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Good evening and welcome to the Denver School of the Arts Band Department’s Band Showcase: Theme and Tirade Please turn off all cell phones…

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2 Good evening and welcome to the Denver School of the Arts Band Department’s Band Showcase: Theme and Tirade Please turn off all cell phones…

3 …None of the composers featured tonight wrote for cell phone…

4 What a weird piece that would be…

5 Theme and Tirade This performance is the culmination of work that began at the very beginning of school this year in both band majors: Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. This, the Band Showcase, is the 3 rd concert of the department this year. The first, Telling Stories, concentrated on original music written by the students in chamber (small) groups of varied instrumentation. The second was the culmination of the Jazz Symposium, this year featuring the group Kneebody. The Band Showcase concentrates on the large ensembles of the majors, classical music styles and again chamber groups. This concert is the result of tremendous Practicing Artists who have come in consistently every week to work with all the students. Flutes/Chamber: Cathy Peterson Double Reeds/Chamber: Tenley Williams Clarinets/Chamber: Angela Berktold High Brass/Chamber: Teresa Carroll Low Brass/Chamber: Jameson Bratcher Percussion: Mark Allwein Sax Student Coach: Sam Crowe

6 The Denver School of the Arts Concert Band Flutes Emily Hill Celeste Utke Suzanne Steele Olivia Garrity Anne Bickle Taryn Troxel Olivia Martin Rio Padilla-Smith Stephanie Andersen Saxes Gladyss Ruelas Josue Mundt Rico Jones Wesley Wooden Miles Holland Ike Riedel Oboes Claire Baker Callie Nellis Bassoon Morgan Davison Clarinets Scott Chiu Michael Moritz Jacob Joram Josh Bogen Vinny Siller (Bari Sax) Angel Florencio Amara Garner Cindy Cruz French Horn Cianci Melo Shea Roodberg Trumpets Aaron MacGilvray Dillon Garcia-Wright Ariel White Trombone Brendan Bigelow Ingrid Backes Obediah Oakley Brandon Gonzalez Percussion Cameron Davison Henry Chen Jacob Icolari Shane Wright Calvin Davis (Bass) Gabe Lundin-Martinez Rocco Williams Christine Baker Josh Spielman - Piano

7 New Forest March – Johnnie Vinson Military marches make up a big part of band literature. This specific march is written in an English style – taking local folk melodies and using them as compositional material. Performing this style gives the band the opportunity to rehearse tempo, balance, blend and varied articulation requirements. Western Horizons – Thomas Kahelin From the Badlands of South Dakota to the cliffs of Big Sur, California, the western horizon is both an ending and a beginning. Standing in the grandeur of the American West, one senses the exuberance and wildness of a long time gone by. Performing descriptive pieces like this gives students the opportunity to describe a scenario through music and sound.

8 Just A Closer Walk With Thee – Arr. by F. Allen Although the composer of this beautiful work is unknown, it has been used to a great extent in religious contexts. Young bands turn to choral literature to explore sostenato playing style (long, lyrical and connected performance style) and choral style (vertical harmonies in a vocal style). Danse Bacchanale – Camille Saint Saens, Arr. by J. Bocook From Saint-Saens’ only operatic success, Samson and Delilah, the Bacchanale is from the third act of the opera. Exposure to great works of music is a central focus in band class. Although very challenging, accessible arrangements - such as this one - makes a difficult orchestral arrangement playable in the concert band setting.

9 Concert Band Silver Flute Choir Air from Suite in D – Johannes Bach, arr. by S.Tucker Morgan Davison, Emily Hill, Celeste Utke, Suzanne Steele, Olivia Garrity, Anne Bickle, Taryn Troxel, Olivia Martin, Rio Padilla-Smith, Stephanie Andersen Concert Band Rose Brass Choir Trumpet Voluntary – Jeremiah Clark, arr. by W. Barnes Aaron MacGilvray, Dillon Garcia-Wright, Ariel White, Brendon Bigelow, Ingrid Backes, Obediah Oakley, Brandon Gonzalez Cianci Melo, Shea Roodberg

10 Concert Band Aqua Quintet Divertimento No. 9 – W.A. Mozart Flute-Celeste Utke, Oboe-Claire Baker, Clarinet-Jacob Joram Bassoon-Morgan Davison, French Horn-Shea Roodberg Concert Band Blue/Green Quintet Old French Dance – Anonymous, arr. by H. Glee Flute-Emily Hill, Oboe-Callie Nellis, Clarinet-Michael Moritz, Bassoon-Morgan Davison, French Horn-Cianci Melo

