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Use Resources Wisely As with most organizations and families, resources are not unlimited. GSHS has many beautiful sites that are underutilized. How.

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3 Use Resources Wisely As with most organizations and families, resources are not unlimited. GSHS has many beautiful sites that are underutilized. How much of our resources can be spent on properties that fewer than 35% of our girls use.



6 Volunteers Visibility Communication Funding



9 Our Winning Proposition GSHS mobilizes volunteers and girls to come together for a girl-led leadership experience. We are best at the following: Teach life skills through financial/entrepreneur literacy and outdoor leadership opportunities Build confidence in girls Develop leadership skills in girls Our Customer Focus GSHS supports volunteers and community partners through its focus on recruitment and retention of all girls 5-17; In our market, we recognize that the younger the girl is introduced to the girl scout leadership experience; the greater the potential of long-term retention and increased volunteer engagement.


11 This process was begun with evaluations and surveys of the members in October 2009

12 Long-Range Property Planning CEO / Staff Market Survey / Program / Property Data Collection & Initial Assessment Summary Report Property Task Group CEO/Staff Invited Volunteers Learn What We Have Market  Existing and projected jurisdiction demographics  5-year membership history and projection  Who are using our sites and facilities and why  Who are not using our sites and facilities and why Program Property  Assess programs by site, by age/progression  Expected program results and outcomes for girls  Cost of each program shown as per/girl, per/day  Identify usage trends, location, right place  What do we own and lease,  Quantify annual operational costs  Quantify deferred maintenance  5-year projection of scheduled capital maintenance

13 Task Groups were established and charged with very specific tasks








21 Membership Trends At a Glance Period ending September 30 th *2008-2009 13,735 2009-2010 11,407 2010-2011 11,007 * Council merger June 1, 2008 and GSHS formed as a new organization

22 Projected Girl Membership Over the Next 3 Years 2011-2012 Membership Year 2012-2013 Membership Year 2013-2014 Membership Year Percent of Council Goal 12,000 Girl Goal 12,500 Girl Goal 13,000 Girl Goal GMA45%5,4005,6255,850 NEMS26%3,1203,2503,380 NWMS12%1,4401,5001,560 WTN17%2,0402,1252,210 Market Share Based on Potential of 240,000 Girls 5%5.2%5.4% Larger increases contingent upon retention and additional membership staff

23 Adult Membership Goal Minimums Over 3 Years *Goals based on girl membership numbers for next 3 years, average troop size (GSHS averages 10-11 girls per troop), and adult/girl ratio of 2:10 2011-2012 Adult Goal Minimum Based on serving 12,000 girls 2012-2013 Adult Goal Minimum Based on serving 12,500 girls 2013-2014 Adult Goal Minimum Based on serving 13,000 girls GMA1,0801,1251,170 NEMS624650676 NWMS288300312 WTN408425442 Total Council Goal2,4002,5002,600

24 Council Budget vs. Product Sale Trends Girl Members 13,735 11,407 11,007 12,000*

25 Girl Membership

26 Administrative Space Attributes Waiting on information to complete OfficeOwned /Leased Square Footage Total Yearly Budget per Sq. Ft. StaffSq. Ft. Per Person MemphisOwned1116526.7920558 TupeloOwned15188 5062 o ccupied 13.8091688 JacksonOwned48828.185976 CorinthLeased14508.2311450 ColumbusLeased135013.733450 GrenadaLeased108034.762540

27 Administrative Center 75 Radius This map represents approximately an hour and a half drive from each location. Memphis - Green Jackson – Purple Corinth – Aqua Blue Tupelo – Olive Green Grenada - Yellow Columbus – Bright Blue


29 Camp Coverage 75 mile radius Parents indicated their willingness to drive between one and two hours to go to one of our Outdoor Properties. This map represents approximately an hour and a half drive from each location. Kamp Kwiani – Blue Camp Tik-A-With a – Purple Camp Cedar Point – Red Fisherville – Gray Annemeekee - Black

30 Camp Survey Parents Responses 39% of Campers responded to Survey 71% of Campers have attended camp 1-3 years 61% Responded that session length should be 5 to 7 days When asked the distance to travel to camp – 39% responded < 2 41% responded 2 – 4 hours When asked what the child’s camp experience was worth- 53% responded $175-250 34% responded less than $175

31 Camp Survey Camper Responses When asked what type of activities would they like to participate in at camp – 71% responded General Camp Activities – songs, outdoor cooking, games, etc. 73% responded Water activities 60% responded Horseback riding 44% responded High Adventure such as Challenge Course 39% responded Trip and Travel When asked what the best thing that happened during their camp experience- 70% responded Friendship Building 63% responded Teambuilding 32% responded Badge work 70% responded that they would return to camp again

32 Camp Budget Information Overnight BudgetCurrentAnnualResidentTotalTotal Annual Acres/Sq FtCapacityUtilitiesExpensesLBEIncome ExpensesIncome Annemeekee104 ac30 $ 2,500 $ 12,689 $ 8,000 $ 1,000 $ -$20,689$1,000 Ceder Point (Leased)150 ac90 $ 16,992 $ 39,014 $ 21,500 $ 10,000 $ -$60,514$10,000 Kamp Kiwani1,250 ac237 $ 16,000 $ 81,526 $ 83,500 $ 6,000 $ 62,500$165,026$68,500 Camp Tik A Witha310 ac173 $ 23,600 $ 43,254 $ 49,125 $ 6,000 $ 112,500$92,379$118,500 Fisherville72 ac90 $ 2,600 $ 15,172 $ 8,800 $ 2,000 $ -$23,972$2,000 Program Training Center6,300 sq ft70 $ 6,300 $ 32,867 $ 11,000 $ 2,500 $ -$43,867$2,500

33 Property Utilization by location (excludes resident camp and council events)

34 Property Usage By Group Type

35 Resident Camp Enrollment

36 Capacity by Session 2011 Resident Camp

37 Campers by Grade 2011 Tik-A-Witha

38 Campers by Grade 2011 Kiwani

39 Camp Tik-A-Witha – Resident Camp 2011 by State

40 Kamp Kiwani – Resident Camp 2011 by State

41 Research Key Insights 31% of our membership utilized our properties. (National Average is 15-25%) 5.4% of our membership attended resident camp ( National Average is 5 – 10%) Kiwani tends to have older campers in grades 6-12 while Tik-A-Witha has younger campers 4-8. Nearly 50% of Tik-A-Witha campers come from Tennessee

42 Insights continued Resident camp capacity for programs offered – Kiwani 50% – Tik-A-Witha 68% Resident camp per girl subsidy – Kiwani $213.55 – TAW $ 10.86

43 Moving Forward Services – What services and resources should we provide out of our office locations to support volunteers, parents and girls? Does each space support an efficient and effective work environment? Program Development – What program elements should we develop for the camp properties to support girls? Volunteers? Please join us for one of our open forums to offer your feedback and suggestions: Volunteer Extravaganza Membership Kickoff – Tupelo August 18 th Tupelo Service Center Volunteer Extravaganza Membership Kickoff – Memphis August 25 th Hutchison School Volunteer Extravaganza Membership Kickoff – Jackson September 8 th Poplar Heights Baptist Church Open Forum Meeting Grenada August 27 th 6:00pm Grenada Service Center

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