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Welcome to SVR. Online Biz Dream Latar Belakang Program Memenuhi aspirasi kerajaan melalui saranan yang mana konsumer(rakyat Malaysia)

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome to SVR. Online Biz Dream Latar Belakang Program Memenuhi aspirasi kerajaan melalui saranan yang mana konsumer(rakyat Malaysia)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome to SVR

2 Online Biz Dream

3 Latar Belakang Program Memenuhi aspirasi kerajaan melalui saranan yang mana konsumer(rakyat Malaysia) mendapat manafaat ketika mereka berbelanja. Membantu usaha kerajaan untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup rakyat Malaysia untuk menjadikan Malaysia negara maju. Menggunakan platfom umum (common platform) Bukan program kesetiaan(loyalty) Bukan program MLM (multi level marketing) Sistem teknologi canggih berupaya memberikan peluang kepada konsumer mendapatkan pulangan semasa berbelanja. Menyediakan ruang untuk konsumer menjadi usahawan e- dagang yang berjaya.

4 Strategi Perlantikan Merchant Pihak CMDM akan mengenal pasti sasaran atau keutamaan melantik merchant. Memastikan berdasarkan keperluan harian individu(pembeli)/ keluarga (quick turnover) Memastikan pusat/merchant mempunyai rangkaian- kafe(wifi), restoran, butik,aksesori dan sebagainya. Memastikan pihak merchant dapat memberi rebet mengikut garis panduan syarikat SVR International.

5 Proses Perlantikan Pusat Penebusan CMDM perlu menyediakan senarai merchant CMDM perlulah mengenalpasti merchant yang ada potensi dan membuat pilihan yang tepat. CMDM juga perlulah mendapat maklumat merchant (peniaga) melalui pengisian borang pre-qualification form yang diisi oleh merchant. Seterusnya CMDM perlu memberi maklumbalas kepada syarikat untuk memperolehi kelulusan ibu pejabat SVR International. CMDM perlulah memberi taklimat/sesi penerangan kepada pihak merchant. Merchant perlulah mengisi borang Rebate Rate Approval Form untuk persetujuan peratus rebat yang akan dilulus oleh pihak syarikat SVR International. Merchant dikehendaki mengisi borang application forms desertakan dengan dokumen baerkaitan. Seterusnya merchant akan diminta untuk menandatangani perjanjian (Agreement) Langkah terakhir sekali setelah semua proses di atas dan telah mendapat kelulusan syarikat pihak SVR International akan memasang terminal untuk meleretkan kad ahli SVR di permis merchant terbabit.

6 Manafaat Kepada Pusat Penebusan (Merchant) Pusat penebusan akan dapat menarik jumlah pelanggan yang tinggi(banyak) sekali gus akan dapat mempertingkatkan perolehan pendapatan merchant. Pusat penebusan (merchant) akan dapat meningkatkan peratus/kadar jualan setiap bulan. Dapat meningkatkan pengkalan data (data base) pelanggan. Seterusnya pihak merchant dapat menjadikan pelanggan setia untuk terus berususniaga di permis tersebut. Dapat mengurangkan kos A&P (pengiklanan) Dapat meningkatkan jenama Pusat Penebusan.

7 Bagaimana Cara Menjayakan Program Ini ? Syarikat akan melantik pusat-pusat penebusan seperti pasar raya dan sebagainya melalui CMDM yang telah diberi mandat untuk mencari dan melantik merchant di seluruh negara. Market development manager akan menyediakan jadual sesi latihan warga kerja pusat penebusan (Cashiers) apabila merchant bersetuju menyertai program ini. Pihak CMDM (Market Development Manager) akan memberi service kepada pusat-pusat penebusan apabila diperlukan dari semasa kesemasa. CMDM akan memberi maklumbalas ke Ibu Pejabat

8 Strategic Partner KOPMA (Koperasi Pelindung Malaysia Berhad) the cooperative society of Persatuan Pelindunggan Pengguna Malaysia (PPPM) endorses the SVR programme as the SVR programme truly provide value added benefits to the Malaysian consumers. Thus based on SVR's business model and the confidence that the SVR programme can help to stimulate the Malaysian economy therefore KOPMA has acquired a 30% share in SVR Interntaional Sdn Bhd.

