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Amico Group of Companies

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2 Amico Group of Companies

3 History Founded in 1999, Amvex has rapidly grown to be the leader in the Secondary Medical Equipment market Having started with 3 determined people, we are now proud to have over 90 employees on our team Our promise is to provide the Best Quality, Best Delivery, Best Service, and Best Price

4 Amvex Products Amvex offers a full line of Secondary Medical Products
Suction Regulators Flowmeters Hose and Hose assemblies Gas regulators Adapters/Couplers DISS Fittings NPT Fittings Block Assemblies International Fittings All items are available in ISO and US colors

5 Amvex Digital Suction Regulator
Amvex offers a complete line of Suction Regulators Our Patented Digital Regulator is the only one of its kind in the world

6 Amvex Digital Suction Regulator
Patented State-of-the Art Digital Gauge Offers the most accurate reading in the industry (+/- 1% of full scale) Visible from a distance of 30 feet Low, Medium and High icons and a colour gauge that makes it easy to see which range you are in

7 Amvex Digital Suction Regulator
Digital Gauge has no moving parts Extends the life of the regulator 5 year warranty For assurance of a quality product

8 Amvex Analog Suction Regulator
Designed for clarity and appearance Makes it easy to read vacuum pressure Upgradeable to Digital Easy to upgrade without buying a new unit 3 year warranty For assurance of a quality product

9 Analog and Digital Suction Regulators
Smallest and lightest in the industry Makes handling unit easier and less wear on the outlets Strategic placement of the labels Makes operating mode visible from all angles Available gauges: mmHg, mmHg, mmHg, 0-760 mmHg, and reverse gauge To meet a variety of needs

10 Analog and Digital Suction Regulators
Units can be converted to intermittent with our patented upgrade kit To save the cost of buying a new unit 16 Colour options are available (white is standard) For customization and ease of inventory management

11 Amvex Patented Integrated Flowmeter
The Integrated Flowmeter combines 2 outlets in 1: A dial adjustable flowmeter A medical gas outlet into a single compact design

12 Amvex Patented Integrated Flowmeter
Dial into exact flow level Click Style mechanism Flow Indicator Power take-off port Options: Hose Connection Thorpe style Flowmeter Available in Oxygen and Air Low flow option

13 Amvex Flowmeters Tube and Dial Flowmeters
Complete line from Neonatal to Adult Variety of Gases and Configurations CE marked to meet all CGA, HCA, and FDA requirements

14 Amvex Tube Flowmeters Lightest and most compact chromed brass bodied flowmeter in the industry Color coded inner tube and labelling “D” shape knob that will not strip Easy to service Extended Warranty offered Lowest price

15 Amvex Hose and Assemblies
Our hose assemblies are available in custom lengths and configurations to suit your requirements Offered in a variety of gases and configurations Only official manufacturer of CSA, CE, and UL listed Medical Hose assemblies Spiral Hose Hose Assemblies Bulk Hose

16 Amvex Gas Regulators Compact or Click Style
CGA Nut and Nipple or Yoke Style Click style available in a variety of colors Available in a variety of gases and flow settings Warranty available

17 Amvex Adapters/Couplers
Amvex carries: Ohmeda,Chemetron, Puritan Bennett, Schrader, Medstar, Oxequip, and international fittings Available in a variety of gases and options Extended Warranty offered

18 Amvex Fittings DISS Fittings in a variety of gases
NPT Fittings to make your connections A variety of International Fittings International NPT Fittings DISS

19 Amvex Block Assemblies
Y Block, T Block, and Quad Block assemblies Available in a variety of configurations

20 Amvex Website

21 Click and Configure

22 Step 1 – Choose your regulator

23 Step 2 – Choose your outlet fitting

24 Step 3 – Choose your inlet to wall fitting

25 Step 4 – Choose your colour

26 Step 5 – Your Custom Regulator Part Number

27 Amvex Contact For more information on our products or to obtain product catalogs please us at

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