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360 Process Engine Automagic ECM Morten Jensen, Product Manager 26-11-2014.

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1 360 Process Engine Automagic ECM Morten Jensen, Product Manager 26-11-2014

2 Digitalization of in-and outbound communication Choose preferred dispatch channels and routing. Semi- and full automatic case handling Based on structured digital communication Self service Support of the digital workplace Support of the mobile workplace We’ve come a long way

3 As public awareness and transparency increases, the demand for information does likewise. The demand for rapid responses are ever increasing But most public offices spend up to 25% of their time manually requesting information As a public office you need to have support of key processes in order to sustain an effective administration. And – as more information ends up on the internet, control and quality is essential. The price of open government

4 Audit: who performed the task? When? How? Guidance Present the user for only the tasks that makes sense Progress measurement: By breaking up the process in phases, you can measure progress, calculate finish time and react to missed deadlines before they actually occur Re-use Be digitizing specific task, they can be re-used which leads to higher accuracy It’s not all about effeciency

5 Diagrams become impossible to read We are all individuals I’m not Oh wait – yes, I am Process becomes ridiculously complex Lots of implicit conditions Resistance from case workers Workflow systems often fall short


7 Some thoughts on processes in 360

8 360° LEAN Shelv es Process Optimiza tion Complia nce Planning Result measure ment and manage ment reportin g 360° Proces platform _

9 Overview of the complete production

10 The new Process Engine

11 Automate business processes - Import a form - create a case - initiate a designed workflow process The process initiates progress plan for the case A task in the proigress plan starts another workflow to automate an operation The progress plan waits for an external event The scheduler monitor the due dates and processes Wakes the process

12 Process Engine – what’s the purpose? Possibilities: Offer «» process Take on more complex case mngt projects Reduce code customizations through «mini workflows» 360° as BPM tool Automate low-value or repetitive tasks Implement standardized processes

13 360° Process Engine – the concept Processes can be defined graphically A toolbox with WF-tasks available WF-tasks can access 360 data during design «partial solution design modules» Co-innovation model Due dates/events can be monitored and then initiate processes/tasks Processes can be exported and imported via XML The Progress plan is the end user UI

14 Handle branches and decisions

15 Handle sub-processes

16 Handle Blocking and non-blocking wait tasks

17 Two models in one: The ”classic” workflow is typically a series of sequential or parallel actions in a well-defined order Have a state, a beginning and an end Very well suited for decisions on strucured input data (schemas, forms) and for server- based integrations Workflow classic

18 The ”what happens when approach” Wait Tasks Object (case/project/estat e) Unit of work Time Enter ”Wait tasks” ECM workflows need to handle processes that hibernate until an event happens or a fixed period of time has elapsed Input/output – context Active process Model 2:

19 Concept revisited Progress plans exist as is, but also function as a shell for workflow. Visual Studio used for design of dynamic progress plans Queue system for wait task and other timed processes Toolkit of Business logic components

20 Visual studio used for process design Using.NET workflow 4.5 State Machines 360 types introduced to the design tool Used here for modelling the overall flow (phases) Process designer

21 Both client- and server actions offer to connect wait tasks. This translates to: Execute this body of work, and wait for response Connected wait task will be calculated and set to ”scheduled” status upon document dispatch. This is because we often calculate reponse deadlines as ”2 weeks from today”, and this translates to ”2 weeks from the day the document left the office. Connecting Wait tasks to Actions

22 Merging wait task deadlines in a letter Context control WaitTaskDeadlineDate

23 The status is used to define where to go next in the workflow. The statuses for a decision are maintained in a property window in the workflow. The status has the following properties: Id (unique identifier) Description (User-friendly text) hidden (Visible in UI) Can Handle Loops Dynamic decision statuses

24 Delivered on SP7 Offers a set of standard flows with possibility for adaptions Co-innovation Cloud ready, continuous delivery Enables reporting, start/stop case handling time low hanging fruits are the repetitive manual tasks But compliance is equally important Think big, start small, deliver often Summary

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