 Tesla Roadster

41 Indian Automobile History

42  The first car rolled out on the streets of Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1898 three cars were imported in Mumbai (India)., Within decade there were total of 1025 cars in the city.  Automobiles were imported till 1947

43 1942 - Hindustan Motors incorporated

44 1944 - Premier automobiles started 1945 Establishment of Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. to manufacture locomotives and other engineering products. 1953- The Government of India decreed that only those firms which have a manufacturing program should be allowed to operate

45 Ashok Leyland 1948- First Vehicle in 1955

46 Tata Motors launches its first truck in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz 1954Mercedes-Benz

47 1945 : Mahindra & Mahindra a part of the Mahindra Group and was established manufacture general- purpose utility vehicles.

48 1955- Only seven firms, namely, HM, API, ALL, SMPIL, PAL, M& M and TELCO received approval. 1960 - 1970 - The two, three wheeler industry established a foothold in the Indian scenario.

49 1970 - 1980 - Not much change in The major factors affecting the industry were the Implementation of the MRTP Act (Monopolies and Trade Restrictive Practices Act), FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act) and the Oil Shock of 1973 and 1979.

50 1980 - 1990 - The first phase of liberalization - Government's protectionist policies, the advantages hitherto enjoyed by the Indian car manufacturers like monopoly, oligopoly, slowly began to disappear



53 1981-Maruthi Udyoug Limited in coloboration with Suzuki Japan Started manufacturing cars


55 PREESNT SCENARIO In India there are 100 people per vehicle, while this figure is 82 in China. It is expected that Indian automobile industry will achieve mass motorization status by 2014.  India is the largest three-wheeler market in the world.  India is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.  India is the second largest tractor manufacturer in the world.  India is the 5th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world.  The number one global motorcycle manufacturer is in India India is the fourth largest car market in Asia –

56 The Electric Car REVA

57 Do we have too much ?

58 Indian Automobile Companies  Ashok Leyland Ltd.  Bajaj Auto Ltd.  Hindustan Motors Ltd.  TELCO.  Premier Auto Ltd.  Mahindra Mahindra Ltd.  Kinetic Engineering.  Maruthi Udyog Ltd.  TVS Motors Ltd.  Royal Enfield Ltd.  Hyundai Motors.  Daewoo Motors.  Escorts Ltd.  Eicher Motors.  Suzuki Motors India.  Yamaha Motors  Swaraj mazda.  Toyota Kirloskar Motors  Skoda Auto India  Volvo India

59  Hero Honda Motors.  Hero Motors.  Force Motors Ltd.  General Motors.  FORD India.  Fiat India.  Punjab Tractors Ltd,  TAFE Ltd.  Hindustan Tractors Ltd.  API Ltd.  Apollo Tyres.  Vikrant Tyres MRF Ltd.  Simpson Motors.  TVS Electricals  Piston India Ltd.  Carburettors India td.  Gabriel Industry

60 Cars by Price Range Under 3 Lakhs Maruthi 800, Alto, Omni. Reva Rs. 3-5 Lakhs Ambassodor Fiat, Palio Hyundai Santro, Getz Chevrolet Opel Corsa Maruthi Zen, Wagon R, Versa, Esteem, Gypsy Ford Icon & Fiesta Tata Indica,Indigo XL, Indigo Marina

61 Rs. 5- 10 Lakhs Chevrolet Swing, Optra Magnum,tavera Hyundai Accent, Flantra Mahindra Scorpio Maruthi baleno Toyota Innova Tata safari Mitsubishi lancer,Mitsubishi Cedia Honda City ZX Mahindra Bolero Hyundai SonataEmbera

62 Rs. 10-15 Lakhs Rs. 15-30 Lakh Toyota Corola Ford Mondeo & Endeavour Chevrolet Forester Skoda Octavia & Combi Honda Civic Bentley Arnage,Bentley Continental GT & Flying Spur Rolls Royce Phantom Maybach

63 Audi A6, A8 & Audi TT BMW X5, 5 Series & 7 Series Mercedes E Class, S Class, SLK, SL & CLS-Class Porsche Boxster, Cayenne, 911 Carrera & Cayman S Toyota Prado Rs. 30-90 Lakhs

64 Bentley Arnage, Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur Rolls Royce Phantom Maybach Above Rs. 1 Crore

65  Strong masculine on road presence  Twin bi-Xenon headlamps with Rear LED tail lights  19" 5-spoke alloy wheels  Electronic Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPM) & Electronic cruise control system  Electronically adjustable door mirrors with memory functions  Rain-sensing wind screen wipers  High quality plush interior fabrics  4 spoke, Multi-function steering wheel  Integrated 6xCD changer  Dual-zone electronic climate control Bentley has allotted only 25 Cars for sale in Indian market. Bently Continental GTC costs ONLY Rs. 2.10 Crore ( ex-showroom Delhi ).

66 The Cheapest CAR in the WORLD

67 This VEHICLE does not require PETROL

68 The Cheapest Greenest & Healthiest VEHICLE

69  And the ever relying vehicle

70 Save Fuel OR………..

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