11 Wind Ensemble Daughters of Harmony Trio Trio – Op.87 - Beethoven Georgie Seserman, Talia Correll-Jones, Tatianna Anderson Wind Ensemble Autumn Trio Flutation – Clare Grundman Stuart Fahie, Shelbie Heid, Amanda Thomas Piano, Emily Lyon

12 Wind Ensemble Rainbow Woodwind Quintet Quintet– by Paul Hindemith Le Petit Negre – by Claude Debussy Carly Cusack, Aubrey Rhodes, Eric Seelenfruend Bassoon-Hannah Hostak, Christina Johnson Wind Ensemble Nightwind Ensemble Nightmare Before Christmas – Arranged by JJ McNeal and Kyle Patterson 1. Sally’s Song 2. Jack’s Obsession Julianna Chairez, Monique Hillebrecht, JJ McNeal, Kyle Patterson, DaVaughn Alexander,Tony Woodson, Ally Chapel, Diana Garcia, Rachael Baker

13 Intermission Please enjoy refreshments outside the Concert Hall


15 Special Thanks Music Faculty: Nancy Allwein, Jenna Ehrle, Chie Imaizumi, Jonathan Howard, Ted Lassen, Rob Styron and Scott Shively DSA Administration: William Kohut, Pete Castillo, Miranda Odom DSA Band Parents Organization DSA Academic Teachers DSA Staff Alan Lewis: Poster Art DSA Bands Practicing Artists: Flutes/Chamber: Cathy Peterson, Double Reeds/Chamber: Tenley Williams, Clarinets/Chamber: Angela Berktold, High Brass/Chamber: Teresa Carroll, Low Brass/Chamber: Jameson Bratcher, Percussion: Mark Allwein, Sax Student Coach: Sam Crowe

16 The Denver School of the Arts Wind Ensemble Flutes Rachael Baker Carley Cusack Stuart Fahie Amanda Thomas Georgie Seserman Shelbie Heid Oboes Jacob Chae Talia Correll-Jones Aubrey Rhodes Clarinets Genta Tamashiro Eric Seelenfreund George Tourovtsev Tatianna Anderson Madison Rhodes Bass Clarinet Eli Axelrad Ned Woehrle Bassoon Hannah Hostak French Horn Christina Johnson Crystal Simms Saxes Ally Chapel - Alto Diana Garcia – Alto Austin Molock – Tenor Drew Tobler – Tenor Giovanni Thomas - Bari Tony Woodson - Bari Trumpets Julianna Chairez Melinda Ho Kyle Patterson Ryan MacGilvray Nathan Baker JJ McNeal Quintin Berry Monique Hillebrecht Billy Rivera Baritones Shaquiel Wilburn CarolAne Caballeros Trombones Sean Arnett William Kleinsteiber Katie Staton – Unranked Tubas DaVaughn Alexander Zachary A. Page Savannah Lish Percussion Josh Coffey Jose Campuzano Nick Miller Eli Montoya-Pablo David Spicely Sheldon Valdez Basses Kyle Bollacker Nicki Seefried

17 Pas Redouble – Camille Saint-Saens arr. by Arthur Frankenpohl Pas Redoublé is a quickstep concert march reminiscent of the gallops by Offenbach and other 19 th century composers. Originally written for four-hand piano in 1887 and published in 1890, this transcription was made by Arthur Frackenpohl in 1972. On a Hymnsong by Phillip Bliss – David Holsinger The hymn "It is Well with My Soul" is the material for this masterful band arrangement. Written by a Presbyterian laywer Horatio G. Spafford (1828-1888) and composed by Philip P. Bliss (1838-1876), this deeply touching gospel song has become a standard in the band repertoire.

18 First Suite in E Flat for Military Band- Gustav Holst In 1909, when this Suite was written, concert wind band music consisted of reductions of pieces originally scored for orchestras. Thus this suite was revolutionary in that it was written exclusively for wind band and is considered Holst’s first step toward achieving his goal of making the concert band a serious concert medium. Theme and Tirade – Richard Saucedo This piece uses a mixed meter, meaning a measure of 5 beats followed by 2 measures of 3 beats – not your typical time signature. Performing well in different “feels” of rhythmic organization is the sign of a maturing ensemble. This is also a contemporary piece of Wind Ensemble literature. The Bands Department at Denver School of the Arts appreciates your patronage tonight and wishes you all a Happy Veterans Day!


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