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What’s New…in 7 mouse clicks Asthma Action Plan 3.0 Click.

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1 What’s New…in 7 mouse clicks Asthma Action Plan 3.0 Click

2 Overview of Changes New Tabs Added Indicators to Assist Data Entry Remove Inhaled Steroid and Oral Steroid Entries Expanded Medications Flexibility Oral Steroid Can Include Both Volume and Weight Preview of Yellow Zone on Data Entry Tab Greater Control Over Quick Relief Med Dosages Click

3 Instructions Tab 3 sections: Customizing Asthma Action Plan file Adding Completed Plan to AHLTA Explaining Each Item on Data Entry Tab Calculations Tab Describes in words and examples the calculations used on the Plan FAQ Tab Additional information about using the Asthma Action plan in a Question-and-Answer format. Change: New Tabs Click

4 Change: Expanded Medications Flexibility To add flexibility to the medication choices, the dosage and medication names are separate items. With the number of meds and dosage possibilities, this reduces the amount of time you spend scrolling through the lists. Med and Dosage Unlinked 1 1 More Medication Choices To reduce the time spent in the Controller Medication dropdowns, the contents of the lists change to contain only meds typically given to patients of the age group (Younger than 6, 6 to 12 years, Adult). Of course, the age can be overridden to see meds for another age group or to see all medications available. It’s your choice! Med List Customized by Age To increase the chance that the medication you want is preset in the Plan, the Controller Medication dropdowns show more entries than ever before! 33 22 Click

5 Changes: Other Medication Changes Timing of the Quick Relief Med Dosages for Poor Response can cover either a certain number of minutes per hour or hours for a number of days. Both can be used, or both can be removed from the Plan. It’s your choice! The Oral Steroid can include the dosage in both milliliters and milligrams. The patients no longer has to do the conversion. The volume can be directly entered or can be computed using the Pediatric Dosage Volume formula automatically. Should you choose not to include either an Inhaled or Oral Steroid, you can remove them from the Plan completely. Again, it’s your choice! Remove Inhaled and Oral Steroid Entries! Oral Steroid Can Include Both Volume and Weight! Greater Control over Quick Relief Medication Dosages! Click

6 Changes: Preview of Yellow Zone Indicators to Assist Data Entry To reduce your frustration, indicators now appear when a required entry is not made. For instance, should you choose a medication and forget to choose a dosage, a black arrow will appear next to the Dosage dropdown. Likewise, should you choose the Peak Flow Breathing Measurement but leave off the Best Peak Flow, the Best Peak Flow field will highlight in orange. Indicators to Assist Data Entry To eliminate time you spend flipping back and for the between the Data Entry and Printed Plan Tabs, the text of your Yellow Zone choices appear on the Data Entry Tab next to your selections. Preview of Yellow Zone on Data Entry Tab 2 2 1 Click

7 Conclusion Version 3.0 of the Asthma Action Plan has been modified to increase accuracy and reduce errors based on feedback from medical providers throughout the world. To suggest changes, please contact the technical expert at this following e-mail address: Click

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