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Introducing the new Socrates Platform

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1 Introducing the new Socrates Platform
a tour of new features Introducing the new Socrates Platform This presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint and it is best viewed in Slide Show. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations you’ll create in PowerPoint 2010! For more sample templates, click the File tab, and then on the New tab, click Sample Templates.

2 Introducing Princeton Economics International
Princeton Economics International™ (PEI) Founded in 1981 and became perhaps the largest global strategic advisory firm in the world with assets under contract exceeding $3 trillion by 1998. More Information on PEI Martin Armstrong Chairman Martin Armstrong has over 45 years of Financial Experience. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model. More Information on Martin

3 Introducing Socrates – New Platform from PEI
Monitors International Capital Flows to provide the only international perspective of the financial world. Accumulates knowledge building upon the accomplishments and failures of the past. Generates analysis without any human intervention. Gathers financial data from stocks, bonds, commodities, political trends, wars, civil unrest, and economies.

4 Introducing Socrates – New Platform from PEI
Herbert Hoover wrote in his memoirs about the Great Depression: “Foreign government reserve deposits were constantly driven by fear hither and yon over the world. We were to see currencies demoralized and governments embarrassed as fear drove the gold from one country to another. In fact, there was a mass of gold and short-term credit which behaved like a loose cannon on the deck of the world in a tempest-tossed era.”

5 Introducing Socrates – New Platform from PEI
What Herbert Hoover saw in hindsight is still not understood nor taught in school to this very day – everything is connected. Socrates was designed on this simple principal of connectedness. The flow of capital around the globe drives the booms and bust within economies and alters the course of politics. Capital Flow Analysis is the study of the international capital flows. We invented Capital Flow Analysis, which gave birth to Socrates. Where everything is correlated and viewed through the prism of world in all currencies.

6 Portfolio Analysis / Speech Recognition
Launching Socrates Three Phases 1 Global Market Watch 2 Socrates Analysis 3 Portfolio Analysis / Speech Recognition 2013 Q We have features for every step of the way

7 1 GLOBAL MARKET WATCH Pattern Recognition Systems

8 GLOBAL MARKET WATCH – See the World in a Snapshot
The Global Market Watch is designed to provide an objective computer analysis of all leading world markets based upon technical price movement manifested through pattern recognition. This is not an interconnected global correlation, but each market is analyzed using the same tools and in this manner, the tables provided give you a quick bird’s-eye view of the world without having to read books of analysis just to ascertain that nothing need be done or some action should be taken. This table is completely generated by our computer model monitoring the world financial markets each day. This is NOT intended to provide a fundamental comment in any way whatsoever nor trading recommendations. In any given market, there might be intervention, supply/demand issues or even market manipulators that could be affecting the trend of that market for a brief period arising from banks or governments. This computer analysis is purely designed to provide an unbiased view of the trend not dependent upon human input or interpretation. This enables it to be consistent. In analysis, the NUMBER ONE reason for failed forecasts always comes down to human opinion. One cannot forecast something they have no personally experienced. The only way to approach the global economy is to see it from the bird’s-eye view and approach it with an essential unbiased perspective. If you have a preconceived expectation, you are more-likely-than-not to fail in your trading and investment.

The Global Market Watch provides analysis based upon five levels of price activity. All five of these levels might agree at times or they may even be in opposite positions simultaneously reflecting counter-trend moves or even the start of a change in trend long-term. Our computer analyzes each level in a separate and independent manner. The purpose of differentiating all three levels is to provide an indication of the overall market condition. Short-term changes in trend are common. You get a rally in a bear market and the bulls come out and declare the low is in place. Likewise, a market will be on its way to breakout out long-term to enter a Phase Transition while the majority is bearish proclaiming the market will crash any day now. The Global Market Watch is designed to differential these types of differing trends to slice through the confusion while identifying the markets that agree on all levels illustrating the trend is still intact. The primary objective is to ELIMINATE personal opinion as much as possible. DAILY LEVEL The Daily trend of any market may swing from bullish to bearish and back again as many as 35 times during the course of a full year. Any market naturally oscillates back and forth regardless if it is in a broader bull or bear market mode. Nothing moves straight up or down forever without making reactions along the way. Therefore, this indicator is intended for those interested in extremely short-term trading patterns. WEEKLY LEVEL The Weekly level of a market is where most portfolio analysis begins. Large investment portfolios cannot move big positions back and forth for a minor reaction over the course of a few days. For this reason, the daily trend might turn bearish while the weekly trend could remain bullish or neutral. Disagreements between levels merely suggests that a change in the broader trend has not become possible until some change from bullish to bearish or vice versa takes place on the weekly level. It is common to see the weekly level swing back and forth between bullish and bearish perhaps as many as 4 to 12 times per year. This often indicates a shift in near-term trend where perhaps a reaction might last for 3 to 13 weeks. This is when you should refer to the Reversals in that given market. Turning bullish to bearish on the daily and weekly level is NOT a confirmation of a change in long-term trend just yet. MONTHLY TO YEARLY LEVEL The Monthly level of a market is where the long-term trend actually is defined. The Monthly level distinguishes the dividing line between what we would call a bull and bear market. Swings from bullish to bearish are far less common and may take place perhaps once or twice over a several year period. Look to the Monthly level to determine if a long-term trend is still in motion or if there is some danger of making a significant change in the overall tone of a market.

