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Persuasive Essay Writing 1.Brainstorm or Pre-Writing 2.Rough Draft 3.Revise and Edit FINAL DRAFT.

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1 Persuasive Essay Writing 1.Brainstorm or Pre-Writing 2.Rough Draft 3.Revise and Edit FINAL DRAFT

2 Prompt: Does cell phone text messaging interfere with healthy interaction and communication? THESIS The opportunities a person has for face to face communication and healthy, emotional interaction are threatened and are becoming significantly reduced.

3 After constructing your thesis, you need to think of three (3) supporting reasons for your persuasive defense.

4 Brainstorming [Body Paragraph 1] Text messaging can’t be the primary way of keeping in touch w/ family and friends. A text can’t convey the complete seriousness or humor of a situation or story. Can’t get full story or be able to assess a situation given the limited space of a text. Creates isolation. Texting separates a person’s ability to hug someone or express themselves through body language. ?

5 Brainstorming [Body Paragraph 2] The constant disruption of incoming texts are downright rude and disrespectful during active conversation or instruction. People chose to immediately respond to text rather than attend to the person at hand. Trying to have a meaningful conversation while someone is constantly checking their texts is impossible. ? This creates a barrier in human understanding and genuine concern and compassion. A person’s attention is split as they try and deal with both conversations simultaneously.

6 Brainstorming [Body Paragraph 3] Some topics and issues shouldn’t be discussed via a text message. Trying to solve an argument or a problem through texting creates more frustration and misunderstandings. This doesn’t provide the most appropriate or conducive environment to talk through a problem or come to a compromise. ? For example, texting a break- up or some slanderous rumor you heard is cruel and cowardly. This leaves emotions “hanging” and a person feeling a lack of closure or explanation.

7 Now, take your random, brainstormed thoughts, ideas, and examples, and begin organizing them into a Rough Draft.

8 Text Messaging Replaces Human Interaction In today’s society, passing notes in class and hurrying home to anxiously wait for that long-awaited phone call are a thing of the past. The ability to use a cell phone to send a text message has begun to diminish human interaction. There are those people who adamantly vowed never to fall prey to text messaging as a form of communication. However, even the most well-intentioned have found themselves sucked into informal one-liners with family and friends. Text messaging has become the most convenient and expedient way to send and receive information without waiting or being startled by the disruption of a phone call. This enables a person to read, and respond to, a message at their leisure. Hence, the opportunities a person has for face-to-face communication and healthy, emotional interaction are being threatened and becoming significantly reduced. Original, catchy title

9 Transitional Words Meanwhile Eventually Instead Nevertheless Similarly Hence Besides In fact Afterwards Finally Likewise Thus Moreover Furthermore Also However Therefore Consequently Indeed Although For example Soon Later As a result Namely Secondly In consequence

10 Even the most reluctant can admit that text messaging is a great tool for communicating when used appropriately and as a supplemental means of contact. Initially, the idea behind texting was to enhance convenience and make communicating quicker and easier. Yet, it can also hinder and impede a person’s daily routine. The real task is learning to incorporate cell phone use and text messaging into our lives without becoming dependent upon it. It wouldn’t be so bad if every once in awhile we left our phone at home in order to fully enjoy our time spent outdoors or with a close loved one. Mostly, it comes down to simply learning the appropriate boundaries for what is acceptable and respectful.

11 Criteria For A Proficient Essay 1.Basic demonstration of brainstorming and rough draft requirements. 2.Thesis (argument) is evident and writer is adequately focused on prompt. 3.Recognizable Introduction and Conclusion. 4.Writing is interesting and worth reading; with more time and revision, essay could easily demonstrate advanced writing skills. 5.Only a few minor errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure. 6.Vocabulary is decent and does not repeat itself. 7.Demonstrates great typing and formatting skills. [Or beautifully written.] 8.Some evidence of personal example and/or reflection. Shows beginning ability to analyze and critically think.

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