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* House Bill 5, Section 46; Texas Education Code Section 39.0545.

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1 * House Bill 5, Section 46; Texas Education Code Section 39.0545

2 Sharp Elementary Fine Arts Program Rated Exemplary Sharp Elementary offers a variety of lessons and activities that promote the fine arts TEKS. The school offers opportunities for students to learn and participate in UIL Music and Art, choir, guitar ensemble, and recorder groups. Concerts are provided to students and parents throughout the year to showcase what they have learned. Additionally, Sharp embraces strong community relationships with the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts and Camille Playhouse. Through these relationships, students were provided some opportunities to enhance their knowledge in the arts by visiting these places to view exhibitions and musicals. Students were able to visit the King Tut Exhibition, The Wings of the City Exhibition, and were able to watch the musicals “Shrek” and “The Little Mermaid” this school year. Also, students and teachers celebrated book characters through parades and performances. Sharp strongly promotes the fine arts instructional programs for its scholars.

3 Sharp Elementary Wellness and Physical Education Programs Rated Exemplary In order to promote wellness and physical education programs, Sharp teachers and staff work together to get students actively involved in physical activities and health. This school year students and staff participated in 10 community running races. Also, students were active in raising money and participating in Hoops for Heart and Jump Rope for Heart events. But it does not stop there. Sharp physical education staff organized basketball camps free of charge to 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, and 5 th grade students teaching them the fundamentals of the game and providing them opportunities to play in basketball games. In promoting wellness, students and parents were provided presentations from Rodeo Dental, Nutrition experts, and participated in free Zumba classes. Furthermore, Sharp families participated in the annual Viva tu Vida event and yoga classes. Promotion of wellness continued by having 100% of campus staff participating in BISD Wellness checks. Lastly, each year Sharp participates in Red Ribbon Activities and the Breakfast in the Bag Program to further nurture our students’ healthy lifestyles. Sharp will continue to promote these activities with fidelity.

4 Sharp Elementary Community and Parental Involvement Rated Recognized Sharp strives to create strong, collaborative relationships with parents and community members and organizations. From the first days of school, campus administration, teachers, and the parental involvement department work on establishing strong communication links and opportunities for parents and community members to be involved in the education of Sharp students. The majority of information parents receive during parent meetings discuss the academic programs at Sharp, state and local assessments, and strategies parents can use to help their children. In addition, community members are invited to speak to parents about issues such as parenting, safety, health, insurances, and assistance programs. Sharp is always open to inviting members of the community to give presentations to our students on a variety of issues. Students gain expertise and exposure to knowledge outside of school and further enhance their education. Furthermore, Sharp encourages students to give back to their community by participating in events such as canned food and toy drives during the holidays, and participating in the annual Buddy Fun Meet.

5 Sharp Elementary 21 st Century Workforce Development Rated Exemplary Sharp Scholars are College and Career Bound! 100% of students participated in College Awareness Days this school year. Each classroom adopted a university and created an informational display board to showcase in our main building for all to see. Teachers and students also created university banners that are hung around the school. In addition, the campus celebrated college awareness by wearing college shirts each Thursday for the entire school year. Likewise, BISD counselors visited with Sharp 5 th grade students to provide them information on college. To further prepare our 4 th and 5 th graders for college, counselors organized a Career Day in which 20 members of the workforce community came to present on their occupations. Sharp will continue to promote college awareness and career days.

6  Insert picture(s) here Sharp Elementary Second Language Acquisition Program Rated Exemplary Sharp offers a strong and effective second language acquisition program for all ELLs. ELL students are provided many research-based instructional strategies and curriculum resources that focus on second language acquisition. Parents of ELLs are also supported by being provided information and resources on how to help their children acquire English through information pamphlets, parent meetings, and teacher conferences. Sharp English Language Learners were provided several cultural awareness opportunities this school year. Some opportunities included a Día de los Muertos presentation for 4 th grade ELLs, a school Charro Days parade for all ELLs, and attending the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts Kit Tut Exhibition and The Wings of the City Exhibition for 3 rd, 4 th, and 5 th grade ELLs. To further enhance their cultural awareness, 5 th grade ELLs created Native American Projects and presentations, 2 nd grade ELLs read books on Martin Luther King, Jr., and PK and Kinder ELLs celebrated Día de los Niños. Bilingualism and Cultures are embraced and celebrated at Sharp Elementary.

7 Sharp Elementary Digital Learning Environment Rated Recognized Sharp Elementary strongly believes technology improves student performance when the applications directly support the curriculum objectives and goals being assessed. Our teachers and students continue moving towards teaching and learning using a variety of technology supports alongside learning all of the vocabulary and concepts as required by the Technology TEKS. In addition, Sharp continues to train teachers and students on the latest software programs and online websites our district provides. Sharp is moving towards further enhancing our digital teachers and digital learners.

8 Sharp Elementary Dropout Prevention Strategies Rated Exemplary Sharp elementary provides At-Risk students a rigorous and challenging education program. Both teachers and administrators meet consistently to view and discuss students’ progress and performance. Furthermore, At-Risk students’ achievement scores are reviewed and broken down to identify strengths and weaknesses. Teachers and administrators then discuss and plan the type of instruction students will receive to include effective research-based instructional strategies that will allow students to master the TEKS at higher levels of complexity and at higher levels of depth and knowledge. If needed, interventions are noted through a Response to Intervention (RTI) plan. Additionally, these students are provided instructional support before, during, and after school and on Saturdays through tutorial programs. Summer time programs are also available for students as well. Sharp is committed to ensuring the academic success of all At-Risk students.

9 Sharp Elementary Gifted and Talented Program Rated Exemplary The Gifted and Talented Program at Sharp offers numerous opportunities that challenge GT students to develop academically, artistically, socially, and emotionally. All classroom teachers are GT trained and continue their GT professional development each school year. GT students are very involved in Chess, DI, Science Fair, and UIL organizations. Highlights for our GT students this year include: Individual and team placements at state and national tournaments Individual and team placements at all BISD chess tournaments 5 th Grade DI team placing 1 st place at DI State Competition and 5 th place at DI Globals Competition 2 nd grade and 3 rd grade DI teams placing 5 th at the DI regional competition. Individual, team, and overall placements at UIL competition Individual placements at Science Fair Our school will continue to promote these opportunities for our GT students.

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