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BEE SME Program in Jamnagar Brass Cluster November 19, 2009.

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1 BEE SME Program in Jamnagar Brass Cluster November 19, 2009

2 Presentation Contents  Brief introduction of cluster  Energy utilization profile in Brass units  Energy conservation opportunities in Brass units  Possible technology modifications  Barriers/issues in Energy Efficiency Penetration

3 Cluster Brief Overview About cluster:  Around 2500 units: GIDC Shankartekri, Udyognagar & Dared  Type of units: Brass foundry, Brass parts Manufacturing, Electroplating & Extrusion  Products: Cycle wall tubes, Battery terminals, Electrical parts, stove parts, Furniture products & Pen parts etc..  Raw materials: Brass scrap, Copper, zinc, Lead & other metal alloys Average production: 20-50 tons per month & 200-500 tons per month (Extrusion) Energy cost is : 25-35% in Foundry, 3-7% in Manufacturing & 3-5% in Electroplating of production cost Around 15-20% of energy efficiency potential existing in cluster

4 Fuel used & typical end use energy requirement Major fuels used in cluster are:  Electrical Energy  Coal  Furnace oil Typical End use energy requirement In Brass foundry units:  200 Kg of coal/day  10 hp Electrical Energy In Brass parts Manufacturing & Electroplating units:  10-30 hp Electrical Energy

5 Major Energy Consuming Equipments  Melting furnaces  Induction furnaces  Reheating furnaces  Annealing furnaces  Hydraulic press (Motors)  Blowers  Cooling towers  Pumps  Compressors

6 Typical process flow chart Preparation of raw material & feeding into Crucible Energy consuming process Pouring into Moulds Melting Thermal Energy Electrical Energy Preparation of raw material & feeding into Crucible Cutting the edges Punching operation Drilling operation Smoothing and Threading Cleaning Electroplating Energy consuming process Pouring into Moulds Melting Thermal Energy Preparation of raw material & feeding into Crucible Electrical Energy

7 Energy Conservation Opportunities Reheating Furnace  Selecting proper capacity and scientifically designed burners  Reducing the radiation losses, by improving the insulation  Design improvements in Reheating furnace (by zoning and flame direction)  Fuel switching option in Reheating furnace  Appropriate capacity of heating and pumping unit in oil service tank  Temperature control inside the Re heating furnace

8 Reheating Furnace ( contd..)  Air-fuel control mechanism, for efficient combustion  Installation of waste heat recovery option in Reheating furnace  Improved design of recuperative system in Reheating furnace  Exhaust gasses location in Reheating furnace  Insulation of fuel supply & air supply lines Energy Conservation Opportunities Contd../-

9 Energy Conservation Opportunities Melting Furnace  Improving the melting furnace lining and insulation  Redesign of melting furnace  Temperature control of molten material  Fuel switching option in melting furnace  Selection and proper capacity and scientifically designed blower  Air-fuel control system Contd../-

10 Energy Conservation Opportunities Induction Furnaces  Reducing the loading time of raw material (using the bundle raw material instead of uneven scrap)  Improving the power factor of induction furnace  Reducing the idle time by installing exclusive energy meters for Induction furnace  Percentage load in Induction Furnace  Adopting Best Operational Practices Contd../-

11 … Energy Conservation Opportunities Electrical utilities:  Replacement of conventional motors with Energy Efficient ones  Use of flat belts in place of conventional belts  Replacement of conventional Blowers with efficient ones  Adopting Best Operational Practices Blowers & Compressors  Replacement of conventional cooling towers with efficient ones  Installation of timers in cooling towers Contd../-

12 Possible Technology Upgradations in cluster Areas for Energy conservation Existing technology Opportunities for technology modifications Percentage of energy saving potential (%) Melting furnace (Crucible) Crucible melting furnaces using coal as fuel for melting Brass Redesigning of existing melting furnace (by increasing the hot gasses retention time and temperature control of molten material) 5-10% Shifting to gas operated melting furnace15-20% Shifting to electrical operated induction melting furnace 20-25% Reheating furnace Reheating furnaces using furnace oil to reheat billets Redesigning of existing reheating furnace (by waste heat recovery options in flue gas, optimal control of air-fuel system) 4-10% Shifting to gas operated reheating furnace12-18% Shifting to electrical operated reheating furnace15-20% Molding systemManual molding Continuous casting machine Productivity and quality improvement Low pressure die casting machine Productivity and quality improvement

13 Issues/Barriers in penetration of Energy Efficiency  Lack of awareness on the Energy efficiency  Lack of organizational commitment  Narrow focus on Energy  Not clear about their existing level of operations and efficiency, due to lack of instrumentation & non availability of Energy consumption data  Limited manpower  Lack of trained manpower  Limited information on new technologies  Implementation cost of Energy conservation options


15 Status / Work Progress in Cluster  Completed Energy use & Technology audit studies in 40 units  Identified the areas of major energy consuming equipments  Identified Energy conservation measures in various types of brass industries  Identified possible technology modifications in the cluster  Local service providers identified for above technologies  Technology suppliers are identified for above technologies  Drawings & Development of proto concepts for new technologies are under finalization  Implemented the no or low cost measures in the cluster

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