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The Future of Irrigation Metering. SEAMETRICS ™ FLOW METERS -PRODUCT OVERVIEW-

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1 The Future of Irrigation Metering



4 Specifications, Ag 2000 Flanged meter, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” Flange with holes ANSI 150 lbs Pressure, up to 150 psi, 10.3 bar Temperature range: -12 to 54 degrees (C) Precision: 99.5% + Totalizer: Volume at 6 digits, totalizer at 8 digits, gallons, lps, m3/hr 2 “D” batteries (lithium), 5 year warranty

5 Installation/Specifications, Ag 2000 Option of internal datalogger Installation of meter 2 x distance of diameter of meter and 1x distance of diameter downstream Compatible with most common telemetry communication (10 units/pulse; 100 units/pulse;1000 units/pulse, high frequency) Officially approved by Conagua since 2007

6 What do you need to order? REQUIRED: Meter + Size + Rate + Total i.e., AG2000-800-cfs-ft 3 Options: Output/AC power cord 20ft = -11/6 50ft = -11/35 Data Logger Option -126 Data Transporter Option (Harvest ‘09) Blind Analog Convertor AO55W

7 EX-80 Series Fixed Depth Insertion Magmeter

8 EX-80 fixed insertion magmeters Pipe sizes from 1” to 12” Economical Fittings/Saddles from Seametrics to mount the meters 24 vdc via direct power source or solar panel -17 to 72 degrees (c) Pressure at 150 psi min (200 psi with brass/ss fittings)

9 What do you need to order? Sensor – by pipe size and material 81 series = 1-3 inch 82 series = 4-10 inch 83 series = 12” Brass, 316 Stainless Steel, or PVC Example: EX81B = EX meter, 1-3 inch, brass body EX82P = EX meter, 4-10 inch, PVC body

10 Options: Reverse Flow Output = -15 Immersible = -40 Low Power Option = -50 Viton ® O-Ring = - 125 Indicator: Do you need an indicator or do you have a PLC panel? if so, add FT420/FT421 (this will be covered later)

11 Power Supply The EX meter runs on an external AC power supply. You may purchase the following from SeaMetrics: PC2 (panel type)/PC3 (outlet type) 110-115 VAC, 24 VDC power convertor *** for use with sensor and no indicator PC42 Dual Power Supply *** necessary to power sensor/indicator combo

12 How will you mount your sensor? EX80 series meters are fixed depth and require a special saddle/weld/tee fitting from SeaMetrics to insure accuracy. A standard saddle cannot be used on an EX80 Series meter. Use the following chart to determine how you want to install your EX80 Series Meter:


14 For the EX83, the ductile iron saddle may be used as -1200, or any of the weld on fittings may be ordered as a -1200.

15 Do you need a Datalogger? Order a DL76W or DL76M to go with your EX 80 METER! See Datalogger Section for information on how to order!

16 Seametrics EX100/200 Series Variable depth insertion magmeters


18 Would you rather have an adjustable depth meter? Try the EX101/201 for 3-10 inch or 10-48” pipe! How about a “hot-tap” meter? Try the EX115/215! All of these units order just like an 80-series, but, may use standard saddles! See the price list for options/details…

19 TX and IP Meters Turbines and Paddlewheels

20 Like the EX Series, the TX and IP series come in fixed depth as well as Adjustable and Adjustable hot-tap… The formula for creating a TX or IP is the same as an EX… TX81P = turbine meter, 1.5 to 3”, PVC body see the catalog for options available…

21 As with the EX, the TX and IP have an 80 series, fixed depth which require specific SeaMetrics- made saddles, while the 101, 201, 115, & 215 can use any standard saddle or weld fitting. Charts showing the corresponding 80-series saddle/fitting are found in your price list. There is, one major advantage to the TX and IP meters over the EX-Series…..

22 POWER SUPPLY AND POWER USED!!! If, and only if, you intend to use and FT400- series indicator, and require no signal output, you can use BATTERY POWER on these meters. Do so by ordering an FT415 (battery operated indicator) and “jumping” it to the Sensor.

23 ORDERING FT400’s and DL76’s

24 Most of SeaMetrics’ components are modular when used with an insertion-style meter… Individual parts, FT400, DL76, etc. can be interchanged by attaching to the meter or mounting separately.

25 Both the FT400 Series Indicator and the DL76 Series DataLogger may be mounted on the sensor itself (only one of them can meter-mount at a time), or as a separate, wall-mountable part. This will allow the end-user to decide whether or not the meter will be read or logged from the point of installation or from several feet away. The indicator or datalogger position is indicated by the desingnation “w” or “m” (wall or meter). Example : FT420M, DL76W

26 Ordering the FT400 Series Indicator Choose a base model, FT420 (AC powered), FT415 (Battery powered), FT421 (AC/total in AF). Choose a mounting method, M (meter), W (wall), or P (panel, FT420/421 only) Choose any options… (see price list) Your order will look like this FT420W-98 Indicator, AC power, Wall mounted, with dual relay output.

27 Ordering the DL76 Datalogger DL76 can be ordered as W (wall mount) or M (meter mount). Or Internal on the AG2000 Along with the DL76, you need… DC3 – Download Cable FI-SW-4 or FI-SW-16 – Software and Licenses **Coming in 2009 – the Data Transporter/Drive

28 Introducing….. the AG700 “Bullet Meter” To be released…. Fall of 2009! Same firmware as the AG2000 Same/Similar close coupling availability Ease of installation of a saddle meter

29 The WMP104 and WMP 101 2 inch in-line flow meter Based on similar design to the AG2000 WMP104-200 Runs on AA batteries (life expectancy is one year) No output signal WMP101-200 Requires a power supply Produces output signal (pulse) Both units mount with standard Banjo ® fittings

30 Datalogger DL 75 powered by a battery, for insertion meters or external mounted datalogger (AG 2000 has internal datalogger with same functions) Stores information for weeks or months, depending on set frequency rating (max. 180 days) With Flowinspector software, you can download, store, view, graph, chart, print data in several formats Download information via handheld data transporter or laptop

31 Flowinspector Software PC Compatible Computer with min.: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista; CDRom drive,USB port, Seametrics DC3 data cable Can view all the information on the screen, zoom in by date/time, etc., excel spreadsheet or comma delimited Export Software for one meter or multi meters (up to 16 units/software package)

32 Other Products from Seametrics Low Flow magmeters for chemigation, other low flow applications In-line meters (turbine), of ¾” to 10 inch

33 Accessories from Seametrics Saddles, solar panels, splitters, other items

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