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VEHICLE Jarrad Keatley, Steve Nyveld and Simon Langford.

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1 VEHICLE Jarrad Keatley, Steve Nyveld and Simon Langford

2 Our roles and the team. About vehicle development and support INTRODUCTION

3 Hardware changes in the last 6 months Software changes in the last 6 months Problem solving and fault fixing Up and coming... TOPICS

4 Digitax and associated peripherals Meters Benefits of going Digitax HARDWARE

5 Currently available Start/stop from ignition Remote firmware updates Coming Detect GPS antenna disconnection Possibilities Odometer Accelerometer Temperature WiFi hotspot SPECIFIC FEATURES VGA out Card reader Passenger sensor Printers... Recommend upgrading when changing cars

6 Hard reset on units Debug page USB key, make and install 24/7 Support GENERAL FAULT FIXING

7 POWER AND RESET BUTTONS Insert image of WaveON which highlights the different buttons



10 Update USB Key Upload Logs Calibrate Switch Provider Insert image of VERSION tab DEBUG SCREEN VERSION

11 Changed to support large number of vehicles Easier to specify vehicle Will match any part of identifier/rego DEBUG SCREEN CONFIG Insert image of CONFIG tab

12 Update USB key from working unit Can be used to reinstall faulty units Keep updated when new versions released USB Key – create and use

13 Email non-urgent issues WITH EXAMPLES Support answered in office during business hours Phone and email serviced by support staff after hours Be local to the problem 24/7 SUPPORT

14 SMS from vehicle are usually billed Free for app bookings SMS

15 What 2nd and 3rd column list current and upcoming jobs. Where Available (enabled) via fleet property How Press '1234' button or set to auto Warning Auto mode can chew through data ZONE STATS

16 How it works How to find it Course creation (Jason) TUTORIALS

17 Used for testing Driver shift start check list Reports available PANIC TESTER

18 What it was How it works MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS and SUBSIDY PAYMENTS

19 Categories and defaults customisability Rounding customisability Maximums Maximums override SUBSIDY CATEGORIES, ROUNDING and MAXIMUMS

20 Rename via fleet property Where: resubmit, noshow or job completion Blocks jobs for addresses and passengers Blacklists via website (Jason) BLACKLISTING

21 Negotiated fares FARE ACKNOWLEGMENT

22 Not new Job queue Zones, layer, cover Algorithms (Mikey) PLOTTING and COVER

23 Keyboard Screenshots in vehicle log Noshow time-out timer Font sizes Book for me Smartphone booking Checking Account details 8+ attributes on cover screen OTHER FEATURES

24 Requests Address in the vehicle GPS disconnection detection Monitoring log on times Account expiry and passwords Lost property Pre-bookings in vehicle Addresses on bidding screen Start and end times FUTURE FEATURES

25 THANK YOU! Questions?





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