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What makes a mixture a solution?

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1 What makes a mixture a solution?
Looking at Solutions What makes a mixture a solution?

2 What is a solution? A solution is a mixture of two or more substances.
So, what make a solution a special type of mixture? A solution is homogenous- that means all the particles are evenly mixed throughout the solution.

3 What is a solution? A solution can exist in any state: Solid Liquid
Brass is a solid solution. Brass is an alloy (a homogenous mixture) of copper and zinc. Liquid Sugar water is a liquid solution. Sugar water is a homogenous mixture of sugar and water. Gas Air is a gaseous solution. Air is a homogenous solution of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

4 Comparing a Mixture and Solution
+ + sand water sugar water The sugar is dissolved in the water. The sugar particles are evenly distributed in the water. You can separate the sand from the water by filtering.

5 Looking at Solutions Flavored drinks Chocolate milk Cement
What makes these solutions?

6 these solutions similar
Comparing Solutions crayons lemonade bronze blood How are these solutions similar and how are they different?

7 3 Sentence Summary In your science notebook, write 3 sentences to summarize your understanding of solutions. Write one question you still have. You may include pictures. Clip art courtesy of Microsoft Photographs courtesy of A. Venegas ESC 13

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