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Rev. 6.2012 SYBASE ASE: LOGICAL RESOURCE MANAGER Sybase Administration Tools available at: mailto:

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1 Rev. 6.2012 SYBASE ASE: LOGICAL RESOURCE MANAGER Sybase Administration Tools available at: mailto:

2  The tools posted on the blog will require the same setup: 1.Sybase Client installed (for tools connecting to ASE server). 2.Administrative login user (for tools doing ASE administration). 3.A set of two or more.dll files supplied with the installation – performing licensing and environment operability checks.  All the tools have been tested to run bug-free. Nonetheless, the tools are provided “as is.” Responsibility for running a tool lies with the user. Comments and bug reports are welcome. They will be addressed and rectified. Please send the comments either directly by mail or through the blog.  As with any tool, it is recommended to start using it in the development environment before trying it on the Production Server. NOTE AND DISCLAIMER:

3  The tool is designed to make the task of logical subdivision of ASE resources into a comfortable task.  The tool allows subdividing ASE “CPU” resources into logical entities: engine groups or thread pools and execution classes and thereafter (un)binding objects/SPIDs (from)to the execution classes created.  The tool also provides an ability to inspect resource utilization of an ASE from multiple points of view: engine workload, heavy statements statistics, table scan statistics, spinlock statistics, per-login resource utilization statistics &c.  The idea is to be able to inspect the current utilization of ASE resources before getting to the task of logical division. Likewise, after the logical division has been set in place, the tool allows to inspect its impact on the ASE server. LOGICAL RESOURCE MNGR: QUICK INFO

4 On startup, the tool displays current logical resource division and a simple API to divide the available resources. The top right section makes the following functionality available:  Threads/Engines Available signifies how many actual resources are there to work with.  Setup engine group/thread pool API.  Setup execution class API.  Bind execution class API.  Bind SPID to an execution class API. LRM: DIVIDING THE RESOURCES

5 The rest of the tool addresses the issue of inspecting how the resources are used.  Reportstat: shows login/CPU ratio.  Engine Utilization: Busy %, Run Q.  Active locks: enhanced sp_lock.  Process Stats: enhanced sp_who.  Login Groups: login/ex.class ratio.  Engine Workload: spid/engine ratio.  Engine Stats: monEngine data.  Exec Class by SPID: the ratio. Continued on the next slide…. LRM: INSPECTING RESOURCE USAGE

6  SPID session attributes: Ex. Class to SPID bindings.  Spinlocks: ASE spinlocks.  Top X CPU Statements: CPU gobblers.  Top X CPU Processes: ditto.  Active Table Scans (QRY/SP): as said.  Query Metrics: 15.x sysquerymetrics view (if enabled, see ASE documentation). Most of the data may be sorted/filtered on retrieval and exported. SPIDs plan may be inspected and SPID[s] may be terminated. [Esc] returns the application to the resource manager pane. LRM: INSPECTING RESOURCE USAGE

7  The tool is being reworked from time to time to address changes in the ASE and align it better with ASE administrators needs.  In order to make the software better and more convenient your feedback is encouraged.  Feedback and bug reports may be made either directly to or posted as comments to the tool page published on the blog.  The blog is available at  More tools are available there, as well as general comments on Sybase ASE, RS (and in future IQ) products.  You are welcome to post your own ideas there which may be later transformed into customized tools and posted there for download. LRM: FEEDBACKS

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