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2007 Mt. Vernon High School Marching Wildcats “ Making of a Masterpiece ”

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1 2007 Mt. Vernon High School Marching Wildcats “ Making of a Masterpiece ”

2 Table of Contents Show Outline Show Storyboard Musical Descriptions Listening Examples

3 Show Outline Mvt. I – Introduction “ Preparations ” (:45) Mvt. II – “ Drawing the Line ” (2:00) Mvt. III – “ Taking Shape ” (1:30) Mvt. IV – “ A Splash of Color ” (2:00) Mvt. V – Conclusion (:45) Total Time 7:00

4 Show Storyboard Mvt. I- “ Preparations ” –Start with something in the pit as guard and band set equipment. (w/ Piano solo) –Add in the battery as “ set- up ” idea continues. –Then move to a fanfare of main themes in winds with a “ to the wall ” hit to start the show. Compressed vis. form. –Possible visual might include soloist appearing at the end of intro to be the “ Artist ” throughout the show. We need to be careful to do this without being “ cheesy. ”

5 Show Storyboard Mvt. II – “ Drawing the line ” –Start with simple line forms visually and musically. Use the artist to lead the “ lines ” and shape “ arcs. ” This must be carefully done also! (Similar to the Calloway Geometric show) –Tempo: start moderate and grow in intensity throughout the mvt. –As tempo and patterns become more complex, add visual interest/complex. –Should start almost labored, then become more fluid. –End with a big impact…tight visual form and unison hits in music.

6 Show Storyboard Mvt. III – “ Taking Shape ” –Mysterious Slow Mvt. w/ both Alto Sax & piano/keyboard –WWs add in on a chorale, then answer with brass choir moving to broad full closing in tutti. –Visually we could have the soloist start on a centered box, flanked on each side by a dancer. As we build the big idea have the guard doing body work on/around the tarp. Have the artist discreetly unveiling the line drawing of the artwork by the end. –Line drawing needs to be of our “ masterpiece ” without colors…just barely enough to recognize it.

7 Show Storyboard Mvt. IV – “ A splash of color ” –Careful transition from slow mvt. to moderate tempo w/ drum break and build intensity throughout as winds are added. –Use different sections of the band to represent colors. Maybe even some “ fugue ” ideas being bounced around. (WW/Brass/Per./Guard) –Have artist repeat the concept of working with the “ color ” groups by bringing in/leading each section. –As this movement concludes we should start setting up for tarp change to the final masterpiece. Stage guard on or near the tarp.

8 Show Storyboard Mvt. V – Conclusion –Short fast conclusion. –Swirling rhythm and melodic lines. –Visually drawing everybody to the tarp. –End with tight form around the pit and artist at the tarp to uncover the “ Masterpiece ”

9 Mvt. I – Introduction :45 Introduction (:30) Fanfare (:15) Artists 1 st Appearance Note: All times are approximate…complete show time is the most important at 7 minutes.

10 Mvt. II – “ Drawing the Line ” (2:00) Basic/simple tutti lines at moderate tempo, almost labored (:15-:20) Increased complexity & tempo (:20) Still building less labored (:20) Fast and furious (:40-:50) Close with big hit section (:10)

11 Mvt. III – “ Taking Shape ” (1:30) Mysterious opening moving to Solo (:15) From solo to WW Chorale (:15-:20) Brass choir response (:10-:15) Tutti broad chorale (:30-:40)

12 Mvt. IV – “ A Splash of Color ” (2:00) Intro to drums maybe pit or solo transition? (:10) Drum Break into Winds (:20-:25) Winds – (1:20-1:30)

13 Mvt. V – Conclusion (:45) Fast and furious throughout Start a little more simply (:15) Build and “ swirl ” (:20) Climax with big hit (:10)

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