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Presented By: Andy Anastasio on behalf of Gateway Community College

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1 Presented By: Andy Anastasio on behalf of Gateway Community College
Trucking Logistics Part 2: Warehousing Presented By: Andy Anastasio on behalf of Gateway Community College

2 First Portion: Office/Administrative Duties

3 Product Base + Growth of Sales
What are you warehousing? Compatibility with your area and space. Go after that market.

4 Inventory Control/System/Robotics
Responsible for others’ products. How will you control, track, and move this inventory? Link between warehouse workers & shipment orders; Must be on the same page for deliveries. Computerized System/Machinery & Equipment/Automated Picking

5 Costs Employees Insurance Damage Control Security Equipment Taxes

6 Order Picking With Least Amount of Handling
Efficiency. Less room for error. Expedite. It all boils down to saving TIME. Time is $$$$$

7 O.S.H.A.: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Training Licenses & Certifications Maintenance Clear Access General Housekeeping

8 Fire Protection Emergency Response/Action Plans Lock Out/Tag Out
Extinguishers up to Date? Certain type of fires require certain methods of extinguishing. Exit Signs

9 Track Inbound + Outbound Shipments
Know when YOU are due to receive deliveries. Know when OTHERS are due to receive deliveries. Allows for planning of services. Any risk of delays?

10 Truck, Rail, Ships; Package Delivery
Bring in by one method. Send out by one method. Smaller items can be sent using delivery services.

11 Second Portion: Warehouse/Yard Duties

12 Layout Configuration Organization FIFO & LIFO
Generally, goal is to rotate stock & get oldest out Keep similar items grouped near each other Layout Optimization is like Route Optimization (Streamline; Save Time, Save Money)

13 Conserving Space VERTICALITY “European Model”  Density
Always want room to take more stock in. Even the largest warehouses should always try to “tighten up,” make room for more.

14 Indoor/Outdoor Utilize storage both Inside and Outside
Know what items cannot be exposed to the elements Items that need special treatment? Humidity Temperature Perishables? Security Cameras Personnel Buildings, Yards, Machines, & Equipment

15 Racks, Refrigerant, Automated
Lighter items & materials allow you to utilize verticality through rack systems. Refrigerants  Specialty items + Perishables Ability to program machines via computers that use track systems to locate and access items.

16 Barcode/RFID Each have different capabilities, but serve similar purposes. RFID use is growing; is the future. Track shipments while extrapolating or sending information. Program RFID tags with data. Take out of inventory Let suppliers know you need to replenish

17 G.P.S. Let office + coworkers know where you are
Same applies to customers Ability to locate any item, wherever it may be Port Example: ID Truck ID Container Signals Forklift

18 Value-Added Service Customers and Providers both experience advantages. Customers receive more service than needed. Providers build better relationships with customers by exceeding their expectations; ultimately leading to increased sales. Ability to improve the company’s status and build growth.

19 Value-Added Light Manufacturing
Cut units  Give customer smaller size  stock remaining as inventory Same goes for creating larger packages Partially Assemble items Crate Building

20 Scales Weight products In & Out Ground Truck Rail
Helps to estimate future loads & shipments

21 Liquid Bulk Pallets Variety of sizes Versatility that pallets allow
Also: Cement Granular + Plastic

22 Slip Sheet Drums Save time/energy loading & unloading Safer
Less room for accidents

23 Clean Space Fire Protection Organized for speedy locating
Keeps workers happy as well as customers Inventory checks

24 O.S.H.A. All the rules, regulations, and standards found in the office must be applied out in the yard & warehouse! Know where your files are: Licenses/Certifications Maintenance Records All other important paperwork

25 Banding & Shrink-wrapping: Packaging
Securement Add labels + tags for identification & scans Ability to break units down, “pick” items Likewise, can “build” packages All relevant pieces stay together

26 Works Cited Images Australia.jpg ouoYYPmBCe4/UGopk5gRxQI/AAAAAAAAAB4/bEErhRIoitU/s400/Voice+Picking+in+a+Warehouse.jpeg mevvy.com_.jpg on_main.jpg

27 Works Cited Images qwT63DWOYw0lPLw hjEsPjysmt5Q7dESVMVkuvbtnxkWlZP8cTrSf1zgSQ


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