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D&C 137. MISSIONARY MOMENT “We already baptized our children, but thanks anyway…”

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1 D&C 137

2 MISSIONARY MOMENT “We already baptized our children, but thanks anyway…”

3 Which people who are guaranteed to make it to the celestial kingdom? Endure to the end Baptized in spirit world Special needs Little Children


5 Doctrine and Covenants 137 The vision of the Celestial Kingdom, which is now D&C 137, was not part of the Standard Works until 1976. During the April General Conference of that year, the Church voted unanimously to accept this vision and the vision for the Redemption of the Dead (D&C 138) as canonized scripture. (Church News, 2 June, 1979, 3).

6 Doctrine and Covenants 137:1–4 Identify words and phrases that describe the celestial kingdom. Doctrine and Covenants 137:5–6 Identify who Joseph Smith saw in the celestial kingdom. Doctrine and Covenants 137:7–8 Identify a doctrine.

7 Joseph Smith loved and admired his eldest brother, Alvin. In November 1823, when Alvin was 25 years old and Joseph was 17, Alvin suddenly became gravely ill. As his condition worsened and it became apparent that he would soon die, he counseled Joseph: “I want you to be a good boy and do everything that lies in your power to obtain the records. Be faithful in receiving instruction and keeping every commandment that is given you” (quoted in Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith [2007], 401; see also Church History in the Fulness of Times Student Manual, 2nd ed. [Church Educational System manual, 2003], 41–42).401 Alvin’s death brought great sorrow to the Smith family. A Presbyterian minister in Palmyra, New York, officiated at Alvin’s funeral. As Alvin had not been a member of the minister’s congregation, the clergyman asserted in his sermon that Alvin could not be saved. William Smith, Joseph’s younger brother, recalled: ‘[The minister] … intimated very strongly that [Alvin] had gone to hell, for Alvin was not a church member, but he was a good boy and my father did not like it’” (quoted in Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, 401, 403).

8 Doctrine and Covenants 137:10 Look for another truth the Lord taught about those who will inherit the celestial kingdom.

9 Moroni 8-9 Moroni tells of two things little children can't do: 1. Moroni 8:8 2. Moroni 8:19-20

10 D&C 137

11 D&C 137

12 Infant Baptism Why is infant baptism so abhorrent to the Lord?

13 Acts 10:15 What God has cleansed, call not thou unclean Acts 10:15 What God has cleansed, call not thou unclean …

14 D&C 137 "Joseph Smith taught the doctrine that the infant child that was laid away in death would come up in the resurrection as a child; and, pointing to the mother of a lifeless child, he said to her: 'You will have the joy, the pleasure, and satisfaction of nurturing this child, after its resurrection, until it reaches the full stature of its spirit.' There is restitution, there is growth, there is development, after the resurrection from death. I love this truth. It speaks volumes of happiness, of joy and gratitude to my soul." (Joseph F. Smith, Gospel Doctrine, p.455 ‑ 56)

15 D&C 137 “Truly it is one of the sweetest and most soul ‑ satisfying doctrines of the gospel! It is also one of the great evidences of the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith. In his day the fiery evangelists of Christendom were thundering from their pulpits that the road to hell is paved with the skulls of infants because careless parents had neglected to have their offspring baptized. Joseph Smith's statements, as recorded in the Book of Mormon and latter ‑ day revelation, came as a refreshing breeze of pure truth: little children shall be saved. Thanks be to God for the revelations of his mind where these innocent and pure souls are concerned.” (Bruce R. McConkie, Ensign Apr 77, p. 7)

16 “The Prophet Joseph Smith declared—and he never taught more comforting doctrine—that the eternal sealings of faithful parents and the divine promises made to them for valiant service in the Cause of Truth, would save not only themselves, but likewise their posterity. Though some of the sheep may wander, the eye of the Shepherd is upon them, and sooner or later they will feel the tentacles of Divine Providence reaching out after them and drawing them back to the fold. Either in this life or the life to come, they will return. They will have to pay their debt to justice; they will suffer for their sins; and may tread a thorny path; but if it leads them at last, like the penitent Prodigal, to a loving and forgiving father’s heart and home, the painful experience will not have been in vain. Pray for your careless and disobedient children; hold on to them with your faith. Hope on, trust on, till you see the salvation of God.” President James E. Faust, “Dear Are the Sheep That Have Wandered,” Ensign, May 2003, 61

17 1. A member of the Church has a righteous desire to be married in the temple. After a lifetime of faithful service in the Church, this member dies without having an opportunity to be sealed to a spouse in the temple. 2. A young man valiantly keeps his baptismal covenants and performs his Aaronic Priesthood duties. He has a great desire to serve a full-time mission but is unable to do so because of a physical disability. 3. A young woman holds a grudge against another young woman. She pretends to be friendly but secretly hopes that bad things will happen to the other young woman. 4. A young man thinks lustful thoughts, and he does not seek the Lord’s help to change his inappropriate thoughts and feelings. Principles of Application

18 Doctrines Where will they go when they die? When will they be resurrected? Will they ever be baptized? How old will they be when they’re resurrected? Who will raise them? My Mom’s story

19 D&C 137

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