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Marathon Oil Corporation. Setting the Stage HWCG LLC (formerly Helix Well Containment Group):  24 RP company deep water cooperative, plus 37 service.

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1 Marathon Oil Corporation

2 Setting the Stage HWCG LLC (formerly Helix Well Containment Group):  24 RP company deep water cooperative, plus 37 service providers, intertwined in an industry mutual aid organization.  The Premise: “When the RPs get drilling permits, all 61 companies go back to work.”  Working together in a Mutual Aid atmosphere was almost a “virtual given” Exercise was conducted April 3 rd -4 th, 2012s  Sponsored by Marathon Oil Corporation & HWCG  (USCG) deemed exercise appropriate for Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) for Houston/ Galveston Sector.PREP  Four different command posts were set up and patterned similar to a “Macondo Type“ incident response as follows: Area Command Incident Command Post (Houston, simulating BP’s Robert, LA) Offshore Incident Command Post (simulating a Louisiana ICP, such as Houma, LA) Near shore Incident Command Post (simulating a suitable ICP location near the impact zone, such as Mobile, AL) Deep Water Source Control Group (DWSCG), set up at PetroSkills Training Center, Katy, Texas (simulating the Source Control Incident Command Post – HWCG’s designated Deep Water Command Post) Marathon Oil’s Oil Spill Response Plans (OSRP) and the HWCG Well Containment Plan (WCP) ensured all “common” equipment and services were present and represented industry, government and vendors. Supporting vendor and consulting companies:  Well Capping and Containment (37 companies) as indentified in the HWCG WCP were invited to attend and participate in the exercise.  Likewise, 9 oil spill response sub-contractors and cooperatives, as identified in Marathon’s OSRP, were also invited Marathon Oil Corporation

3 Area Deputy Commander PlanningLogistics Area Command JIM HES&S Logistics Situation Resource Plan Development Documentation Environmental Operations Finance Liaison Public Affairs Community Relations Situation Resource Plan Development Documentation Environmental Liaison Public Affairs Community Relations Inv. Relations Public Affairs Govt. Affairs Source Control Chief SIMOPS Group Flow Engineering Group Debris Removal ROV Operations Supply Vessels Intervention Vessels Chemicals Flow Assurance Relief Well Group Drilling Engineering Directional Drilling G&G Reservoir Engineering Dispersant Flow Calculations LogisticsPlanningOperationsFinance Command Staff Logistics Operations Finance DIC JIM Safety Legal Security Planning JIM DIC Safety Legal Security Planning Exec Level EST NAPRRT RP/Mutual Aid RP/Vendors Flowback Group GOM Structure Anchor Handlers Containment Ops Group Well Control Utility IWOCS Pumping Vessel Management Marketing Sales Technology Information Technology Finance EPG/ICS Legal Insurance/ Risk Incident Commander Shoreline Incident Commander Offshore Incident Commander Subsea Source Control CMT/ Unified Command DWSCG MOC CERT TEAMS

4 Incident Command System – Source Control Marathon Oil Corporation

5 Deep-water Source Control Branch Offshore Div. 1 Dispersant Appl. Offshore Div. 2 Dispersant Appl. Shoreline Protection Branch Shoreline Div. 1 Shoreline Div. 2 Offshore Dispersant Branch Shoreline Div. 3 Branches, Divisions, &Groups Geographical Example of an Offshore Deep-water Response

6 Marathon Oil Corporation

7 Government Participation United States Coast Guard (USCG) – Sector Houston / Galveston – Sector New Orleans – Port Arthur-MSD – Morgan City-MSD – District 8-Representative for Admiral – District 7-Representative for Admiral Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) – Oil Spill Response Coordinators Office (OSRD) – Gulf of Mexico Branch – Response Research Unit National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Scientific Support Coordinator (SSC) – Office of Response and Restoration Marathon Oil Corporation

8 Government Participation EPA Region 6 – Houston- OSC – Region 6-Coordiantor out of Dallas Texas General Land Office-Oil Spill Division (TGLO) – Region 1 – Region 2 – Austin Headquarters Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator (LOSCO) Marathon Oil Corporation

9 Industry Participants Marathon Oil Corporation

10 Contractors/Vendors Vendor support and expertise key to success. Having SME’s representing a vast array of knowledge and years of experience. Marathon Oil Corporation

11 Improvement Plan Task Recommendations Improvement Plan Responsible Completion Date Provide Section Specific ICS Training to all ICS Sections. Review current ICS training program. Institute a program that will allow for incorporation of RMS as well as section specific ICS Training. EPG01/13 Include ICS training into deep water source control group training. Institute RMS roles and responsibilities trng for this team. Provide annual trng similar to CERT teams. EPG (Niell Irvin) 01/13 ICS specific forms familiarization. Provide specific training on forms. Provide specific ICS form overview and utilization trng. EPG10/12 Planning Process training. Emphasize how the planning process works. Hands on training and practice of the planning process including deliverables. EPG10/12 Information Technology support. Strengthen IT support on all exercise and response. Collaborate with IT to make sure proper IT support is incorporated into each function. EPG(Thomas Acuna) 7/12 Dispersant Planning process. Formulate and update OSRP with latest Dispersant information. Quarterly updates on inventory and collaboration with NALCO,CGA,NRC and HWCG. Amend the HWCG WCP(appndx 3,5) EPG (Greene / Irvin) HWCG(Irvin) 6/12 Helix Fast Response System mechanism. Provide specific guidance on all components. Work with HWCG to improve HFRS system overview for DWSCG. EPG (Irvin) HWCG 9/12 Marathon Oil Corporation Complete After Action Report Developed, with input of all RP, Service Provider and Gov’t Agency Participants.

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