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ME 20 Lab: AutoCAD Tutorial 1 Review

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1 ME 20 Lab: AutoCAD Tutorial 1 Review
Any questions?

2 ME 20 Lab: Design Project Fall 2012

3 Design Project: Requirements
Indentify design problems (recognition of a need) Explore alternative solutions (conceptual design) Present in poster form your most promising solution

4 Design Project: Milestones
“Bug” List – September 19 5 ideas for new products or modifications. Think of things that “bug” you Problem Sketch – October 17 A 3-D sketch of the problem Solution Sketch – October 31 A 3-D sketch of your proposed solution Open Labs – Weeks 14 and 15 Due Date: Friday, December 14 5:00 – 6:00

5 “Bug” List Come up with a list of 5 things that “bug” you
Should be things with a physical solution but you do not need to have a solution just yet Write them down with a sketch (if you’d like) and submit next lab

6 ME 20 Lab: Tutorial 2 AutoCAD: New commands


8 Review: Object Snap [OSNAP]
Status/Option bar: Right click “OSNAP” and select “Settings” Left click to turn on and off

9 Move and Copy If you need to move 1 or more objects:
Select the objects Use: Modify > Move Move Tool “move” or “m” Select a “base” point (any is fine) Move and place selection where you want If you need to copy 1 or more objects: Same as above, using: Edit > Copy Copy Tool “copy” CTRL + C (use CTRL + V to paste and place)

10 Trim Tool Trim unwanted portions of a single geometric figure
Can use to make arcs out of circles Modify > Trim or “trim” Select “trimming boundary” > “Enter” Select segment to trim

11 Trim Example

12 Extend Tool Extend a line that does not go as far as you’d like to a boundary Must have the “end limit” defined in drawing Modify > Extend or “extend” Select “end limit” > “Enter” Select side to extend

13 Extend Example

14 Fillet Tool A fillet is a rounded corner: MUST define radius (default
is set to 0) Ways to begin a fillet: Modify > Fillet Fillet tool “fillet” or “f”

15 Fillet Tool Type “radius” and input desired radius
This step is very important otherwise the tool will not work correctly Select the two lines to create the fillet between These do not have to be at 90° angle

16 Offset Example

17 Offset Create the object you want to offset Begin offset by:
Modify > Offset Offset tool “offset” or “o” Specify the distance you want to offset Select the object to offset and click on the side you’d like it to offset to May have to repeat multiple times to get desired shape

18 Problem with Offset

19 Mirror Why draw all this: When you only need to draw this:

20 Mirror Look for symmetry in objects Start mirror by:
Modify > Mirror Mirror tool “mirror” Select objects you would like to mirror Draw a line you would like to mirror objects about Select “N” or “Y” – if you would like to erase original object

21 Array Likewise, you can do this: With just this:

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