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The Ohana Classroom Brought to you by the brilliant people at Daniels INC.

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2 The Ohana Classroom Brought to you by the brilliant people at Daniels INC.

3 What Ohana is NOT! Before we tell you exactly what Ohana is, let us show you in specifics what Ohana is not. You were listening to the lyrics to a popular song from Pink Floyd called “The Wall” as you walked in. Pink Floyd wrote the lyrics about their experiences in school. They were punished severely with paddles if they misbehaved. Teachers didn’t truly know students; they rather treated them all the same as if they were a long list of numbers, like the scene from the music video below.

4 Pink Floyd “The Wall” video The music video of the song shows faceless students being shipped along a conveyer belt in a factory. By the end of the song, the kids are so tired of their education that they rip their faceless masks off and begin to riot. Ohana is not like this. In Ohana, you will all be known. In Ohana, you will all have a voice and will be treated like an actual person by me, not just a number. In Ohana you are family, and when it comes to family, nobody gets left behind! Just like the fun song from Lilo and Stich!

5 What does Ohana mean? Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. How many of you are passionate about your family? Why do you feel this way? How do you think I feel about my family? How do you know this? What inference did you make? As if the pictures on my wall didn’t show enough, lets look at another picture of my beautiful family that God blessed me with.

6 The truth about my family … The truth about my family is that they mean the world to me. The only thing that matters more to me in my life than my family is God. I love them with all my heart, and they will forever be first in my life here on earth. Right behind my real family, I have another family here at Indian Trail: the faculty and students! You are all blessed to be a part of my family here at work. Take a look around you. These are your brothers and sisters.

7 So what is this family all about? I have no clue how your family works at home, but my family here is based on one thing: love and respect. You will respect me, your father. You will respect your fellow brothers and sisters (classmates). You will respect yourself. You will respect any other individual that enters this classroom. You will likewise display a love for your entire Indian Trail family.

8 My promise to you … A cougar protects its young with a valiant heart. Just like that cougar, I will dedicate my life to the cause of this class. I will teach with a passionate heart and hear you out, listening to your every need. I will treat you like I treat my own children at home. Right behind their needs come yours. I will attempt to build you up in a positive manner and show tough love at the same time. From 7:50 until 3:10, you guys are my life, and you will get my best.

9 What does this look like? Respect is displayed through any of the following examples: Listening when the teacher is talking Raising your hand before speaking Bringing materials to class; coming prepared to learn Politely telling your classmates to redirect their attention to the teacher if they are off task Treating everyone the way you would like to be treated yourself Leaving the room in better shape than when you arrived by putting things away if needed or throwing trash away Displaying an undying love for your family here that shows you deeply care for others

10 More about Ohana … Ohana is likewise based on high expectations. My expectations of your behavior and academic success could not be any higher. I will be rigid in my discipline in this area. If I feel that respect and love is not being exemplified, you will be corrected. You will rise to these expectations, and if you do not, I feel it is my job to assist in pulling you there. This firm discipline may take you by surprise, but it is my responsibility as a teacher and as a respected mentor to crack the whip until you decide to follow. It is your job to take hold of my hand and meet me halfway.

11 High Expectations … What do you think the expectations of this 7 th grade class have been according to your 6 th grade teachers talking with me? In other words, what do you think they have been saying about you? How do you think I feel about these expectations? Not to worry! I work with a clean slate here. Whatever has been said about you is in the past. 7 th grade is new, clean! The bottom line is this: Your expectations are much higher than what others are expecting of you. If you feel like one of your classmates is not meeting these expectations, you have the right to politely say to them, “I am trying to learn here. Would you mind following me and not disrupting the rest of the class?” Translation: I am challenging you quiet leaders out there to step up. It is time you let your voice be heard.

12 Ohana is also about pride! You will all take pride in this classroom. Students will take up roles for the good of the class. Here are some of the roles: Door stopper: in charge of putting door stop in door after class. Dept. of Collections: collect papers from class. Role taker: in charge of telling me who is absent. Dept. of Energy: in charge of turning off lights for PPT or videos. Cleaning Department: in charge of keeping class clean. Kindness Committee: in charge of writing notes of kindness to others or encouraging others. Dept. of Sanitation: in charge of erasing board I will facilitate these jobs, assist you with them, model them, and oversee them. It is a privilege to work for Daniels Inc! Daniels INC

13 This is your family! Enjoy the camaraderie! Savor the closeness! Bond together! Build each other up in a positive manner! Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of this class? If not, I do not want you here. I only accept members of my family who are wholly invested in this relationship. This is Ohana, and you are my family!

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