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How did Crime in Richmond influence the culture and life style of the first half of the 20th Century? Squizzy Taylor.

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1 How did Crime in Richmond influence the culture and life style of the first half of the 20th Century? Squizzy Taylor

2 What crime happened in Richmond?
Grog dealings Illegal bet’s Prostitution Pickpocketing (minor offences) Robbery Murder Gang Wars (Fitzroy Vendetta)

3 Did life style influence crime in Richmond?
Richmond, Melbourne was taken over by factories in the early 20th century. These factories impacted the lifestyle of those in Richmond of the time. These factories polluted the environment of Melbourne and opened low paying jobs for those in the area. Factory workers were essentially getting payed slave wages. So their payment influences their desperate need for money which inturn also influences crime.

4 Who committed crime in Richmond? and what Crimes were committed?
Squizzy Taylor: Fitzroy Vendetta Murder Pickpocketing Robbery Henry Stokes: Shooting Sarah Thompson: Drunk and Disorderly Geo Read: Abandonment of his two children Edith Brass: Assault

5 What was the lifestyle like in Richmond? And who lived there?
Richmond was mainly inhibited by poor people or people of less wealth. Richmond was considered to be a slum. Richmond contained a lot of factories such as Pelaco Shirt and the Rosella Jam Factory. People in need of work would go to live in Richmond to work in these Factories. Melbourne 1920’s 

6 How was Richmond perceived by the other residents of Melbourne?
Crime changed the reputation of the suburb as it usually does, creating a very negative stigma about Richmond. People were scared to go to Richmond from fear of mugging or other offences. Richmond is like “walking through a continuous cloud of smoke”.

7 What sort of punishments did the crimes committed in Richmond receive?
Death Penalty: Death penalties had been a part of the legal system of Australia since British settlement. During the 1900’s, crimes that committed such as burglary, sheep stealing, forgery, sexual assaults, murder and man slaughter could all result in corporal punishment. In the 19th century about 80 people had been hanged each year in Australia. Before and after the federation of Australia, each state made up its own mind towards corporal punishment. Squizzy Taylor 

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9 Fun Facts Did you know that Squizzy Taylor the infamous criminal went into hiding for over a year. Did you know that Squizzy Taylor had four alias’ Squizzy Taylor, Leslie Grout, Michael McGee and David Donoghue. The last person hanged in Australia was Ronald Ryan for killing a police officer.

10 Gang Wars Fitzroy Vandetta: (1919) Squizzy Taylor the well known criminal of Melbourne was heavily involved in the Fitzroy Vendetta. It was a gang war between those in Fitzroy and Richmond. Squizzy Taylor being the leader of the Richmond gang. The feud origins from a very carefully planned robbery of one thousand four hundred and thirty five pounds worth of diamond rings.

11 Grog Dealings/Illegal Bets
Grog Dealings: Illegal dealings of alcohol took place on the streets of Richmond selling alcohol to underage kids and after hours for extravagant prices. Illegal Bets: Un registered betting on sports and horses.

12 Prostitution/Pickpocketing
Prostitution: The practice or occupation of engaging in sex with someone for payment. Pickpocketing: The art of stealing from someone's pocket or bag.

13 Robbery/Murder Robbery: The act of stealing from a person or place with force. Murder: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

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