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Rappahannock Youth Symphony Annual Report 2012-2013.

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1 Rappahannock Youth Symphony Annual Report 2012-2013

2 Mission Statement The mission of the RYS is to provide young dedicated musicians the opportunity to develop advanced ensemble and performance skills that will enable them to grow to their fullest potential as musicians and performers and in doing so enrich the community through the art of music performance.

3 Vision Statement It is our vision that the Rappahannock Youth Symphony will become a major regional youth orchestral organization that nurtures young talent and enriches the greater Fredericksburg community through the performance of orchestral literature.

4 Core Values The members of the RYS will model excellence in our interactions with students, families, the community and each other by exemplifying these core values:  Education  Professionalism  Sensitivity  Inclusiveness  Respect  Communication  Passion

5 Our Board of Directors  Thomas Holland, President  James Kazik, Vice President  John Welsh, Treasurer  Annamarie Bollino, Secretary  Allen Ammerman, Parliamentarian

6 Our Staff  Megan Bevill, Executive Director  Angela Ammerman, Primo Conductor  Brent Idleman, Repertory Conductor  Veronica Jackson, Symphony Conductor  James Kazik, Wind Ensemble Conductor

7 Schools Represented (31)  AG Wright Middle  Battlefield Middle  Brooke Point High  Chancellor High  Chancellor Middle  Colonial Forge High  Courtland High  Dixon Smith Middle  Floyd T. Binns Middle  Fredericksburg Christian School  Freedom Middle  Gayle Middle  HH Poole Middle  Homeschools  James Monroe High  Louisa County High  Massaponnax High  Moncure Elementary  Mountain View High  Ni River Middle  North Stafford High  Riverbend High  Rodney Thompson Middle  Shirley Heim Middle  South Stafford Christian School  Spotsylvania High  Spotsylvania Middle  St. William of York  Stafford High School  Thornburg Middle  UMW

8 Students by School District

9 Membership

10 Finances – Net Worth FY 2012FY 2011FY 2010 REVENUE $49,425$31,847$26,764 EXPENSES $34,168$38,689$33,556 PROFIT/LOSS $15,400($8,050)($6,792)

11 Finances – Revenue FY 2012 Membership Dues$18,152 Grants$15,000 Concert Ticket Sales$7,084 Fundraisers$4,354 Individual Donations$2,128 Corporate Donations$1,500 Miscellaneous$1,114 RYS Store$430

12 Finances – Expenses FY 2012 Education and Programs$21,136 Concert Expenses$6,894 Office Rent$2,340 Advertising$1,531 Insurance, Licenses, Permits$1,150 General and Administrative$1,116 $34,168

13 Parents Concert and Potluck Battlefield Middle School October 22, 2012 Highlights: Performances by Primo, Repertory, Symphony and Wind Ensemble Potluck dinner and Chili Cook-off

14 Winter Concert December 9, 2012 Salem Fields Community Church Highlights Salvation Army Music School Brass Ensemble Performances by Primo, Repertory, Symphony and Wind Ensemble Dessert reception following the concert

15 Symphony and Tea Concert March 23, 2013 The Olde Silk Mill Highlights Catered by Caroline Street Catering Performances by Primo, Repertory, Symphony Silent Auction

16 Spring Concert March 12, 2013 Salem Fields Community Church Highlights Stafford High School Chamber Singers Mother’s Day cake reception Combined piece – “You Raise Me Up”

17 Accomplishments  Collaborative Performances  Salvation Army Music School Ensemble, UMW Philharmonic, Stafford High’s Chamber Singers  Scholarships and Financial Aid  Fundraisers  Sold out concerts – March and May  Community performances  Stafford Junction and Friends of Chatham  Grants  Bedford Foundation - $10,000 for instruments and lessons  Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund - $5,000 for Brass Ensemble

18 Testimonials from Parents What do you enjoy most about the RYS?  “It gives my child the chance to play challenging music with a motivated group and inspiring conductor.”  “The growth I see in my student, and the friendships that we formed.”  “It is all about the versatility and opportunities in music found through the RYS.”  “The challenging music and outstanding concerts.”  “The education and experience of making music with different teachers and peers in a more structured /disciplined setting than the school offers.

19 Looking Ahead 2013-14 Concert Season  Brass Ensemble  3 concerts – October, December, May  New Symphony and Tea location  Chamber music  Community performances  UMW partnership  Collaboration with local organizations  Master classes  Painted Violin Project

20 Elections  Executive Board  President  Vice President  Treasurer  Secretary

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