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2 Inox Arabia THE BURJ KHALIFA. Inox Arabia Supplier and Manufacturer of Stainless Steel tubing, fencing and bespoke furnishings and fittings for THE BURJ KHALIFA. proudly present our new product PEX-AL-PEX pipes which will minimize leakage by minimizing joints and corners in pipe line connection.

3 Inox Arabia Inox Arabia Multilayer and PEX Piping Systems have certifications of German DVGW and other international institutes, all in all nearly 60 certificates. These certificates worldwide underline our technical and quality know-how, and this is the reason why we can provide you with a 25 years system warranty backed up by an international insurance company. Global Approvals and Certifications

4 List of Certificates

5 Introduction of Products:  PEX – AL – PEX Pipes  Fittings  Manifolds  Valves  Flexible hoses  Tools & Accessories  Installation & Instructions A whole new system from Inox arabia

6 PEX-AL-PEX pipes 1,000,000 meter/day Faucets 1,500 pieces / day Manifolds 5,000 units / day PPR fitting 1,100,000 pieces / day Flexible hoses 30,000 sets / day Valves 50,000 units / day Brass fittings 200,000 pieces / day Product catalogue

7 Multilayer pipe

8  With 5 layers composite pipes, we have developed an advanced product that combines the advantages of a copper and plastic pipe while simultaneously eliminating the disadvantages of both.  Inox Arabia  Inox Arabia pipes are good for hot and cold water distribution which reduces the potential for leaks because there are fewer joints, significantly reducing the costs and headaches associated with maintenance and repairs.  The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight which prevents the ingress of oxygen, compensates snap-back forces and reduces heat expansion with changes of temperature. The figure will give a clear picture of the pipes. Five layers in one pipe do it all

9  The Aluminium layer between the PEX allows it to Be Bent into an arc, retain its shape, and prevents kinking. This unique property allows tight bends to be made without the use of fittings which reduces the over all joint count in a typical Inox Arabia installation and hence is the major reason that Inox Arabia selected this type of material for the distribution of water.  The aluminium layer keeps the piping from returning to its original coiled shapes, which makes installation easier and requires fewer fixtures to hold the PEX-AL PEX in place. The aluminum layer also makes the piping resistant to oxygen diffusion into the water which Helps prevent corrosion of any ferrous components in the piping system. Materials description – aluminum

10  The polyethylene is compatible with water and water/glycol based coolants. It has superior resistance to chemicals and border range of pH levels over traditional copper / steel pipe pumped water systems. PEX standards require specific testing to ensure its resistance to residual free chlorine.  material thickness and physical construction are defined by different standards depending on the types of piping and the standard organization. Materials description – polyethylene

11 Inox Arabia Inox Arabia uses Cross-linked Polyethylene piping as a reliable choice for the distribution of Hot and Cold water. Its fabrication allows flexible installation techniques that minimize joints, corners and prevents leakage and vibration transmission, while providing good strength and durability for system pressure under 2.5 Mpa. Pex – al – pex pipes

12 There are different methods of combining polyethylene molecules during manufacture, which are denoted by :  PEX – a (Cold Water)  PEX – b ( Hot & Cold Water)  PEX – C (Gas) Inox Arabia The PEX-AL-PEX that Inox Arabia uses is produced by PEX-b Process, which is produced by adding silane to Polyethylene. Manufacturing process

13  The cross linked bonds added to its polymer structure creates co-valent bonds between the molecules in many directions and gives the thermoplastic a more elastomeric structure. The jumbled strings of cross linked molecules gives the PEX better thermal stability at higher temperatures and pressures than traditional polyethylene pipes.  An added benefit of the cross linking process is better resistant to environmental stress cracking and crack propagation, which is defined as Crazing and Cracking that may occur when a plastic under a tensile stress is exposed to aggressive chemicals. What makes cross – linked polyethylene piping different from traditional polyethylene

14 Pipes ProjectsINOX ARABIAAll Plastic PipesCopper Pipe Materials PE/AL/PEPPC or PPC PEX/AL/PEXOr PB orCOPPER MDPE/AL/MDPE UPVC etc Self WeightLight Medium PackingCoilCoil or StraightStraight CuttingEasiestEasyMedium ConnectionEasyEasier or StraightMedium Shock ResistanceStrongGeneralStrong Pressure ResistanceHighGeneralHigh Corrosion ResistanceHigh Bad Bending Easy but never Spring back Easy but Spring backDifficult PermeabilityNoOxygen diffusionNo Size StabilityHighLowerHigh Installing Easy and no Contamination Easy Difficult and Contamination Burning ResistanceGoodBadBest Service LifeLongLonger or LongLong HygieneBestGoodOK Advantages at a glance

15 ABSOLUTELY DIFFUSION TIGHT  The aluminum core is continuously overlapped or butt welded and prevents oxygen/gases from penetrating onto the pipes. Consequently the corrosion of metallic installation components is avoided.  It means that the inner PEX and outer PEX is so tightly adhesive that any types of gases or chemicals will not be in contact with the welded aluminum layer which helps prevention of corrosion of any ferrous components in the piping system. Main characteristics

16 BETTER EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE Of STRUCTURE.  Shaken but not stirred, INOX ARABIA pipes are flexible this means that they are easy to install and reliable especially when earthquake strikes. CORROSION RESISTANT  The smooth inner and outer plastic layers hold water at bay which prevents deposit accumulation and corrosion. At normal temperature it can withstand acids, alkali and salt solution. It can be encased in concrete or buried underground without additional protection because its tough outer plastic layer resists chemicals and corrosive Activity. Main characteristics