From time to time, the comments offered by the computer on a yellow background are intended to highlight a possible important event in trend. Comments such as “POSSIBLE IMPORTANT HIGH” or LOW are determined by the computer’s ability to test that market against historical patterns of how ALL markets reach major highs or lows. This is not limited to the pattern of just that given market. When the text is BOLD, the current pattern in a market has matched some other major historical event. The time-period against which this is tested spans hundreds of years using all markets globally. CRASH MODE/BREAKOUT MODE From time to time, the computer will provide a comment “CRASH MODE” or “BREAKOUT MODE”. These comments are based upon the internal momentum of a given market be it to the downside or upside respectively. This is not determined by historical pattern recognition, but rather by quantitative models including stochastics in combination with a variety of other methods. Again, such comments are intended to be a cautionary note rather than a buy or sell signal. BACKGROUND COLOR The background color on computer comments is also a function of the computer’s determination of trend. For example, the word BULLISH on a light green background is less than one on a dark green background. The same is true for pink and red. Gray is used for neutral positions where the trend can go either way. Of course, turning neutral after being bullish may have a higher degree of turning bearish in the aftermath if other levels are shifting into that direction as well. SUMMARY The Global Market Watch is not a trading system by itself. Its purpose is to provide a guide to the entire world financial markets analyzed objectively so you need not read countless reports. Once you become familiar with the systems, using the same identical model allows you to transfer your experience from one market to the next. In this way, the interdependent global economy can be monitored quickly, efficiently, and objectively avoiding the pitfalls of personal opinion. Do keep in mind that this Global Market Watch does NOT replace individual market analysis be it system, technical or fundamental. We will provide the individual market reports with turning points, Reversals, and technical analysis for each market on a global perspective. These will be available entirely written by the computer for all such markets and individual shares worldwide. The intent of the Global Market Watch is to draw your attention to what is unfolding on a global basis. In this manner, portfolios can be managed far more efficiently. We will be providing a tool for customizing a Global Market Watch where you can select what you want to monitor including individual shares.

11 Pricing Information Pricing
The Global Market Watch is offered in two Packages: Basic & Premium. Note this is an introductory offer. Pricing Information

12 2 Socrates Analysis Timing Models, Reversal Price Points, Market Commentary

13 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Capture all the trades
Socrates will also do the technical analysis for you. Socrates can look at a chart and draw the technical analysis and provide the precise mathematical results of that analysis. Can generate a variety analytical perspectives from oscillators to Elliot Waves and Bifurcation Chaos Analysis looking for those moments of Strange Attractors.

14 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Capture all the trades
The Socrates system, will enable you to view the various studies Volatility models Energy studies Relativity studies Currency analysis

15 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Trading Signals & Recommendations
The Socrates system, will give you trading signals for each of the markets we cover. This will give you a perspective of how the model trades. It will also display the current holdings of such instrument. Example of trading commentary: On the weekly level of our model we remain LONG 5 positions. The last LONG position was taken on the close of 03/14/2015 at Our general target objective would be to SELL a new high at We look to cover all positions using a SELL just below the price level. From a timing perspective, you may want to consider taking profits if new highs are established on 3/20/2015, 3/27/2015 or 4/04/2015.

16 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Capture all the trades
Indications give you a summary of long term and short term trends, if a market is in a bullish mode or bearish mode. The model follows momentum and cycles to determine the outcome.

17 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Forecast Arrays
Socrates is renowned for working out the cyclical analysis and turning points that no one else has been able to accomplish of a global consistent basis. Everything moves is a cyclical manner, yet how that movement takes place is three-dimensional. Every aspect is mapped from how markets move that includes volatility in various dimensions from over-night to intraday and wild days of sharp moves and flash crashes.

18 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Reversal Points
In any market or economic statistic, there is some point, if crossed, which marks the beginning of a change in trend. These specific price levels exist in all time series and might be thought of as key pressure points. They reflect the invisible inflection point related to entropy. When the reversal points are elected, they provide a buy or sell signal for the investor. This system provides precise trading targets, which will manifest themselves into buy or sell signals.

19 SOCRATES ANALYSIS– Reversal Points
Visually see the gaps within the reversal points. This is perfect for capturing that “big” trade.

20 Pricing Information Pricing
The Analysis Page is offered in numerous formats. Either a Pay per Click access or a Subscription Service .* Pricing Information *Note this is an introduction offer and pricing scheme could change at any time. ** We intend to offer a variety of subscription packages include a “Sector Subscription.”

21 Socrates Moving Forward
3 Socrates Moving Forward Ability to Track your Portfolio and Speech Synthesis

22 SOCRATES – Moving Forward
Socrates will answer questions about markets from an analytical perspective. You can ask: what was the price activity on September 3rd, 1929 in the Dow or what is the current correlation of an instrument. Support and resistance can be answered or where are the turning points ahead.

23 SOCRATES – Portfolio Analysis
The Personalized Portfolio will allow you to select your investments and then monitor them in the base currency of your choice. There will be the added function of Socrates monitoring each instrument and providing recommendations for trading, hedging, and investment. You will be able to have Socrates send you alerts if the trend appears to be changing.

24 – Martin’s Blog
Armstrong Economics mission is to provide a public service for the average person, to enable them to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis possible. We provide an integrated comprehensive global modelled approach that is free of personal bias, bravado, or other nonsense to enable you to see the inherent inner-workings of the world economy to grasp how everything is truly integrated into a single enterprise driven by international capital flows. Forecasting the World economy and markets becomes possible only when approached on a stoic unemotional basis from an international perspective. Trying to forecast a single market is dangerous for everything is interconnected on a global scale. Personal opinion has no place in forecasting any more than in religion. It was personal opinion that argued for centuries the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe with everything revolving around it. Galileo spent life in prison for daring to disagree with such opinions.

25 Access Anywhere Princeton Economics International Homepage
Martin Armstrong’s Personal Blog The Forecaster Movie Homepage Socrates To Be Announced.

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