9 Company Profile Shopping is a great pastime among Malaysians! There are people who considers shopping to be therapeutic. To top it up there are several Sales and Mega Sales promoted not only by the government but also by the respective shopping complexes and outlets primarily to make Malaysia as a preferred shopping destination while at the same time to stimulate economic growth. Despite all these shopping is still via the conventional manner - passive! The current global economic slowdown has made the discerning shoppers to look out for more good buys. Not necessarily cheap items but more of value added offerings - a value for money proposition and certainly a good return on their spending.

10 Board of Director DATO‘ MOHD FIRDAUS ABDULLAH Advisor MOHD RAFFLEE MOHD YASIN Executive Director UDHAYA KUMAR Card and Payment Services Consultant

11 Our Vision "The effervescent membership programme that provides a horde of new shopping trend and experience.” Our Mission "To interminably offer new shopping trend and experience for the benefits of our SVR members, Candour in the business dealings with our esteemed business partners and more significantly to propound a new shopping trend with the view to amplify members’ allegiance to the SVR brand" Our Objective SVR International is a one card membership operator that focuses on new shopping experience and trend! Our objective is to make all SVR card holders to luxuriate in their shopping extravaganza while at the same time too make our SVR Redemption Centre partners to benefit via the patronage of SVR members!

12 Why SVR International Privilege Redemption Centre SVR Redemption Centre Advantages Ability to attract HIGH TRAFFIC of SVR members to redeem at SVR Redemption Centre thereby providing another source of revenue INCREASE SALES via redemption by SVR members at respective SVR Redemption Centres – using SVR voucher redemption (an innovative payment gateway) INCREASE CUSTOMER BASE within a short period of time via SVR “active” marketing programmes that “pull” members to SVR Redemption Centres Convert SVR members to be respective SVR Redemption Centre’s LOYAL CUSTOMERS! ZERO RISK as no cost incurred for SVR Redemption Centre to participate in programme REDUCE A&P Cost as SVR plans and manages all A&P initiatives to promote all SVR Redemption Centres ENHANCE SVR REDEMPTION CENTRE”S BRANDING in the market via SVR’s effective brand building medium

13 Mechanism For SVR Redemption Centres SVR Redemption Centres joins the SVR programme by offering a rebate to SVR when SVR members spend or redeem at SVR Redemption Centres. This constitutes the 3-in-1 rebate rate that includes customer rewards, payment gateway and marketing initiatives. Thus it is an affordable and cost-effective proposition to any Redemption Centre. SVR shall promote participating SVR Redemption Centres to our members primarily for facilitation of redemption SVR members shall redeem for any products and/or services at SVR Redemption Centres using their SVR Loyalty Voucher (equivalent to cash amount) The respective SVR Redemption Centres shall deduct the amount redeemed by SVR members from their said SVR Loyalty Voucher using the SVR EDC Terminal with the proviso that the SVR member has sufficient credit in their card (debit card transaction procedure) SVR shall pay the said SVR Redemption Centre the NET redemption amount within 3 working days after the transaction is effected base on the system report. The said report is made available to the respective SVR Redemption Centres for their monitoring. The NET redemption amount refers to the redemption (sales) amount after deducting the rebate rate that has been agreed upon by the respective Redemption Centre upon signing up as SVR Redemption Centre. Example: SVR Redemption Centre A agrees to provide a 10% rebate to SVR whenever its members make redemptions at the said SVR Redemption Centre. The calculation as follows: Total Redemption Amount Per Day: RM 1,000 Rebate Rate 10% to SVR : RM 100 Amount payable to SVR Redemption Centre : RM 900 All payments shall be credited to the SVR Redemption Centre’s bank account directly and RM 1 is chargeable to the SVR Redemption Centre as bank service charge for every transfer with a minimum amount of RM 100. SVR Redemption Centre may offer other “freebies” on a first come first serve basis to entice more SVR members to redeem at their respective outlets and within a stipulated time frame.

