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Tel: ​877-898-3003, ​914-979-2740 Fax: 914-337-4620 Different Types of Vial Shields by Medi-Ray.

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1 Tel: ​877-898-3003, ​914-979-2740 Fax: 914-337-4620 E-Mail: Different Types of Vial Shields by Medi-Ray TM

2 Lead Shielding Lead shielding refers to the use of lead to shield or protect people or objects from any radiation. Lead shielding Because of its high density and high atomic number, lead can effectively fade certain kinds of radiation and that’s why lead is used as radiation protection.

3 Vial Shields Vial shields are radiation shielding container products manufactured by Medi-Ray.

4 Features Medi-Ray TM manufactures vial shields with a wide variety of closure mechanisms, color coding, lead glass viewing windows, knurled brass threaded covers, and non-slip painted finishes we have all the product features you are looking for.

5 All of our vial shields are available with plastic inserts to accommodate smaller-sized vials.vial shields

6 Types of Vial Shields Dovetail Vial Shields Generator Vial Shields Flip-Top Vial Shields Color-Coded Vial shields Slide vial shields

7 Dovetail Vial Shields Our Dovetail Vial Shields have a unique sliding cover that is thicker and provides more shielding than our traditional “swing-top” vial shields.

8 Generator Vial Shields Supplied with knurled and brass- threaded closures, leaded glass viewing windows, and our ergonomic non-slip finish, these Generator Vial Shields provide the optimum solution for “milking” your generators.

9 Flip-Top Vial Shields Our Flip-Top Vial Shields provide substantially thicker shielding as well as the convenience and safety of a gravity-operated top closure.

10 Color-Coded Vial Shields Swing-Top Color-Coded Vial Shields incorporate color- coded closures. Color-Coded Vial Shield Bodies are also available with our unique sliding Dovetail Vial Shield covers.

11 Slide Vial Shields If you need any type of Vial Shields or radiation shielding products, contact Medi-Ray TMMedi-Ray TM

12 Contact Us: Medi-Ray TM, Inc. Address: 150 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe, New York, 10707 Tel: ​877-898-3003, ​914-979-2740 Fax: 914-337-4620 E-Mail:

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