17 Clean & Healthy  The entire plumbing system is designed to Provide You with the cleanest drinking water possible.  Inox Arabia  Inox Arabia pipes are clean, non-corroding plastic, interior is resistant to deterioration in Aggressive water conditions. You needn't worry about odor, color or taste problems arising because of the plumbing pipes in your home. Main characteristics

18 Inox Arabia  No more copper sticks, no more sweating joints every few feet. Inox Arabia pipes are convenient and lightweight coils allows you to install a professional plumbing system quickly and efficiently. Larger coils mean less wastage.  Need to make a bend ? Go ahead..! Need to snake pipe around an obstruction? There's nothing stopping you..! When the system calls for a fitting, you simply cut, bevel, insert and crimp the pipe for secure, long-term connections. It's really that fast and simple. Ease of installation

19 Malleable  Inox Arabia  Inox Arabia PEX-AL-PEX pipe is easy to bend and its metallic inner core gives it the “memory” to stay bent. Ease of installation

20 HYDRAULIC FUNCTION  The inner SMOOTHNESS of INOX ARABIA pipe is 0.0007mm. It is very smooth that makes the pipe ideal for liquid supply. FEWER FITTINGS  Inox Arabia  Inox Arabia uses fewer fittings LESS THAN half The fittings used in a copper system OR ppr. Fewer fitting joints means less chance of leakage and less liability. OPERATION CONDITION  PEX-AL-PEX pipes: Tmax = 95’ C Pressure: 1 Mpa Ease of installation

21  Containing 25 Apartments per floor.  Pex Al Pex piping system eliminated 1516 points of leakage.  265 Joints on 32mm and 25mm main lines 493 Joints in Bathrooms and kitchens of the Apartments 758 Total  Each Joint has 2 points of leakage Entry and Exit. Note: When a leaking joint is replaced in Copper or PPR it is replaced with 2 straight unions or 2 unions plus a Curve on a bend increasing the future points of leakage.  Further.  plumbing contractors advised to a 5% to 10% of leaking joints.  On this floor that would equate to 75 to 150 leaks.  The cost is for experience to equate. APARTMENT BLOCK


23 LOW THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY  0.45 W/m.k, about 1/100 of the steel pipes, more suitable for hot water supply than metallic pipes, which means if 100 degree Celsius water is supplied through the pipe, in the outer surface the Temperature will be only 1 degree Celsius. Whereas in PPR pipes the low thermal conductivity is 0.24 W/m.k. Ease of installation

24  According to the Synthetic Material Research Institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry (Beijing China) it is proved that INOX ARABIA PEX-AL-PEX pipes will last you 50 years of operation under the set conditions and pressures. The normal PP, HD-PE, PVC pipes will show less durability compared to the INOX ARABIA INOX ARABIA pipes.  It is not only designed for better long term flow rates, the inner plastic layer is non-corroding and won't pit, pinhole, or erode in aggressive water conditions. It is designed to provide years of trouble free performance in the toughest of conditions. Other pipes just don't compare. PRESSURE RESISTANT AND LONG SERVICE LIFE


26  The patented INOX ARABIA F5 press fitting is an innovative fitting, which is developed according to the international advanced technology and has been the mainstream fitting in Europe and USA.  It has several characteristics and accordingly different types of fitting which makes the whole construction easier and application more reliable. fittings

27 Some types of fitting

28  Equal Straight Union  Reducer  Male Straight Union  Female Straight Union  Equal Elbow  Unequal Elbow  Male Elbow  Female Elbow  Equal Tee  Unequal Tee  Male Tee  Female Tee  Wall Plated Female Elbow  Demountable Female Straight Union  End Cap  Double Wall Plated Female Elbow  Copper Spigot Adapter  Assembly Double Fittings  Assembly Single Fittings Types of fitting

29  Unique structure  Two O-Rings placed on the fitting inset  Three annular grooves on the three step labyrinth structure inset  Perfect sealing performance  High quality sealing material  The material of INOX ARABIA F5 fitting O rings is EPDM, which has excellent specialty like anti ageing, well rebounded and long lifetime performance. It ensures no leaking in the piping system for long-term. Main characteristics

30  One of the most important features is the Secure Connecting way : in which the safe and Stabile connecting lies on The permanent Compression plastic deformation of The stainless steel sleeve by using the special pressing tool to complete the connecting correctly.  There are different types of fittings which Are Suitable according to the perfect situation. characteristics

31 PEX al PEX Manifolds play an important role in Radiant Heat applications. Manifolds are the place where supply water from the heat source is Separated into smaller lines and dispersed throughout the Radiant Heat System. Types of manifolds  Brass Bar Manifold  Brass Linear Manifold  Brass Manifold with Stop Valves  Brass Manifold with Ball Valves  Connector Core  End Cap for Manifolds with O-ring  Connector Core for PEX pipe manifolds

32 Some type of manifolds

33  Ball Valves  Brass Gate Valves  Copper Adapter with Ball types of valves  Lockable Brass gate Valves  Y Type Gas Valve  Valves Gas Valve

34  Installation tools for beveling and rounding pipes Of different sizes.  Pipe cutting tool. Capable of cutting pipes ranging from 14 to 75.  Plastic reamer and T-reamer.  Adjustable manual pressing clamp.  Internal and External Bending tool for producing Series of identical curves. Tools and accessories



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