14 Privilege Redemtion Centre Package 1 unit EDC Terminal A comprehensive and advance reporting system Advertisement in website Marketing programes (contest, printing and POS materials) 1 set of POS materials (bunting, fliers and door sticker) Agreement, Processing, Stamping, Terminal Installation, handling, Training, Pos Materials and Administration Fees. Merchant Have To Pay: Merchant make one time payment to participate in the SVR Programme, SVR shall install one terminal per outlet for the sum of RM1,800 only for Sabah and Sarawak. Refundable deposit for terminal RM 800 only after the agreement end (merchant will receive their refundale Check within 2-3 month after the agreement end from SVR) Merchant shall pay for Agreement, Processing, Stamping, Terminal Installation, Handling, Training, POS Materials and Administration Fees for the sum of RM700 only (deduct from from RM1,800) For the additional Terminal per unit Merchant shall pay for the amount of RM 1,000 and SVR will return the refundable amount of RM800 as the procedure above. SVR shall pre-purchase points from Privilege Redemtion cenre for the amount of RM500 SVR Privilege Redemption Centre 1.KAMDAR 2.GIANT 3.CARS INTERNATIONAL In future time CMDM will bring more merchant to join SVR

15 How Does It Benefit Members What is Rewards Program SVR offers a new and innovative mode to increase consumer spending! The solution that SVR provide is via the cohesive amalgamation - the company, the consumers and the SVR Redemption Centres! SVR offers a new shopping experience and trend via the SVR membership card – one card for the shopping and spending cycle that is of mutual benefit for all parties who partake in this programme. Being far-sighted SVR shall incessantly seek for pioneering ideas to gratify the SVR members Shopping Voucher Rewards International (SVR)

16 How Does It Benefits Members As a SVR Gold Card holder, you can earn unexpected reward while spending. The followings are part of your privilege: Earn 1% up to 20% rebate when you shop at our participating SVR Redemption Centres Enjoy instant lucky draw while making payment with SVR card at our selected SVR Redemption Centres You may entitle to receive a special discount voucher or seasonal free gift from time to time only at selected SVR Redemption Centres The most wonderful rewards is SVR International will consolidate through Biz Dream grouping points and convert the rebate points into cash payment. The maximum cash reward is RM50,000 per month You are not only being a smart consumer for the above benefits, you too are given an opportunity to earn a lucrative residue income through our member referral program.

17 How to sign up as member Kindly download SVR Member Joining Form at [DOWNLOAD], fill up the detail info, and Call or to Our representative person MY CMDM CODE: INHQR00029 SVR Cards. SVR SVR Rewards SVR Gold Cards Rewardsrds Rewards SVR Cards. SVR SVR Rewards SVR Gold Cards Rewardsrds Rewards SVR Gold Cards SVR Cards. SVR SVR Rewards SVR Gold Cards RewardsSVR SVR Rewards SVR Gold Cards Rewards SVR Gold SVR International takes the lead in introducing a new shopping trend whereby consumers have the opportunity to reap greater benefits. Consumers only need to apply for the SVR International card to enable them to enjoy their shopping at selected merchants and at the same time enjoy the privileges attached to it. The SVR International card is neither a credit nor a cash card. Thus members shall be in the position to monitor and control their expenditure to suit their budget and at the same time avoid wastage. This shall make members to be “smart shoppers.” We have 2 types of SVR Membership: 1. SVR Gold Member Card 2. SVR Silver Member Card - Win attractive prizes with every purchase - Participate in great promotions - Ability to add value to your money - Get rewarded by introducing a new member - State of the art spending system, safe and credible - Reduces cash transactions when shopping

18 Bio-Energy Card The Functions of Bio-Energy Card - Anti-ageing - Enhance blood synthesis process - Amplify blood flow - Increase oxygen level - Heighten brain power - Increase metabolism rate - Minimize toxic level - Decrease fatigue - Reduces effects of radioactive - Increases aura

19 How To Make Payment :- Cara Pembayaran SVR International Sdn Bhd BANK ACCOUNT Maybank (MBB) - Account number : Public Bank (PBB) - Account number : After deposit please SMS as below example:- Selepas deposit sila sms seperti contoh di bawah :- Amount Bank Time Date Member ID Jumlah wang Bank Masa Tarikh Member ID Example / Contohnya: RM100 MBB my RM100 PBB my SENT TO Hantar Kepada : Note: Deposit time must be in 6 digits(e.g: = 1 o'clock 10 min 32 seconds) Masa deposit mesti dalam 6 angka ( contoh : = Pukul 1 petang 10 min 32 saat)

20 SVR International Sdn Bhd 2F-22,IOI Business Park, Persiaran Puchong Jaya, Puchong Selangor Malaysia

21 How to Join Us Just Contact:

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